Genetically modified organisms


Llamamiento a la VII Semana Estatal de las Luchas Campesinas

16-Apr-2015 Plataforma Rural La Soberanía Alimentaria está gravemente amenazada por los tratados de libre comercio y las transnacionales.

  • 18-Feb-2014 EU Observer
    Trade chief misleads on GM foods

    Who is really in charge of the European Union’s food safety policies? Over the past few weeks, two EU commissioners have been sounding markedly different notes about genetically modified (GM) crops.

  • 11-Feb-2014 Voltility
    The TTIP, corporatism, and GMOs

    Opening up Europe to the full onslaught of US agricultural products and systems is the main goal of the US in pushing for TTIP in the first place.

  • 23-Jan-2014 Testbiotech
    Free trade for ’high-risk biotech’?

    New report from Testbiotech on the potential influence of the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on the authorisation of new genetically engineered organisms for use in agriculture and food production.

  • 21-Jan-2014 International Business Times
    The TTIP: How a new secret ’trade’ treaty could put the world’s biggest firms beyond government control

    The US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is intended to set global trade rules, bypassing the World Trade Organisation which has up to now allowed developing countries to resist such an agreement.

  • 15-Jan-2014 Novethic
    L’accord commercial entre l’UE et les États-Unis nuira-t-il à l’environnement ?

    De part et d’autre de l’Atlantique, des dizaines d’ONG surveillent de près le partenariat transatlantique de commerce et d’investissement négocié actuellement entre l’Union européenne et les États-Unis. Dans leur collimateur, une clause défendant la protection des investisseurs au détriment de celle des citoyens et de l’environnement.

  • 22-Oct-2013 The Hill
    American agriculture, GMOs and Europe

    European law firm advises on how US companies should lobby the EU to get doors opened to GMOs

  • 13-Sep-2013 Mint Press
    Trans Pacific Partnership might include international ban on GMO labeling

    A burgeoning global trade agreement with nations such as Japan, Vietnam and Australia is leaving GMO-labeling advocates concerned that it could result in a ban on GMO labeling not only in the US, but in all countries taking part in negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement.

  • 10-Sep-2013 Actu-Environnement
    La protection des consommateurs et de l’environnement au risque du libre-échange transatlantique

    "Les Etats-Unis cherchent à étendre leur champ normatif, face à une Commission européenne qui ne défend pas les acquis communautaires", analyse l’eurodéputé (Verts-Ale) Yannick Jadot, qui s’inquiète de voir les normes régissant le commerce des OGM et les dispositions liées à l’accord Reach soumises au rabotage des négociateurs étasuniens.

  • 14-Aug-2013 Mediapart
    Accords de libre échange et OGM : quand Monsanto dicte sa loi

    Quelque chose se profile dans l’ombre qui pourrait réduire nos droits fondamentaux et contaminer notre alimentation à jamais.

  • 15-Jul-2013 Dirigentes Digital
    Monsanto, el "elefante en la habitación" del tratado entre EEUU y Europa

    Cuando en inglés alguien quiere referirse a una realidad obviada por todos en medio de una discusión se habla del elephant in the room (el elefante en la habitación): es enorme, pero todo el mundo hace como si no lo viera. Algo parecido está pasando con las negociaciones del tratado de libre comercio entre Europa y Estados Unidos.

  • 4-Jul-2013 Huffington Post
    Will European requirements for labeling GMO foods survive new trade negotiations?

    Will US trade negotiators seek the elimination of GMO restrictions in Europe through the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership?

  • 20-Mar-2013 EurActiv
    France draws red lines for EU-US free trade negotiations

    Food safety, GMO cultivation and France’s cherished “cultural exception” for audiovisual services are non-negotiable areas in view of upcoming EU-US free trade talks, the French stressed. The message was apparently well received by the European Commission in Brussels.

  • 14-Mar-2013 AFP
    Paris veut exclure les OGM et les services audiovisuels de l’accord de libre-échange avec Washington

    L’accord de libre-échange que l’Union européenne veut négocier avec les Etats-Unis ne doit pas porter sur la culture d’OGM ou remettre en cause l’exception culturelle, a affirmé mercredi un haut responsable français à des journalistes européens à Bruxelles.

  • 7-Mar-2013 20 Minutes
    L’Europe ne modifiera pas sa politique OGM en cas d’accord de libre échange avec les Etats-Unis

    La législation européenne encadrant les organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM) ne changera pas, même si Bruxelles et Washington scellaient un accord de libre échange, a déclaré le commissaire européen au Commerce Karel de Gucht dans un entretien accordé au journal autrichien Die Presse.

  • 18-Feb-2013 Earth Open Source
    EU-US free trade deal will dismantle EU public health protections on GM foods

    An EU-US free trade deal would obliterate EU safeguards for health and the environment with regard to genetically modified (GM) crops and foods, warns Earth Open Source.

  • 10-Jan-2013 Ip-health
    Transatlantic trade talks near lift-off

    Like putting an astronaut on Mars, a US-EU bilateral transatlantic trade deal has been a long-held dream of policy makers that seemed always out of reach. Yet Brussels and Washington are edging closer to the launch pad.

  • 8-Nov-2012 The Parliament
    Commissioner ’optimistic’ of speedy start to EU-US trade talks

    EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht has voiced optimism that negotiations for a comprehensive free trade agreement between the EU and the United States could start at the beginning of next year.

  • 16-Mar-2012 Indybay
    Occupy, social justice groups blockade entrance to Monsanto

    "We are calling for a ’global class-action’ against Monsanto," said Steven Payan, one of the Davis protest organizers. "We are joining the world in solidarity to demand a ban on all GMO foods and hold Monsanto accountable for its actions throughout history from Agent Orange to Deforestation to current and past deaths to preying on small farmers through a broken court system and also through International Free Trade Agreements."

  • 9-Dec-2011 TWN
    Will the US push for non-labelling of GMOs in trade pact?

    Commentators are worried that the US may be pressuring countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) - an Asia-Pacific-wide free trade pact - to abolish the labelling of GM foods, which it regards as a trade barrier.

  • 26-Jul-2011 The Mark News
    The great food labelling debate

    After 16 years of bitter debate, it has been agreed at the international level that governments are free to decide on whether and how to label foods derived from modern biotechnology, including foods containing genetically modified organisms.

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