Trans-Pacific Partnership: Trade deal could force Australian Government to spend millions to subsidise medicines, expert warns

19-Mar-2015 Australia Broadcasting Corporation Australia’s primary negotiator on medicines for the US-Australia FTA, Dr Ruth Lopert, warns that the TPP could force the Australian Government to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidise medicines.

  • 13-Aug-2005
    Big Pharma’s free ride

    Pharmaceutical companies are using free-trade deals like CAFTA to eliminate global competition — and deny poor patients access to cheaper generic drugs.

  • 17-Jul-2005
    ’US-Peru FTA could deprive millions of essential drugs’

    With many Peruvians already dying from treatable illness due to difficulties in accessing drugs, a UN human rights expert has expressed "deep concern" that an eventual US-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA) could deprive millions more of essential drugs made unaffordable by stronger protection of patents.

  • 16-Jul-2005
    UN expert concerned US-Peru free trade accord could deprive poor of medicine

    With many Peruvians already dying from treatable illness due to difficulties in accessing drugs, a United Nations human rights expert today voiced deep concern that an eventual United States-Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA) could deprive millions more of essential drugs made unaffordable by stronger protection of patents.

  • 8-Jul-2005 Center for Public Integrity
    Exporting prices: Drug makers’ trade group makes the industry’s priorities US trade policy

    The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, which represents 67 parent companies and subsidiaries that develop and make prescription and over-the-counter drugs, listed contacts with the government’s top officials overseeing international trade agreements on more lobbying reports than it did for contacts with the Food and Drug Administration, which directly oversees the industry’s products.

  • 30-Jun-2005 IPS
    Thailand-US: AIDS drugs take centre-stage at trade talks

    After tiptoeing around the issue for months, Thailand’s trade negotiators will have to finally reveal where they stand on the life-or-death question of producing cheap, generic anti-AIDS drugs.

  • 30-Jun-2005
    TRIPS, bilateralism, multilateralism & implications for developing countries: Jordan’s drug sector

    Looking at the experience of Jordan’s pharmaceutical sector, this paper shows that the expected benefits from bilateral agreements between developed and developing countries have been largely overestimated while the costs underestimated.

  • 28-Jun-2005 AFP
    Thai AIDS activists fear losing cheap drugs in free trade talks with Japan, US

    As Thailand prepares for new rounds of free trade talks with Japan and the United States, AIDS activists are voicing increasing concern that patients here could lose access to cheap, life-prolonging drugs.

  • 28-Jun-2005 Seattle Post Intelligencer
    US trade rep helps powerful drug industry

    When George W. Bush and the U.S. pharmaceutical industry team up in Washington, you know it’s bad news for U.S. consumers. Now they are taking their show on the road — to Central America.

  • 22-Jun-2005
    India set to get access to Bimstec markets

    India and the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multisectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (Bimstec) member countries plan to sign a deal to provide access to each others’ markets for the pharmaceuticals and services sectors.

  • 21-Jun-2005
    Health sets out options for FTA talks

    After letting health advocates air their opposition to the Thai-US free trade agreement (FTA) for more than a year, the Public Health Ministry yesterday unveiled its position on how Thailand should deal with drug patents.

  • 20-Jun-2005
    EFTA-Thailand negotiations: NGOs appeal to UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health

    17 NGOs from Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein submitted today a request to the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health. They urge him to warn the four member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA: Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) not to restrict access to affordable generic medicines in Thailand.

  • 17-Jun-2005
    Doctors told to be wary of big drug firms

    Doctors have been warned not to fall into the fierce marketing trap of multinational drug companies which have a ’’hidden agenda’’ to sell expensive products.

  • 7-Jun-2005 IP-health
    United Nations children’s committee warns about FTA threats

    The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in recommendations made public this week warned that Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) may negatively affect access to affordable medicines and social services for the poor.

  • 7-Jun-2005 El Universo, Ecuador
    La mesa de propiedad intelectual capta la atención de los laboratorios farmacéuticos

    El director ejecutivo de la Asociación de Laboratorios Farmacéuticos del Ecuador, Andrés Icaza, se mostró contrario a que a través del Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) se creen normativas adicionales para regular la producción de mecanismos genéricos en los países andinos

  • 6-Jun-2005 El Universal
    Inicia crucial negociación de andinos con Estados Unidos para TLC

    Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y Estados Unidos inician mañana en Guayaquil (Ecuador) una crucial ronda de negociaciones para intentar concluir las deliberaciones en la mayoría de las áreas previstas en un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC), que deberá firmarse en julio próximo.

  • 2-Jun-2005 Bolpress
    El TLC aumentaría los gastos familiares en medicamentos en 1.189 millones de dólares

    "El TLC va a traer más comercio y más exportaciones, pero va a incrementar el déficit en la balanza de conocimiento...y en el mundo se desarrollan los países con conocimiento", declaró el gerente general del Indecopi, Fernando Arrunátegui. El Indecopi, la instancia estatal responsable de la propiedad intelectual en el Perú, presentó dos recientes estudios sobre los previsibles impactos para Perú del TLC con EEUU.

  • 30-May-2005 El Comercio
    ‘El TLC volverá más caro el precio de los medicamentos’

    Con las reformas solicitadas por EE.UU. en el marco del TLC se elevan los precios de los medicamentos en el mercado

  • 5-May-2005
    Zoellick’s visit fails to ease Thai concerns

    Thailand was Robert Zoellick’s first stop on a week-long visit to Southeast Asia to discuss economic, security and political issues.

  • 3-May-2005 Assocham
    IT, biotech, pharmaceuticals, agro food are items for enhanced India-EU cooperation

    The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India sees tremendous scope for enhancing economic ties with Europe and has mooted a four pronged strategy for expanding India’s trade basket with the enlarged EU in areas such as information technology & communication, biotech & pharmaceuticals, agro foods processing and textiles.

  • 1-May-2005 Reuters
    AIDS drugs dog US-Southern Africa trade deal

    The United States and the Southern African trade bloc are set to revive free trade talks next month, but analysts say intellectual property rights for urgently needed AIDS drugs remain a stumbling block.

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