Canada and South Korea are currently negotiating an FTA. The talks began in July 2005 but are yet to be concluded.
Both countries are aiming for a comprehensive agreement, with the Canadian government’s sights set on increasing food and forestry exports to Korea. But the implications for Canada are huge. Canada currently imports more cars than it exports and a deal with Seoul — headquarters of KIA, Hyundai and Daewoo (GM) — could gut Canada’s industry and with it 15,000 jobs. Korean farmers, labour groups and consumers, for their part, expect negative impacts on Korean food and agriculture. This includes strong potential problems around beef (numerous outbreaks of mad cow disease have already occurred in Canada) and barley.

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  • 17-Feb-2015 iPolitics South Korea bans Canadian beef exports in light of BSE
    South Korea says it’s banning imports of Canadian beef after a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or “mad cow disease,” was found on a northern Alberta farm earlier this week, despite reassurances from Canada’s agriculture minister the case would not impact Canadian beef trade.
  • 5-Jan-2015 Agencia Yonhap Esta semana entrará el vigor el TLC entre Corea del Sur y Canadá
    El tratado de libre comercio (TLC) bilateral entre Corea del Sur y Canadá entrará en vigor esta semana, dijo, este miércoles, el Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Energía de Seúl.
  • 22-Sep-2014 Prensa Latina Suscribirán tratado comercial Surcorea y Canadá
    Corea del Sur y Canadá firmarán hoy un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC), que contribuirá a aumentar las relaciones económicas entre ambos países, informaron fuentes oficiales.
  • 22-Sep-2014 Chosun Ilbo Korea, Canada ink FTA
    Korea and Canada officially sign a free trade agreement on Monday according to terms agreed in March after nine years of tough negotiations.
  • 13-Jun-2014 Agencia de Noticias Yonhap Corea del Sur y Canadá rubrican un tratado de libre comercio
    Corea del Sur y Canadá han rubricado su tratado de libre comercio (TLC) bilateral, informó este viernes el Gobierno surcoreano, y está previsto que lo firmen oficialmente en la segunda mitad de este año.
  • 20-Mar-2014 Le Devoir Le libre-échange Canada-Corée, au-delà de la propagande
    Sans même avoir vu les textes, des enthousiastes transmettent l’analyse du gouvernement Harper avec un zèle inquiétant
  • 13-Mar-2014 Mississuaga Canadian auto industry denounces free trade agreement
    A union representing about 3,000 workers at the Chrysler Group in Brampton is saying a just-announced free trade agreement between Canada and South Korea poses a “serious threat” to the Canadian auto industry.
  • 12-Mar-2014 AFP Ford Canada critique l’accord de libre-échange avec la Corée du Sud
    La filiale canadienne du constructeur américain Ford a vivement critiqué mardi l’accord de libre-échange conclu entre le Canada et la Corée du Sud, affirmant qu’il mènerait à une invasion de voitures Kia et Hyundai sur le marché canadien.
  • 11-Mar-2014 Argenpress Corea del Sur y Canadá firman tratado de libre comercio tras años de negociación
    Corea del Sur y Canadá firmaron hoy martes un tratado de libre comercio (TLC) bilateral tras conversaciones cumbre entre la presidenta surcoreana, Park Geun-hye, y el primer ministro canadiense, Stephen Harper.
  • 11-Mar-2014 AFP S.Korea, Canada wrap up free-trade deal
    South Korea and Canada concluded a free-trade agreement Tuesday, wrapping up a negotiating process that began nine years ago and focused on barriers in the auto and agriculture sectors.
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