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South Korea bans Canadian beef exports in light of BSE

17-Feb-2015 iPolitics South Korea says it’s banning imports of Canadian beef after a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or “mad cow disease,” was found on a northern Alberta farm earlier this week, despite reassurances from Canada’s agriculture minister the case would not impact Canadian beef trade.

  • 7-May-2009 FT
    US-EU accord ends beef import rift

    The European Union and the US on Thursday settled a long-running dispute over hormone-treated beef in a deal both sides said demonstrated their determination to reduce bilateral friction amid plunging world trade.

  • 24-Apr-2009 Hankyoreh
    Removing the Korea-EU FTA beef imports provision

    As negotiations for the South Korea-European Union free trade agreement (Korea-EU FTA) race into their final stages, the inner workings are starting to come to light.

  • 18-Apr-2009 Manila Bulletin
    EU assist to improve exports to Europe

    The Philippines will receive 6.5 million Euros to develop a strategic trade policy for both bilateral and multilateral negotiations, speed up customs procedures, cope with demanding EU regulations on technical standards and comply with the latest requirements on food safety.

  • 17-Apr-2009
    EU-India FTA - trade in goods, IP and SPS chapters (draft Feb 2009)

  • 13-Mar-2009 Reuters
    US to push back on SPS farm trade barriers -Kirk

    The United States will make it a priority to get rid of barriers to US farm exports based on unjustified sanitary and phytosanitary concerns about human, animal and plant health — including the EU ban on GM crops — the designee for US Trade Representative said on Thursday.

  • 15-Jan-2009 The Nation
    Crisis may lead to more non-tariff barriers

    Many of Thailand’s trading partners are expected to implement non-tariff barriers this year to shield their markets from a flood of imports as a looming global recession prompts governments to negotiate free-trade pacts.

  • 29-Nov-2008 Taiwan News
    US senators write to Taiwan President Ma over meat trade issue

    Two influential American senators have written to Republic of China President Ma Ying-jeou expressing "deep concern" about what they describe as "continued Taiwanese barriers to US agricultural products." Taiwan allows only imports of US boneless beef from cattle under 30 months of age because of concerns about bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease.

  • 8-Oct-2008 The Star
    Food safety, free trade and the election

    What does food safety have to do with free trade? A great deal, argues Common Frontiers, a Canadian group critical of the trend towards economic integration — harmonization, as it’s politely put — of standards under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

  • 25-Sep-2008 Scoop
    Toxic food crisis outcome of free trade policies

    The Fonterra scandal in China has evolved into a major food crisis. "We are seeing the reality of free trade in action, the negatives that have been concealed by the greed and arrogance of Government and private business interests," says the New Zealand Alliance Party

  • 17-Sep-2008 EX online
    EU “abusa” de México por dependencia económica

    Recordó que desde que inició el Tratado de Libre Comercio con América del Norte (TLCAN), ha aumentado nuestra dependencia alimentaria en casi 50% con EU

  • 15-Sep-2008 Epoch Times
    Fonterra caught in China milk powder scandal

    New Zealand’s dairy giant Fonterra is caught up in the latest food scandal in China as the contaminated milk powder crisis reveals weeks of delay before the public was informed. NZ Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said “We signed up for a free trade agreement with no rules around environment or health, and so we are exposing ourselves and our companies to these types of scandals.”

  • 26-Aug-2008 RECALCA y el Comité Colombia de Lucha contra el ALCA
    Uribe persigue a comercializadores de leche cruda para cumplir exigencias del TLC

    Como todos los géneros agropecuarios, que constituyen la dieta alimentaria básica de los colombianos, la leche fue entregada por el gobierno en las negociaciones del TLC con EEUU

  • 18-Aug-2008 AP
    S. Korean police arrest 157 at anti-US beef rally

    South Korean police arrested nearly 160 people at a rally in Seoul Friday night opposing the resumption of US beef imports. It was Korean activists’ 100th major demonstration against the beef deal.

  • 9-Aug-2008 DN!
    South Koreans fill streets of Seoul to continue protest sgainst US beef imports

    For the past two months, protesters have been filling the streets of Seoul condemning a decision to lift a ban on imported beef from the United States. We speak with Michael Hansen, senior scientist for Consumers Union.

  • 7-Aug-2008 KCTU
    Calling for solidarity - Lee Myung-bak government repression against the KCTU and Fundamental Trade Union Rights

    When KCTU called for general strike on July 2nd, renegotiation of the April 18 Protocol on US beef import to reflect food safety concerns was declared as one of priorities of strike aims. The Ministry of Labor and prosecutor explained that this was the main reason that it was illegal. This is a repetition of the South Korean government’s very narrow interpretation that the only legal aims of strikes be related to wages and working conditions.

  • 29-Jul-2008 TMCnet
    Thailand urged to be a standards leader

    Thailand is being urged to upgrade itself as the leader in determining safety standards and relevant laws on food and agricultural products in order to surmount business challenges arising from free trade area agreements.

  • 21-Jul-2008 AFP
    SKorea health workers threaten strike over US beef, wages

    South Korean hospital workers on Monday threatened to strike this week to press demands including a ban on the use of US beef for patients’ meals.

  • 19-Jul-2008 AFL-CIO Now blog
    Tomatoes or children?

    It is gratifying that our government will go to such lengths to stamp out a dangerous bacterium. It is less encouraging to know that the inspectors were not looking at massive labor rights violations, especially the systematic employment of young children in hazardous conditions, which have existed in the tomato industry for decades.

  • 15-Jul-2008 Korea Times
    S. Korean activists petition UN over beef protest clampdown

    South Korean activists Monday sent a petition to the United Nations, asking the international organization to admonish their government for its hardline crackdown on street protests over US beef imports.

  • 11-Jul-2008 FPIF
    Mad cows, mad people

    Through the prism of beef, Koreans confront the limitations of key contemporary institutions: democracy, capitalism, and nationalism.

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