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Thai seafood products could be banned, warns MEP

23-Jul-2015 EurActiv A prominent lawmaker from the European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries told EurActiv he would support giving a “red card” to Thailand, meaning banning the import of its fisheries products, if illegal fishing isn’t curbed, and if the practice of using slave labour is not abandoned.

  • 2-Nov-2010 IPS
    Free trade deals bait Indian fishermen

    A series of bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) is threatening the livelihoods of India’s fishermen on the 8,000 km peninsular coastline — among the longest in the world — and the diets of millions of Indians for whom fish is a cheap source of protein.

  • 27-Sep-2010 FIS
    Agreement with Thailand to take effect in 2011

    The Early Harvest Protocol of the Partial Agreement for Bilateral Preferences negotiated with Thailand will take full effect in the first half of next year, according to Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).

  • 20-Sep-2010 CVN
    Pangasius : une décision contraire aux accords de libre-échange

    L’augmentation par le département américain au Commerce des taxes anti-dumping sur les poissons Pangasius vietnamiens viole visiblement la lettre comme l’esprit des accords de libre-échange convenus entre le Vietnam et les États-Unis, a affirmé l’Association de transformation et d’exportation des produits aquatiques du Vietnam.

  • 28-Jun-2010 CNA
    S’pore firms jump onto bandwagon ahead of Taiwan-China trade deal

    Singaporean firm Oceanus, the world’s leading producer of abalone, is counting on Taiwan’s trade deal with Beijing to expand in China.

  • 30-May-2010
    L’Europe pêche en eaux troubles

    L’Union européenne, soucieuse de préserver ses ressources halieutiques en partie épuisées, tente d’imposer aux pays africains des accords qui mettent en danger leur sécurité alimentaire.

  • 24-May-2010 FIS
    EU accord to favour shrimp industry

    Honduran shrimp exports to the Community market are expected to increase by 15 per cent as part of the association agreement signed between the European Union and Central America.

  • 12-Apr-2010 Andina
    Peru plans to close FTA negotiations with Japan by end of April

    "Japan insists on having more Peruvian fishing and agricultural products excluded from the agreement, but we insist on having less items out of the agreement," said Peru’s minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Martín Pérez.

  • 23-Mar-2010 APSO
    Il ne peut y avoir aucun doute sur le caractère illégal de la pêche au Sahara Occidental occupé

    L’ONG France Liberté, Fondation Danielle Mitterrand, dénonce l’accord de pêche de l’UE devant l’assemblée Générale du conseil des droits de l’Homme de l’ONU

  • 18-Mar-2010 La Primera, Perú
    Perú: Monopolio de la pesca con bendición del TC

    Hay un proceso para acabar con la competencia pesquera y con una gruesa porción del empleo en el sector.

  • 9-Mar-2010 Malum Nalu
    European Union rules to benefit Papua New Guinea tuna sector

    PNG can now export to EU markets fish caught anywhere in the world and not just restricted to archipelagic and territorial waters

  • 3-Mar-2010 Andina
    EU trade treaty respects 200-mile maritime border

    Peru successfully negotiated the safeguarding of national interests and respect for the Peruvian 200-mile maritime border during the IX Round of Negotiations of the Free Trade Treaty (TLC) with the European Union (EU) says the country’s trade minister

  • 22-Feb-2010 Biodiversidad
    Costas vacías, mares estériles

    Lograr el acceso a las aguas territoriales de numerosos países en desarrollo ha sido uno de los objetivos de la expansión mundial del capital en años recientes.

  • 3-Feb-2010 UPI Asia
    Manila government unprepared for tuna ban

    The tuna ban is not meant to preserve tuna stocks in West and Central Pacific, but to dislodge fishing companies from Third World countries from their tuna fishing grounds and allow the tuna fleets of the European Union and Japan to take over these tuna-rich fishing areas.

  • 22-Dec-2009 Business Day
    South Africa: Fisheries pact with EU has to wait

    The conclusion of a fisheries agreement between SA and the European Union has had to take second place to other considerations, even though SA’s fish exports to the EU are attracting duties that some other countries’ are not.

  • 11-Nov-2009
    Kerala fishermen protest India-Asean free trade pact

    The Kerala Fisheries Coordination Committee (KFCC) comprising several fishermen unions from the state on Tuesday said India-Asean Free Trade Agreement (FTA) would adversely impact the livelihood of a million fishermen in the state as cheap imports will cut down demand for local produce.

  • 11-Nov-2009 FIS
    India: Pescadores temen impacto de acuerdo de libre comercio

    El TLC firmado con Asean podría tener un fuerte impacto negativo sobre los pescadores tradicionales, advierte una organización sectorial.

  • 27-Oct-2009 KSMTF
    Fishworkers call for march to Parliament on November 11, 2009 against ASEAN-India FTA

    The anger among the Fishworkers, in the face of such a monstrous Agreement, was elaborated by T. Peter (President, KSMTF): “The Fishing Community in Kerala will take all measures to stop this agreement, and will physically prevent any vessel carrying fish from the ASEAN nations from entering Cochin Harbour”.

  • 16-Oct-2009 FIS
    Perú: avanzan negociaciones para libre comercio

    El Gobierno peruano continúa respaldando a la industria pesquera peruana mientras avanzan las negociaciones de los TLC con la UE, Japón y Corea, aseguró la titular del Ministerio de la Producción.

  • 13-Oct-2009 La República
    Perú: Los TLC ponen en riesgo productos de nuestro mar

    Plantean que recursos extraídos del mar sean considerados productos originarios del país que lo extrajo.

  • 4-Oct-2009
    ‘FTA with Asean won’t hit fisheries’

    Amid criticism by political rivals and apprehensions that the recently signed free trade agreement (FTA) with the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) would be detrimental to India’s agricultural and fisheries sectors, the government today said such fears had no basis.

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