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The hidden costs of trade treaties

29-May-2015 Zeit The free trade treaties with Canada (CETA) and the United States (TTIP) are not threatening European standards, the negotiators in Brussels assure us. Yet environmental and food safety regulations have already been weakened.

  • 18-Nov-2010 Business Daily
    Kenya picked for new EU food safety training

    EU regulations on food safety have undergone many tests with the latest farm-to-fork traceability demand, putting pressure on developing states to adjust their sanitary and phytosanitary control systems to match the European standards.

  • 15-Nov-2010 The Hindu
    India: No import of US dairy products for now

    In recent bilateral talks during US President Barack Obama’s visit to India, the Agriculture Ministry made it clear that India will subject US dairy products to the same protocol and veterinary certification as was applicable to other countries, and that India would have to be sensitive to religious sentiments.

  • 28-Sep-2010 CTA
    Sanitary, phytosanitary and technical barriers to trade in EPAs

    This paper from ICTSD sets out a common vision on issues that could constitute sanitary, phytosanitary and technical barriers in EPAs and investigates how abusive use of these provisions could be an obstacle to market access.

  • 17-Sep-2010 Kyodo
    US makes no specific request for easing Japan’s beef import curbs

    The United States made no specific request for relaxing Japan’s beef import restrictions over mad cow disease at a two-day bilateral working-level meeting that ended in San Francisco on Wednesday, Japanese officials said Thursday.

  • 12-Sep-2010 Bloomberg
    Japan stance ’unchanged’ on US beef imports for talks, ministry says

    Japan will maintain its stance on restricting some U.S. beef when officials from the two countries hold talks next week, the agriculture ministry said today.

  • 9-Aug-2010
    PM panel issues dictum for trade talks, cautions against diversions

    The Trade & Economic Relations Committee (TERC), headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has directed the commerce ministry and its negotiators to guard against possible trade diversion and creation of inverted duty structures by India’s FTA partners.

  • 30-Jun-2010 Hankyoreh
    Lee administration considers expansion of US beef imports

    Experts say measures implemented after the 2008 candlelight vigil demonstrations may be sacrificed for ratification of the KORUS FTA 

  • 17-May-2010
    Notes on the Association Agreements with the European Union

    The EU proposes that the parties be empowered to collaborate on the practical implementation of domestic rules regulating access to genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, innovations, and practices on their territories, so as to guarantee compliance with those provisions. This is a case of interference with national sovereignty, unquestionably for the benefit of European pharmaceutical corporations.

  • 17-May-2010
    Notas sobre los convenios de asociación de la Unión Europea

    La UE propone que las Partes pueden colaborar en la aplicación práctica de las normas domésticas que regulan el acceso a recursos genéticos y conocimientos tradicionales asociados, innovaciones y prácticas en sus territorios para asegurar el cumplimiento de aquellas disposiciones. Este es un caso de intervención en la soberanía de los países, sin duda para beneficiar los intereses de las empresas farmacéuticas europeas.

  • 13-May-2010 Arab News
    Canada seeks full access to Saudi beef market

    Canada, which lost millions of dollars in beef trade opportunities with Saudi Arabia following the outbreak of mad-cow disease, is now seeking full access to this lucrative Saudi market. There is also talk of possibly holding negotiations for a free trade agreement and a general investment protection accord with the Gulf states.

  • 29-Apr-2010 Bridges
    EU moves toward new rules on animal welfare

    The EU is starting to consider new rules on animal welfare that could have significant impacts on its trading partners.

  • 27-Apr-2010 MinnPost
    Beef in Taiwan: Tongues, tails and testicles

    US beef has become a political issue across East Asia. After North Korean nukes and the value of the Chinese yuan, it’s one of the biggest headaches for American diplomats.

  • 21-Apr-2010 Meat Trade News
    Canada - Door open for beef to Colombia

    The Colombian market for Canadian beef, worth about $6 million per year, has just been reopened in the context of the proposed Canada-Colombia FTA, after being closed since 2003 due to BSE in Canadian cattle.

  • 8-Apr-2010 Bloomberg
    Japan, US ‘some distance’ apart in beef trade talks

    “For us, food safety based on Japan’s scientific standards is the priority,” Akamatsu said today. “The OIE standards are different from the Japanese scientific ones.”

  • 27-Jan-2010 CNA
    US scholars see WTO as best path to resolving beef dispute

    By taking the case to the WTO, the US will be able to "depoliticize" the issue, a CSIS fellow argues

  • 26-Jan-2010 CNA
    US official says no basis for renegotiation of beef issue

    The US Trade Representative Office said Friday that Taiwan has destroyed its bilateral agreement with the United States on beef imports and there is no basis for renegotiation of the issue.

  • 22-Jan-2010 Taiwan News
    Consumers’ Foundation demands prion tests on US beef imports

    The Consumers’ Foundation demanded Tuesday that the government include prion tests in its inspection of US beef imports to detect any possible bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) contamination of the products.

  • 7-Jan-2010 Examiner
    Taiwan bans US beef

    Taiwan’s legislative Yuan Tuesday banned the sale of US beef to that island country, a move that infuriated US beef exporters and could lead to trade disputes with the United States.

  • 5-Jan-2010 Press TV
    Taiwan bans import of US beef

    In a reversal of a negotiated deal with Washington, Taiwanese lawmakers on Tuesday banned imports of some kinds of beefs from the United States, citing health concerns.

  • 5-Jan-2010 CSM
    Taiwan curbs US beef imports in latest Asia trade frictions

    Health concerns and angry protests have prompted partial bans on US beef imports in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea – most recently by Taipei on Tuesday. The recurring dispute has strained relations.

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