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  • 28-Aug-2013 Japan Times
    TPP sides set to keep food safety regimes

    The 12 countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations are unlikely to ease their individual food safety standards as the subject is not being discussed in the free-trade talks, negotiation sources said Wednesday.

  • 16-Aug-2013 Politico
    USDA trip moves US closer to accepting Chinese chicken

    Despite years of food safety scandals surrounding China and another recent bird flu outbreak there, the US Department of Agriculture is moving closer to opening the US market to Chinese-processed chicken by sending two of its senior food safety officials to Beijing next week for a bilateral meeting on the subject.

  • 6-Aug-2013 Al Jazeera
    Globalisation linked to rash of food scares

    Two cases this August involving food poisoning highlight a growing public concern with food safety, raising concerns about the globalisation of the food supply.

  • 12-Jul-2013 Public Service Europe
    The major obstacles to the EU-US free trade deal

    Topics where EU and US politicians and stakeholders’ interests clash — such as public procurement, data protection, financial services and agricultural issues like geographical indicators and sanitary and phytosanitary measures – will prove the most problematic during talks.

  • 9-Jul-2013
    Accord de libre-échange UE-USA : La Confédération paysanne réaffirme sa détermination à lutter contre la malbouffe et la pression des multinationales américaines

    Alors que s’ouvraient ce lundi 8 juillet 2013 les négociations entre la Commission européenne et les Etats-Unis pour libéraliser les échanges commerciaux, le syndicat, auditionné en groupe de travail à l’Assemblée nationale, exprimait ses craintes quant aux conséquences du futur accord.

  • 1-Jul-2013 JDLE
    US-EU FTA: the food safety boomerang

    As the EU has just approved the use of lactic acid to decontaminate beef, it will not be able to oppose the entry of US beef produced this way under the EU-US FTA

  • 27-Jun-2013 JDLE
    Accord de libre-échange USA/UE: la sécurité des aliments en effet boomerang

    L’Europe vient d’approuver la décontamination chimique avec de l’acide lactique de la viande bovine, comme quoi elle ne pourra s’opposer à de telles pratiques coté américain sous l’accord de libre-échange USA/UE.

  • 31-May-2013 The Hill
    Better mad cow disease rating could boost US trade talks

    American officials and beef producers are reveling in a new safety designation for US cattle and see the change as particularly relevant to ongoing Transpacific trade negotiations.

  • 31-May-2013 IATP
    Do you want a US food safety standard with that chicken?

    To export agricultural goods, the US also exports food safety standards. The US Department of Agriculture and the US Trade Representative will soon see if the member governments of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations will accept the way US chicken processors butcher the bird.

  • 30-May-2013 Euronews
    Consumer groups worry US-EU trade pact will weaken health, privacy regulations

    US consumer groups raised concerns on Wednesday about the proposed free trade agreement between the US and the EU, which they said could weaken government health, environmental and food safety regulations and undermine privacy on the Internet.

  • 21-May-2013 Farm Futures
    US livestock industry ready for ’comprehensive’ FTA with EU

    Coalition of ag organizations says previous talks through Trans-Pacific Partnership should be used as model for EU agreement

  • 27-Mar-2013 Times of India
    Amul requests for a relook at EU-India FTA

    India’s largest dairy co-operative - Amul - has requested the commerce ministry to relook at the EU-India Free Trade Agreement.

  • 20-Mar-2013 EurActiv
    France draws red lines for EU-US free trade negotiations

    Food safety, GMO cultivation and France’s cherished “cultural exception” for audiovisual services are non-negotiable areas in view of upcoming EU-US free trade talks, the French stressed. The message was apparently well received by the European Commission in Brussels.

  • 26-Feb-2013 CNA
    Premier vows to keep ban on US pork containing ractopamine

    Taiwan’s Premier Jiang Yi-hua said Monday that the ban on US pork containing leanness-enhancing drugs will "definitely" not be lifted while he is in office. Jiang was speaking two weeks before the issue is likely to be put on the agenda of an important round of trade talks between Taiwan and the United States.

  • 5-Feb-2013 Euractiv
    In move towards trade talks, EU to lift ban on some US meats

    Brussels and Washington want to deepen a relationship that accounts for a third of global trade, and ending the EU import ban on live pigs and beef washed in lactic acid is meant to show the Europeans are serious about a deal.

  • 5-Feb-2013 Reuters
    Importation de viande : l’UE plus tendre avec les Etats-Unis

    L’Europe prend acte de l’impasse des négociations à l’Organisation mondiale du commerce et multiplie les accords bilatéraux. Elle vient d’assouplir sa position sur l’importation de viande en provenance des Etats-Unis.

  • 29-Jan-2013 La Presse Canadienne
    Boeuf canadien: le Japon revoit ses règles

    Le ministère des Affaires étrangères du Japon a annoncé lundi qu’il permettrait l’importation de viande bovine provenant de bêtes âgées de moins de 30 mois, et ce, à compter du 1er février.

  • 10-Jan-2013 Ip-health
    Transatlantic trade talks near lift-off

    Like putting an astronaut on Mars, a US-EU bilateral transatlantic trade deal has been a long-held dream of policy makers that seemed always out of reach. Yet Brussels and Washington are edging closer to the launch pad.

  • 9-Jan-2013
    Canada-EU trade talks continue this month, but Canadian ultimatum on beef too tough for EU tastes

    The New Year has barely begun and European trade negotiators are already in Ottawa for more work on a comprehensive, "gold standard" Canada-EU trade and investment deal (CETA), reports Stuart Trew

  • 3-Dec-2012 Food Poisoning Bulletin
    Group presses White House for consumer protections in trade negotiations

    A bipartisan group has asked the Obama Administration to ensure public health is protected as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement is negotiated. Two countries involved in this agreement, Vietnam and Malaysia, are seafood exporters and have raised red flags.

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