TPP free trade agreement would increase cost of medicine In Mexico, Peru, Chile, and other countries

4-Mar-2015 Latin Times TPP — the Trans-PacificPartnership — is making waves from Peru to Australia, concerning public health officials and consumer advocates.

  • 25-Feb-2011 Hindu Business Line
    EU’s pharma trade hoax

    The EU’s proposed trade agreement is riddled with intellectual property provisions that would harm India’s 2005 Patent Act and block public-interest rulings such as the Aluvia decision.

  • 23-Feb-2011 OS Blog
    The EU-India free trade agreement: An interview with Loon Gangte

    "It’s like an ant fighting an elephant. We are one of the weakest and poorest groups and they (the EU and the pharmaceutical industry) are among the richest and strongest."

  • 8-Feb-2011 Info Justice
    USTR considering pharmaceutical pricing restrictions in TPP; refuses to follow May 10th agreement on IP-medicines issues

    Public Citizen and Forum on Democracy and Trade met with US Trade Representative staff on January 3 to be briefed on the Obama administration’s negotiation of the TPP with respect to the planned IP chapter and the rumored chapter on pharmaceutical reimbursement programs.

  • 8-Feb-2011 The Standard
    Kenya joins drive to block new EU policy on ARVs

    Kenyan activists have written to the European Union and the Kenya Government, protesting what they term damaging trade agreements such as the European Union-India Free Trade Agreement and the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. They say the pacts would damage the fight against Aids.

  • 8-Feb-2011 Psychomédia
    Le coût des médicaments grimperait avec le libre-échange Canada-UE

    L’industrie du médicament générique et les régimes d’assurance médicaments pourraient souffrir d’un accord de libre-échange entre le Canada et l’Union européenne, selon une étude commandée par l’Association canadienne du médicament générique rendue publique lundi 7 février.

  • 8-Feb-2011 CBC
    EU trade deal could cost Canada’s drug plans: report

    Proposals put forward by the European Union could add billions in drug costs in Canada annually, a report released Monday says.

  • 27-Jan-2011 Business Standard
    Data exclusivity still key hurdle to India-EU FTA

    Despite all official assurances, the path towards a free trade agreement between India and the European Union this year remains ambiguous, as both sides are unwilling to relax their stand on the biggest stumbling block — the issue of “data exclusivity”.

  • 19-Jan-2011 MJA
    TPPA: Challenges for Australian health and medicine policies

    Of particular concern is that proposed TPPA multilateral investor–state dispute settlement procedures would allow US corporations (as well as those of other TPPA nations) to obtain damages against Australian governments through international arbitral proceedings if their investments are impeded by Australian public health and environment protection legislation.

  • 5-Jan-2011 WHO
    Public health related TRIPS-plus provisions in bilateral trade agreements: A policy guide for negotiators and implementers in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean region

    The main focus of this comprehensive policy guide—the first of its kind solely dedicated to the region—is to analyze the effect of bilateral trade agreements on public health regimes and access to medicines in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

  • 11-Dec-2010 Terra
    Relator ONU alerta de que TLC UE-India pondrá en peligro la vida de millones

    El TLC entre la UE e India pondrá en peligro la vida de millones de personas que dependen de los medicamentos genéricos producidos en el subcontinente.

  • 8-Dec-2010
    Drug patents remain a major FTA battleground

    Drug patent restrictions by the United States and the European Union in trade negotiations with emerging countries will harm the Thai pharmaceutical industry and affect local patients, say researchers.

  • 7-Dec-2010 KangaOnline
    Rally protests EU-India trade pact which may cause end of generic drugs

    Marking strong protest against the proposed signing of the European Union-India Free Trade Agreement on IP Provision, a mass protest rally was taken out today jointly by the Centre for Social Development in collaboration with organisation working on drugs and HIV/AIDS, North East Diaglogue Forum, Women Action for Development and Bosco Mangal, Chingmeirong Don Bosco Society, Imphal.

  • 5-Dec-2010
    Leaked NZ paper challenges past US FTA models in TPP negotiations

    A confidential Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiating paper authored by New Zealand suggests that the trade pact’s patent and copyright provisions be no more stringent than existing global standards

  • 3-Dec-2010
    EU trade talks may deal blow to Aids fight

    Fears have been raised that cheap life-saving anti-retroviral drugs may no longer be available in Kenya if a trade agreement between the EU and India is concluded.

  • 30-Nov-2010
    FTA pact’s product list under attack

    The government is coming under increasing attack from activists for pushing ahead with EU-Thailand free trade agreement talks which include alcohol, tobacco and medicines.

  • 23-Nov-2010 Bangkok Post
    Europe attacking access to affordable generic drugs

    The EU claims data exclusivity is required under international law. It is not. It also claims that there will be no harm to access to medicines. But other countries have learned the hard way how harmful it can be.

  • 18-Nov-2010 Le Monde
    La pharmacie du monde en danger

    Une simple signature à Bruxelles peut-elle provoquer une catastrophe humanitaire ? Nous pourrions bientôt en avoir la preuve, et le nombre de victimes serait alors très élevé.

  • 12-Nov-2010 IRIN
    Afrique : L’accord UE-Inde pourrait menacer l’accès à des médicaments VIH essentiels

    Alors que des responsables indiens et européens se rencontrent à Bruxelles pour mettre au point les détails d’un accord de libre-échange, des activistes de la société civile s’inquiètent que l’accord puisse déboucher sur une protection renforcée de la propriété intellectuelle qui pourrait réduire l’accès aux médicaments génériques indiens bon marché.

  • 10-Nov-2010 MSF
    MSF protest over EU India trade talks

    MSF staff and supporters rally outside the offices of the European Commission to deliver an open letter of protest against ongoing trade talks between the European Union and India that could damage access to affordable medicines.

  • 8-Nov-2010 Al Jazeera
    In depth: EU deal threatens HIV drug supplies

    How a trade deal being brokered between Europe and India could cut off the developing world’s supply of cheap medicines. Al Jazeera reports.

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