• 6-Sep-2012 Nature
    Trade deal to curb generic-drug use

    Some countries whose governments purchase drugs with a set budget are also alarmed by signs that the TPP may grant new negotiating powers to the industry.

  • 3-Sep-2012 Red del Tercer Mundo
    Medicamentos más caros

    Los beneficiarios de la salud pública y otros grupos de pacientes en todo el mundo han protestado contra los acuerdos de libre comercio que están negociando Estados Unidos y la Unión Europea con los países en desarrollo, por sus efectos de aumento de los precios de los medicamentos, incluso para enfermedades que suponen riesgo de vida.

  • 2-Sep-2012
    Pharma exports: India asks Japan to remove non-tariff barriers

    India has asked Japan to remove all non-tax barriers to help the domestic industry take advantage of the comprehensive free-trade agreement and increase share in the Japanese market.

  • 30-Aug-2012 Infojustice
    18 Thai civil society groups urge EU Parliament delegation to reconsider TRIPS-plus provisions in EU-Thailand FTA

    The letter warns that the TRIPS-Plus provisions in the trade agreement between EU and Thailand – including border measures, data exclusivity, patent term extensions, and protection for new indications – would block access to generic medicines.

  • 27-Aug-2012 The Guardian
    The Pacific free trade deal that’s anything but free

    Just Foreign Policy is offering a reward, now up to $21,100, to WikiLeaks if it publishes a draft copy of the TPP. People could add to the reward fund, or if in a position to do so, make a copy of the draft agreement available to the world.

  • 7-Aug-2012 The Sun Daily
    Malaysia says no to TPP

    Malaysian Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which is being negotiated among eleven countries including the US and Malaysia, would be detrimental to the local medical industry.

  • 26-Jul-2012 IPS
    Protesters: Free trade deals, drug patents derail AIDS fight

    As the nineteenth International AIDS Conference continued in Washington Tuesday, thousands of protesters marched on the White House calling for an end to free trade deals that protesters argue make vital AIDS medicines unaffordable.

  • 23-Jul-2012 IP Watch
    Access to medicines and intellectual property in Jordan

    Delayed market entry of generics due to enhanced intellectual property protection cost Jordanian private consumers approximately 18 million US dollars annually

  • 7-Jun-2012 Canadian Press
    Mulroney wades into EU free-trade talks, egging on pharma

    Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is wading into the high-stakes debate over patent protection in the free trade talks with Europe, and he’s clearly taking sides.

  • 5-Jun-2012
    Provinces join forces to keep EU free-trade deal from upping drug costs

    The provincial premiers have undertaken a letter-writing campaign to demand compensation from the federal government for any increase in drug costs that might results from a free-trade agreement with Europe.

  • 4-May-2012
    Canada’s other drug war

    There’s a debate raging over Canada’s intellectual property regime. If one side’s right, Canada stands to pay $2.8 billion more every year in drug costs while it undermines its generic-drug manufacturing sector.

  • 17-Mar-2012
    After KORUS FTA, new pressures on the horizon

    As the South Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) takes effects Thursday, some are expecting new trade pressures from the US, including moves to open the beef market. In particular, South Korea will be forced to sit down at the negotiating table if the US requests negotiations on beef.

  • 7-Mar-2012 Arirang
    US calls for additional FTA measures to ensure transparency in medicine pricing in Korea

    With just days left before the implementation of the US-Korea free trade agreement Washington is drawing attention to a little publicized area of the trade treaty, the part covering the pricing of medicine in Korea. The US says it wants more transparency; the Korean pharmaceutical industry says it wants to maintain control over pricing domestically.

  • 5-Mar-2012 Info Justice
    TPP negotiators turn to pharmaceutical reimbursement

    Negotiations of the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) have turned to discussions of the pharmaceutical reimbursement chapter. This issue is highly controversial and represents a very recent shift in US trade policy.

  • 23-Feb-2012 Tout est à nous !
    ACTA : la dictature des marchés

    La lutte contre ACTA n’est pas seulement une question de liberté d’expression. Les dirigeants des pays riches de la planète et les multinationales démontrent avec ces accords que marchés = dictature = mort. À nous de montrer avec nos luttes qu’action = démocratie = vie.

  • 10-Feb-2012
    Does EU/India free trade agreement spell the end of cheap drugs for poor countries?

    After four years of negotiations, campaigners fear India is about to sign a trade deal with the EU which will stop the flow of cheap life-saving drugs to the developing world

  • 7-Feb-2012 ACT-UP Paris
    Act Up-Paris confront Karel De Gucht on ACTA and EU-India FTA

    Supporting the ongoing Global Week of Action on the EU-India FTA, Pauline Londeix of Act Up-Paris today confronted the European Commission for Trade, Karel de Gucht at a “Civil Society dialogue on Trade, Growth and development” at the European Commission. De Gucht reportedly leaves for India tomorrow for the EU-India Summit on 10th February 2012 where the E.C. is putting pressure on the Indian government to announce political trade-offs in the EU-India FTA.

  • 1-Feb-2012 ACT-UP Paris
    Semaine mondiale d’action sur l’accord de libre-échange entre l’Union Européenne et l’Inde

    Nous appelons à une semaine d’action à travers le monde du 6 au 10 février 2012 sur l’accord de libre-échange entre l’Union Européenne et l’Inde.

  • 18-Jan-2012 Fiji Times
    Network calls for rejection of free trade agreement

    Fiji Network for Positive People believes that the Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS meeting will be an opportune time to advocate for continuing availability of generic Anti Retro Viral treatment in the face of threats from Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

  • 16-Jan-2012 Servindi
    El Acuerdo de Asociación Trans Pacífico (TPP) y el monopolio de la industria farmacéutica

    Alejandra Alayza, coordinadora de la Red Peruana por una Globalización con Equidad, RedGE advirtió los peligros de la negociación del Acuerdo de Asociación Trans Pacífico (TPP) en el tema de la propiedad intelectual de los medicamentos.

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