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Ecuador: Los sectores que se favorecen: el sector pesquero industrial

19-Mar-2015 Acción Ecológica El país cuenta con la mayor flota de pesca artesanal del Océano Pacífico Sudeste. A mediados de la década de 1990, la flota de pesca artesanal estaba compuesta aproximadamente por 15.500 embarcaciones y los pescadores eran aproximadamente 56.000. De acuerdo a los datos registrados por la Armada Nacional, para el 2011, los pescadores artesanales eran 92.300.

  • 5-Aug-2009 Fiji Times
    EU defends fleet

    Fiji is on the verge of signing off on an economic partnership agreement with the European Union. But one of the main beneficiaries of the agreement —our fisheries sector— cannot enjoy any of the duty-free, quota-free access because it does not meet stringent EU rules and regulations.

  • 3-Aug-2009 New Kerala
    Signing of FTA will push fishing sector into deep crisis

    Stating that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with ASEAN countries would push the fishing sector into deep crisis in the state, Kerala Swatantra Matsya Thozhilali Federation (KSMTF) today urged the Centre to go back from its decision to sign the agreement.

  • 11-Jul-2009 FIS
    INTERATUN rejects EU-Papua New Guinea accord

    The Inter-Professional Tuna Organisation (INTERATUN) warns that the European tuna fishing industry is in trouble if the European Union Agriculture and Fisheries Council approves the EU-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement on Monday, 13 July

  • 10-Jul-2009 GRAIN
    Empty coasts, barren seas

    In this article, GRAIN investigates how Asia’s small fishers stand under the proposed EU–ASEAN free trade agreement (FTA).

  • 6-May-2009 Modern Ghana
    ’Food colonialism’ increasing hunger in Africa

    The European Union is coercing some West African governments into allowing European-based fishing companies to deplete West Africa’s fishing stocks in a new "food colonialism" that is now taking place between rich and poor countries around the world, according to British author George Monbiot.

  • 1-Mar-2009 Dow Jones
    Thailand, Indonesia to sign fishery, food, auto pact by 1st half

    Commerce ministers of Thailand and Indonesia on Saturday agreed to launch a bilateral trade agreement on economic cooperation

  • 19-Feb-2009 QDND
    Vietnam has plenty of opportunity to boost seafood exports to Japan

    Japan is intensifying the import of tuna and various kinds of fish from Vietnam. Since other aquiculture export markets are drying up, many Vietnamese businesses are shifting the focus onto Japan.

  • 6-Jan-2009 GMA News
    Group files protest vs. poaching of Japanese tuna factory ships in RP

    A national federation of small fisherfolk organizations in the Philippines filed a diplomatic protest Tuesday at the Japanese Embassy against poaching by Japanese tuna factory ships in waters off Aurora province.

  • 31-Dec-2008 GMANews
    Fishing group complains of ’gang rape’ of tuna in Aurora waters

    The fisherfolk alliance Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamalakaya) on Saturday decried the "gang rape" of the country’s tuna stocks by Japanese, South Korean, and Taiwanese companies poaching in the portions of Philippine Sea in Aurora province.

  • 24-Dec-2008 INQ
    Probe foreign poachers, DFA asked

    The Filipino fisherfolk group Pamalakaya is urging the Department of Foreign Affairs to investigate the reported entry of foreign fishing vessels allegedly feasting on rich tuna grounds in portions of the Philippine Sea. The fishing vessels are reportedly owned by Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese companies, and Japan has recently access to Philippine waters under JPEPA.

  • 22-Dec-2008 PressAfrik
    EPA: a contract to destroy the Senegalese’ flimsy economy

    The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is a danger to the fishing sector and the food safety in West Africa and particularly in Senegal.

  • 19-Dec-2008 afrol News
    EU-Moroccan deal "illegal" - UN expert

    Former UN Legal Counsel Hans Corell calls the EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement illegal because it includes the waters off Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara.

  • 17-Dec-2008 GMA News
    EU won’t renew special tariff rate for RP canned tuna

    The European Union (EU) will not renew a special tariff scheme for canned tuna from the Philippines and two other Southeast Asian countries, offering, instead, increased market access for the product in its 27 member-countries via a free trade agreement, the top EU representative in the Philippines said in a news conference here Wednesday.

  • 24-Nov-2008
    Philippine fishers warn against sectoral talks in WTO

    A national coalition of 14 fisher federations in the Philippines warned against mandatory "sectoral" talks in the World Trade Organization, saying that it would only benefit rich countries that wanted more market access for their products. On Friday, which was World Fishers Day, about 200 members of Kilusang Mangingisda also picketed the offices of the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture and Asian Development Bank to protest against policies promoting fisheries trade liberalization.

  • 22-Nov-2008 Electronic Intifada
    Israeli gunboats kidnap Gaza fisherman, peaceworkers

    "The EU-Israel Association Agreement should be suspended until Israel complies with international law. It was only last week that I personally met with the fishermen whose boats were illegally water-cannoned and fired upon by Israeli gunboats as they peacefully fish in Gaza waters."

  • 15-Oct-2008 GMA News
    Int’l signature drive vs Jpepa launched in Bangkok

    An international signature drive has been launched in Bangkok, Thailand asking the Philippine Senate to recall the ratification of the controversial Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (Jpepa).

  • 13-Oct-2008
    Int’l signature drive vs Jpepa launched in Bangkok

    An international signature drive has been launched in Bangkok, Thailand asking the Philippine Senate to recall the ratification of the controversial Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (Jpepa).

  • 15-Aug-2008 IPS
    La surpêche a un lien avec la crise alimentaire et la migration

    Les mers d’Afrique de l’ouest subissent une dévastation due à la surpêche légale et illégale, pendant que les industries de pêche locales sont en déclin, selon un rapport publié récemment par l’organisation non gouvernementale (ONG) ActionAid. En plus, les accords de partenariat économique tels que proposés actuellement par l’UE ne font qu’exacerber le problème.

  • 12-Aug-2008
    Overfishing linked to food crisis, migration

    According to a recent report by the nongovernmental organisation ActionAid, West African seas are being devastated by legal and illegal overfishing, while local fishing industries decline. Moreover, the economic partnership agreements in their currently proposed form only exacerbate this problem.

  • 5-Aug-2008 BYM
    Brussels and Israel. EU agreement reached to liberalise trade in Agricultural and Fishery Products

    Negotiators have reached a preliminary agreement to further liberalise trade in agricultural and processed agricultural products and fish and fishery products between the European Union and the State of Israel

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