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FTA commitments to be strengthened between the US and Peru

25-Mar-2015 Peru This Week Peru hopes to upgrade access to the US market for farm products.

  • 9-Jun-2008
    Le point sur la lutte du peuple coréen contre l’accord sur la viande bovine

    L’opinion publique coréenne veut un abandon complet de l’accord du 18 avril dernier avec les États-Unis sur la viande bovine. Les manifestations de rue continuent de se développer, par leur ampleur, leur intensité et la diversité des participants.

  • 9-Jun-2008 Hankyoreh
    Taking action against US beef imports

    A farmer, 56, who is only identified by his surname, Kim, lies in the hospital after having set himself on fire on June 5, in protest against the US beef import agreement at Seoul City Hall Plaza.

  • 9-Jun-2008 RTE News
    Korean man dies after beef protest

    A South Korean man, Lee Byong-Ryol, has died in hospital two weeks after setting himself ablaze in protest at a deal to resume US beef imports.

  • 8-Jun-2008 Yonhap
    Seoul to enforce private sector ban on US beef from older cattle

    The South Korean government says it will return or destroy all US beef from cattle older than 30 months in the process of its import quarantine if private sectors in both South Korea and the US voluntarily reach an agreement to impose an age limit in their beef trade. This would run directly counter to the US-Korea beef import deal signed in mid-April.

  • 6-Jun-2008
    Situation about Korean people’s struggle on beef deal

    Korean public opinion wants a complete scrap of the April 18 beef deal with the US. The scale, intensity, and variety of participants in the street protests continue to grow. The mood is like a “Second June Struggle,” the June Struggle of 1987 having been a significant event in Korea’s democracy movement. However some say that the May struggle for nullification of Beef deal has a lot of significant signs that differ from 1987 democracy struggle. These actions are creating New democracy.

  • 5-Jun-2008 Yonhap
    Thousands begin protest over US beef amid fears of violent clash

    Rally organizers claimed as many as 1 million people could turn out nationwide for a scheduled rally on Tuesday, when the country marks the anniversary of a 1987 democratic uprising that led the then military regime to grant free elections, prompting ensuing political reforms.

  • 5-Jun-2008 Korea Times
    Korea gives up renegotiating deal

    A senior government official indicated Thursday that the Korean government would not ask the United States to renegotiate the beef import deal. Opposition parties and the majority of the people, however, want the renegotiation.

  • 4-Jun-2008
    S Korea’s new plan for US beef rejected by US

    The plan called for US exporters to voluntarily limit exports of beef from cattle older than 30 months

  • 4-Jun-2008 Hankyoreh
    Despite gov’t action, protests against US beef continue

    The “People’s Countermeasure Council against Full Resumption of Imports of US Beef Endangered with Mad Cow Disease,” an umbrella organization of Korean civic groups and cyber activists issued a statement on June 3 saying that the government "needs to decide for sure that it will fully and permanently prohibit the importation of beef [from US cattle over 30 months old], and demand that the US accept this.”

  • 3-Jun-2008 Yonhap
    Seoul asks Washington not to ship beef from older cattle

    Agriculture Minister Chung Woon-chun said that until the two nations reach an agreement on the age limit of cattle when they are slaughtered for meat to be exported to South Korea, Seoul will not implement its revised sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) standards. The move effectively allows South Korea to keep its import ban on US beef that has been in place since early October.

  • 2-Jun-2008 KCTU
    South Korean government crack down peaceful demonstration!

    The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions calls on the Korean government to repeal the US beef deal, stop the violence of the riot police and respect people’s voices and rights.

  • 2-Jun-2008
    Corée du sud : le pouvoir déstabilisé par un mouvement autonome

    En Corée du sud, le nouveau pouvoir est déstabilisé par un important mouvement de contestation contre l’importation de bœuf américain potentiellement contaminé par l’ESB, la "maladie de la vache folle". Depuis moins d’un mois, ce mouvement rassemble régulièrement dans la rue des dizaines de milliers de personnes et bénéficie du soutien de millions de sympathisants.

  • 2-Jun-2008 AFP
    S Korea delays controversial US beef imports

    South Korea decided Monday to put off the implementation of its decision to resume US beef imports, the agriculture ministry said in the wake of widespread protests.

  • 2-Jun-2008 Seoul Times
    Riot police trample coed repeatedly in Seoul

    South Korean police’s brutal suppression toward ever-growing anti-US beef demonstrations by its citizen became the key issue as the confrontation between police and protesters got more fierce.

  • 31-May-2008 Guardian
    US beef protest draws 100,000 S Koreans

    "Not just the beef deal, but the Lee Myung-bak government’s policies are anti-working people and are not right," college student Ju Ha-na, who took part in a head-shaving ceremony in protest, said.

  • 31-May-2008 Hankyoreh
    The situation of protest about US beef import in S Korea is similar to that of June 1987

    Farmers, professors and veterans, and citizens protest the government’s announcement about U.S. beef import

  • 30-May-2008 Hankyoreh
    People hit the streets to protest US beef imports

    As the government of South Korea notified the public that it will implement new import rules for US beef imports on May 29, civic organizations, labor groups and Internet users are strongly denouncing the move. They plan to take steps to block distribution and consumption of the American meat, while warning of a “nationwide, anti-government fight".

  • 30-May-2008 AFP
    South Korean parties file suits to stop beef

    South Korea’s political opposition asked the Constitutional Court on Friday to block U.S. beef from entering the country after the government announced it would resume imports within days under an accord with Washington.

  • 19-May-2008 Yonhap
    S Korea, US continue consultations on beef: envoy

    South Korea and the United States are continuing consultations on the controversial issue of beef trade, with public protests here over a related deal showing no signs of abating, the top U.S. envoy here said Monday.

  • 19-May-2008 Korea Times
    Korea to get quarantine sovereignty over US beef

    South Korean negotiators have won a new concession from US officials regarding the American beef import agreement, with the new clause giving Seoul "quarantine and inspection sovereignty," government sources said Monday.

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