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  • 22-Jan-2014 Contre la cour
    Propriété intellectuelle : la Commission outrepasse son mandat en négociant avec les industriels américains

    Lors d’une réunion – non officielle – le 5 décembre, le responsable de la Commission Européenne en charge des question de propriété intellectuelle dans le TTIP, Pedro Velasco Martins, a rencontré des représentants de grandes entreprises afin de proposer de nouvelles règles sur la propriété intellectuelle dans le prochain traité économique entre l’UE et les États-Unis.

  • 8-Jan-2014
    Australians to Canadians: Beware TPP economic fallout

    Over 125,000 people have spoken out about the damaging Internet censorship proposals in the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Now, our friends in Australia are sounding the alarm about how the TPP could wreak havoc on Canada’s economy.

  • 18-Dec-2013 EU Observer
    EU-US trade talks could become ’another Acta’

    EU-US free trade talks risk following the same path as Acta, the controversial anti-counterfeit treaty which collapsed in 2012, warns BEUC, a pan-EU organisation representing consumer groups

  • 26-Nov-2013 Agencia Paco Urondo
    Wikileaks: la propiedad intelectual en la mira

    En documentos revelados recientemente por Wikileaks, se revela un proyecto de Estados Unidos para controlar la propiedad intelectual a nivel mundial que ya podría afectar a algunos países de la región.

  • 21-Nov-2013 The Conversation
    Trade pact would make internet services more expensive

    The TPP may effectively force the entire Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry to become the street cops for the movie and music industry.

  • 13-Nov-2013 La Jornada, México
    Busca EU limitar acceso a Internet en el Pacífico

    Se obligará a proveedores a suprimir contenidos. México, incluido en el proyecto; la meta: controlar la propiedad intelectual. Los principales portales cibernéticos se oponen a esa iniciativa.

  • 24-Sep-2013 Euractiv
    TTIP: Data is the elephant in the room

    Data protection issues have been cut out of the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, but rivalry between the two trade blocs in the critical booming sector threatens to spoil any deal.

  • 3-Sep-2013 PTI
    Data secure status for India is vital: Sharma on FTA with EU

    India has a "very good agreement on table" for the European Union on bilateral free trade pact but data security status is all important for the country, Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said today.

  • 29-Jul-2013 Tech Dirt
    To counter secret negotiations over TPP, coalition sets up open alternative

    In response to this unnecessary and dangerous secrecy, a bunch of organizations have set up the "Fair Deal Coalition," and set up a website that basically does what the TPP and TAFTA negotiators should have been doing all along: creating an open platform, letting any stakeholder discuss the kind of things that should go into such an agreement.

  • 12-Jun-2013 Marketplace
    NSA surveillance debate could threaten US-EU trade deal

    The furor over U.S. Internet surveillance could hit transatlantic trade. A senior European lawmaker says the revelations could potentially derail plans for a U.S.-EU free trade deal.

  • 30-May-2013 RECALCA
    ‘Ley Lleras 4’: contraataca el Gobierno colombiano

    El gobierno se mantiene en su idea de presentar obstinadamente proyectos de ley que afectan el uso normal de internet por parte de cualquier persona, bajo una protección desmedida del derecho de autor.

  • 30-May-2013 Euronews
    Consumer groups worry US-EU trade pact will weaken health, privacy regulations

    US consumer groups raised concerns on Wednesday about the proposed free trade agreement between the US and the EU, which they said could weaken government health, environmental and food safety regulations and undermine privacy on the Internet.

  • 22-Mar-2013 Infojustice
    Differences in prominent US and EU treaties concerning liability for service providers

    A comparison of language between two of the most substantive and recent free trade agreements (FTAs) adopted by the US and the EU for one controversial area of IP: liability for internet service providers (ISP) for infringing content.

  • 22-Feb-2013 IP Watch
    Trade Commissioner: EU to seek GIs in US FTA, but no new ACTA

    EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht said he did not want to reopen the discussion on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which he called “a nail to my coffin.” As long as there is no respective EU legislation with regard to copyright protection on the internet, he will not try to “bring it in through the backdoor,” he said.

  • 25-Jan-2013 Radio Tierra
    TPP y Ley de Protección de Datos Personales marcarán debate digital en 2013

    Justo cuando se cumple un año de la paralización de la polémica ley “SOPA” en Estados Unidos, vuelve a tomar impulso el Tratado de Libre Comercio Transpacífico (TPP) que impone nuevas restricciones a la Red en nombre de la protección de los derechos de autor, y del cual -todo apunta- Chile quiere será parte, pese a que no le deja ningún beneficio económico.

  • 24-Jan-2013 Vanguardia Liberal
    Se cae restricción a uso de internet en ley reglamentaria del TLC

    La Corte Constitucional en Bogotá tumbó la reglamentación sobre el uso de Internet y los derechos de autor, incluida por el Congreso de la República en la ley de reglamentación del TLC con Estados Unidos.

  • 15-Jan-2013 El Economista, México
    México: Expertos advierten llegada de nueva SOPA y TPP

    Luego de que el Congreso de Estados Unidos diera marcha atrás en el 2012 a la aprobación de las iniciativas antipiratería Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) y Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA), activistas y defensores de la libertad en Internet advirtieron la llegada de nuevos intentos de regulación similares.

  • 25-Oct-2012 Act Up-Paris
    ACTA, CETA, etc. Stop au déni de démocratie !

    Accord commercial Canada-UE (CETA), Accord de Libre Échange (ALE) UE-Inde, UE-Thaïlande, UE-Moldavie, etc. Tous ces accords contiennent potentiellement des clauses dangereuses pour les libertés des utilisateurs d’Internet, l’accès aux médicaments essentiels ou l’utilisation et la diffusion de logiciels libres.

  • 22-Sep-2012
    U.S. seeks Internet data flow safeguards in Asia-Pacific trade pact

    The United States is asking countries for strong rules to protect the free flow of data, ranging from video clips to back-room office operations, in talks on a Asia-Pacific free trade agreement, a U.S. official said on Friday.

  • 27-Aug-2012 The Guardian
    The Pacific free trade deal that’s anything but free

    Just Foreign Policy is offering a reward, now up to $21,100, to WikiLeaks if it publishes a draft copy of the TPP. People could add to the reward fund, or if in a position to do so, make a copy of the draft agreement available to the world.

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