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This section contains news and analysis of sweeping developments that affect the overall push and pull towards FTAs and bilateral investment treaties. This means major trends relating to bilateralism, often with global consequences, and other cross-cutting issues. New developments arising from US politics, the WTO or South-South alliance-building, for instance, are often reported here as they tend to have systemic impacts.

last update: May 2012


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  • 6-Aug-2015 Sputnik Paro general contra el TISA en Uruguay
    Este jueves la central sindical uruguaya PIT-CNT realiza un paro general que tiene como uno de sus objetivos oponerse a la participación del país en la negociación del TISA.
  • 29-Jul-2015 Center for International Environmental Law Groups demand rejection of anti-climate provision in Customs Bill
    A coalition of environmental and fair trade organizations are protesting the inclusion of language in the “Customs bill” in the US Congress that would explicitly prevent the United States Trade Representative from seeking to address climate change in trade agreements.
  • 27-Jul-2015 Left Foot Forward TiSA – the new trade deal being kept under wraps
    Like TTIP, CETA, and TPP, the TiSA deal would turbo-charge global trade this time in ‘services’, which includes air and maritime transport; parcel delivery; e-commerce; telecommunications; accounting; engineering; consulting; health care; private education; and financial services – around 80 per cent of the US economy.
  • 23-Jul-2015 Intenational Business Times Anonymous hacks US Census Bureau over TTIP agreement, leaking employee details online
    Anonymous claims responsibility for a cyber-attack conducted against a US government website because of TTIP and TPP talks
  • 13-Jul-2015 IBON IBON primer on 21st Century free trade agreements
    New free trade deals across regions such as the TPPA, TTIP and TiSA, among many others are being negotiated that will have far-reaching implications for peoples in both the global North and South and for the future of the world economy. But these deals will neither benefit the democratic majority nor rescue the world economy in crisis.
  • 9-Jul-2015 swissinfo Protestors slam controversial trade talks in Geneva
    In Geneva, members of the STOP TISA movement, unions, left-wing activists and social movements protested in front of the headquarters of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization on Wednesday evening denouncing the trade deal.
  • 8-Jul-2015 IP Watch TISA stocktaking meeting also might have to face growing protests
    Today, Wednesday 8 July, a group of nongovernmental organisations has called for a protest march from the UN to the Embassy of Australia in Geneva, host of this week‘s TISA round.
  • 6-Jul-2015 Bordelex TiSA Round 13: decision-time on key negotiating items
    Negotiations towards a plurilateral trade in services agreement (TiSA) are entering a decisive moment as the 13th round of talks in Geneva this week is to determine what items to drop from the negotiating list, reports Bordelex.
  • 6-Jul-2015 Observatoire des Multinationales Wikileaks révèle l’avant-projet du Tisa, le traité de libre échange qui menace l’ensemble des services publics
    Wikileaks vient de révéler l’avant-projet d’avril 2015 du Tisa (Trade in Services Agreement), un accord de libre-échange sur le commerce des services, qui va servir de base au prochain round de discussions, qui aura lieu la semaine du 6 juillet.
  • 3-Jul-2015 International Shipping News TISA leaks reveal threat to seafarers
    TISA documents predict a power grab by transport industry players at the expense of the public interest, jobs and a voice for workers, the International Transport Workers’ Federation says
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