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  • 17-Jun-2008 Hankyoreh
    KCTU to launch general strike on July 2

    Labor movement will lead candlelight protests for renegotiation of US beef agreement, KCTU says

  • 17-Jun-2008 KCTU
    One million South Korean people and workers protested against the Unfair US beef import agreement and the neoliberal government policies!

    On June 10th, around one million people and workers gathered to demand renegotiation of US beef import agreement across the country. In case of Seoul, around 500,000 people participated in the candlelight vigil and march.

  • 17-Jun-2008 AFP
    SKorea unions may strike over beef imports, more talks set

    South Korean unions on Tuesday threatened a general strike in protest of a US beef import deal, as negotiators in Washington tried to find a way out of the crisis shaking the Seoul government.

  • 16-Jun-2008 Xinhua
    US-South Korean beef talks fail to reach agreement

    Talks between the United States and South Korea over the resumption of American beef imports ended Sunday without any agreement, US Trade Representative spokeswoman Gretchen Hamel said.

  • 16-Jun-2008 Romandie News
    Crise du boeuf en Corée du Sud: échec des négociations à Washington

    Des pourparlers à Washington entre les Etats-Unis et la Corée du Sud sur la reprise controversée des importations de boeuf américain ont pris fin sans accord, a annoncé lundi le ministère des Affaires étrangères coréen.

  • 16-Jun-2008 Financial Express
    Ranbaxy deal may help India’s entry into Japan

    The Daiichi Sankyo-Ranbaxy Laboratories deal has come as a shot in the arm for India’s Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreement (CECA) negotiations with Japan. Indian pharma companies have been unable to break into Japan, the world’s second largest drug market, due to the country’s stringent sanitary and phytosanitary standards, technical barriers to trade (TBT) and environmental norms.

  • 15-Jun-2008 OhMyNews
    Beef imports to Korea: An open letter to President Bush

    Korean middle school student Chae-song Kim asks that the trade agreement be reconsidered

  • 14-Jun-2008 FPIF
    South Korea’s beef with America

    To the rest of the world, South Korean protests over the safety of US beef are portrayed as an expression of simmering anti-Americanism. Without a doubt, anti-American sentiments have historical roots. But Koreans also have a legitimate claim to fear the safety of US beef.

  • 12-Jun-2008
    Korea, US to forge additional understandings on beef deal

    US Ambassador Alexander Vershbow said Thursday the United States and South Korea will come up with a solution to the ongoing controversy over Seoul’s decision to resume imports of American beef thorough "additional understandings"’ to their deal signed in April. Vershbow, however, ruled out renegotiating the deal, saying it could damage the national interests of the two countries ― including the possible failure to ratify the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

  • 11-Jun-2008 The Hankyoreh
    Massive candlelight protests draw one million nationwide

    Up to a million Korean citizens from all walks of life participated in candlelight protests held on the 21st anniversary of a pro-democracy uprising, with a total of 118 candlelight protests held across the country on June 10.

  • 10-Jun-2008
    Situación de la lucha del pueblo coreano en torno al problema de la carne

    La opinión pública coreana quiere que se anule por completo el acuerdo sobre la carne hecho con los EE.UU. el 18 de abirl pasado. El estado de ánimo es el de una “Segunda Confrontación de Junio”, habiendo sido la Confrontación de Junio de 1987 un evento muy significativo para el movimiento democrático coreano.

  • 10-Jun-2008
    1 million people vs US beef

    On 10 June 2008, Korean social movements resisting the re-opening of their country’s borders to US beef under a bilateral deal signed by the two governments are holding a watershed rally where they aim to get one million people in the streets.

  • 10-Jun-2008
    "Korean people vs US beef" video interview

    Video interview with Geum Soon Yoon, member of Korean Peasant Woman’s Association, taped on 3 June 2008.

  • 9-Jun-2008
    Le point sur la lutte du peuple coréen contre l’accord sur la viande bovine

    L’opinion publique coréenne veut un abandon complet de l’accord du 18 avril dernier avec les États-Unis sur la viande bovine. Les manifestations de rue continuent de se développer, par leur ampleur, leur intensité et la diversité des participants.

  • 9-Jun-2008 Hankyoreh
    Taking action against US beef imports

    A farmer, 56, who is only identified by his surname, Kim, lies in the hospital after having set himself on fire on June 5, in protest against the US beef import agreement at Seoul City Hall Plaza.

  • 9-Jun-2008 RTE News
    Korean man dies after beef protest

    A South Korean man, Lee Byong-Ryol, has died in hospital two weeks after setting himself ablaze in protest at a deal to resume US beef imports.

  • 8-Jun-2008 Yonhap
    Seoul to enforce private sector ban on US beef from older cattle

    The South Korean government says it will return or destroy all US beef from cattle older than 30 months in the process of its import quarantine if private sectors in both South Korea and the US voluntarily reach an agreement to impose an age limit in their beef trade. This would run directly counter to the US-Korea beef import deal signed in mid-April.

  • 6-Jun-2008
    Situation about Korean people’s struggle on beef deal

    Korean public opinion wants a complete scrap of the April 18 beef deal with the US. The scale, intensity, and variety of participants in the street protests continue to grow. The mood is like a “Second June Struggle,” the June Struggle of 1987 having been a significant event in Korea’s democracy movement. However some say that the May struggle for nullification of Beef deal has a lot of significant signs that differ from 1987 democracy struggle. These actions are creating New democracy.

  • 5-Jun-2008 Yonhap
    Thousands begin protest over US beef amid fears of violent clash

    Rally organizers claimed as many as 1 million people could turn out nationwide for a scheduled rally on Tuesday, when the country marks the anniversary of a 1987 democratic uprising that led the then military regime to grant free elections, prompting ensuing political reforms.

  • 5-Jun-2008 Korea Times
    Korea gives up renegotiating deal

    A senior government official indicated Thursday that the Korean government would not ask the United States to renegotiate the beef import deal. Opposition parties and the majority of the people, however, want the renegotiation.

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