Canada has signed free trade agreements with the US, the US-and-Mexico (NAFTA), Costa Rica, Chile, Israel, Colombia, Peru and EFTA. It has also concluded talks with Jordan.

The government has also signed an Economic Framework Agreement with Japan and about 25 bilateral investment treaties.

Ottawa is currently in bilateral trade deal talks, or in the process of considering them, with Korea, Singapore, India, the so-called "Central America Four" (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua), the Dominican Republic, the Andean Community, CARICOM, Morocco and the EU (CETA).

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  • 28-Oct-2015 Edge The GNWT’s dangerous affair with China
    Why FIPA makes the territorial government’s hot pursuit of trade with this superpower toxic for the North.
  • 2-Oct-2015 The Star Selling Canada out, one deal at a time
    What little we know about the Harper government’s many international trade deals is cause for grave concern.
  • 21-Sep-2015 Troy Harper’s bad bet on China
    Canada’s commitments to China were written in cement while China’s promises to Canada were written in sand
  • 19-Aug-2015 The News Review FIPA license to treat Canadians
    The Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA), ratified in 2014, is a license to be unfair to Canadians.
  • 15-Aug-2015 The Vancouver Sun Canada-China trade pact puts our sovereignty at risk
    In his new book Gus Van Harten argues that FIPA shows that Canada can be too eager to compromise its economy, long-term, in the hope of a quick buck now.
  • 22-Jul-2015 QMI Modernisation de l’accord de libre-échange Canada-Israël
    Cette mise à jour permettra notamment de réduire les frais transactionnels des entreprises, et de créer de nouveaux débouchés pour les entreprises du secteur canadien de l’agriculture, de l’agroalimentaire, du poisson et des produits de la mer sur le marché israélien.
  • 22-Jul-2015 Xinhua Canada, Israel modernise free trade agreement
    This updated version of the existing Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement will provide expanded market accesss for agricultural, fish and seafood products if Canada’s Parliament approves it.
  • 15-Jul-2015 The Canadian Press Ottawa, Kyiv ink trade deal during Ukrainian PM’s visit
    Canada has reached a trade agreement with Ukraine that Prime Minister Stephen Harper says will help the Eastern European country build its economy and establish greater ties with the West.
  • 14-Jul-2015 Radio Canada Canada : Accord de libre-échange imminent avec l’Ukraine
    Le premier ministre du Canada, Stephen Harper, s’apprête à signer un accord de libre-échange avec l’Ukraine lors de la visite de son homologue ukrainien, Arseni Iatseniouk, mardi.
  • 30-Jun-2015 Business World Canada targets FTA with Philippines within the year
    The Canadian government wants to hold exploratory talks with the Philippines for a potential Free Trade Agreement (FTA) within the year, to cover as much ground as possible before an upcoming change in administration.
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