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  • 15-Jul-2008 Korea Times
    S. Korean activists petition UN over beef protest clampdown

    South Korean activists Monday sent a petition to the United Nations, asking the international organization to admonish their government for its hardline crackdown on street protests over US beef imports.

  • 11-Jul-2008 FPIF
    Mad cows, mad people

    Through the prism of beef, Koreans confront the limitations of key contemporary institutions: democracy, capitalism, and nationalism.

  • 11-Jul-2008 Stuff
    Threat to plans for trade pact

    Indonesia’s ban on New Zealand beef could threaten plans to sign a lucrative free-trade pact with South-east Asian nations this year, industry officials say.

  • 11-Jul-2008
    Mass movement halts the neo-liberal bulldozer

    No one is sure how successful the movement will be in stopping the importation of American beef into Korea but it has certainly fractured the seemingly monolithic aura of President Lee and his neo-liberal bulldozer and will perhaps spark a new generation of class struggle in South Korea.

  • 10-Jul-2008 Business Week
    Hyundai workers strike over US beef

    Workers at Hyundai Motor Co. staged a partial strike Thursday over stalled annual wage negotiations with management and the resumption of US beef imports.

  • 10-Jul-2008 Invertia
    EE.UU. negó el ingreso de productos guatemaltecos por violaciones sanitarias

    La edición electrónica del diario local Prensa Libre señaló que la Administración de Medicinas y Alimentos de Estados Unidos (FDA, por su sigla en inglés) impidió el ingreso de los productos guatemaltecos por incumplir con las normas sanitarias contenidas en el Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) suscrito entre ese país y Centroamérica

  • 8-Jul-2008 L’Humanité
    Vaste mobilisation sud-coréenne

    Le lien entre « la crise du boeuf » et les accords de libre-échange est évident. « À travers l’un, nous luttons contre l’autre, explique-t-on. Même si c’est un lien que ne font pas tous ceux qui descendent dans la rue aujourd’hui. Notre mouvement exige la rectification des accords conclus en avril de l’an dernier. Ceux-ci concernent durablement la vie de tous les citoyens, les paysans en premier lieu. »

  • 5-Jul-2008 AFP
    SKorean activists prepare ’million-strong’ US beef rallies

    South Korean activists Saturday promised to draw one million protesters nationwide in the biggest anti-US beef rallies so far

  • 3-Jul-2008 Chosun Ilbo
    US beef recalled on E. coli concerns

    Some 240 tons of beef products from an approved US exporter to Korea suspected of being contaminated with the O-157 strain of E. coli have been recalled, the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said Wednesday.

  • 3-Jul-2008 AFP
    S.Korea activists launch US beef boycott

    South Korean activists on Thursday launched a nationwide campaign to boycott US beef as President Lee Myung-Bak issued a fresh warning against violent protests.

  • 3-Jul-2008 Alternatives
    Soixante nuits dans la rue !

    Portrait d’une incroyable mobilisation populaire

  • 2-Jul-2008 GRAIN
    Normas sanitarias y fitosanitarias: ¿Una estrategia para amañar el mercado de alimentos?

    En materia de sanidad animal y vegetal, tanto Estados Unidos como la Unión Europea están tratando de imponerle sus normas a los demás países a traves de los TLC.

  • 2-Jul-2008 GRAIN
    Sécurité sanitaire : les dés sont pipés

    Sur la scène de la sécurité sanitaire, les États-Unis comme l’UE tentent de faire adopter leurs normes par les autres pays à travers les accords bilatéraux de libre-échange.

  • 2-Jul-2008 GRAIN
    Food safety - rigging the game

    In the food safety arena, both the US and the EU are pressing their standards on other countries through bilateral free trade agreements.

  • 29-Jun-2008 AFP
    More than 100 injured in SKorea beef protests

    South Korean police clashed violently with protesters opposing US beef imports in Seoul, leaving more than 100 people injured

  • 27-Jun-2008 Hankyoreh
    Opposition parties launch campaigns to nullify beef announcement

    South Korea’s opposition parties declared the official announcement to resume imports of US beef null and void and launched a series of campaigns to have it withdrawn. Opposition party members have also proposed plans to hold a national referendum on the beef agreement and plan to seek other forms of legal action against it.

  • 27-Jun-2008 Reuters
    New protests as South Korea checks US beef for import

    Militant protesters blocked trucks from leaving warehouses for a second day on Friday as South Korea resumed quarantine checks on US beef imports, moving to bring the product to market for the first time in nine months.

  • 26-Jun-2008 OhMyNews
    ’Loophole’ revealed in US ban on downer cattle

    On June 25, the Humane Society released a new investigative report showing extremely sick dairy cows being dragged and shocked in order to move them into an auction ring in the United States

  • 26-Jun-2008 Hankyoreh
    Gov’t announces publication of sanitary conditions for US beef

    Protests erupt across South Korea with 100 arrests made, potential for clashes at cold storage warehouses increases

  • 25-Jun-2008 Economic Times
    S Korea set to resume US beef imports, more protests called

    South Korea will resume US beef imports from Thursday after securing extra safeguards, officials said, prompting calls for fresh anti-mad cow rallies which have brought thousands on to the streets.

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