EU-Canada (CETA)

In March 2009, after years of speculation and discussions, Stockwell Day, Canada’s international trade minister, signalled the formal start of negotiations towards a comprehensive free trade agreement with Canada’s second largest economic partner, the European Union. Initial areas of negotiation include trade in goods, intellectual property, investment, technical barriers to trade, regulatory cooperation and, competition policy. There has also been talk of and an eventual agreement on labour mobility. The FTA is called the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

The reception to a proposed deal among Canada’s provincial governments has been mixed. Quebec Premier Jean Charest has been a strong advocate of an EU-Canada FTA, while former Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams vocally expressed his opposition to such a deal, citing concerns in areas such as high seafood tariffs and the proposed EU seal products ban. Indeed, until recently the federal government had seemed somewhat cautious about the idea, while some in Europe have not held an FTA with Canada to be a priority. The Toronto-based lobby group, the Canada Europe Roundtable for Business, supported by 60 European and Canadian corporate executives, have been pushing for this deal, for which its most vocal supporters in Europe have been France’s Sarkozy and Germany’s Merkel. A number of municipal councils in Canada, including Toronto/s city council have voted to demand that they be excluded from such a deal, citing concerns over their ability to make decisions, particularly in relation to government procurement.

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  • 3-Feb-2016 AK The planned regulatory cooperation between the European Union and Canada and the USA according to the CETA and TTIP drafts
    This legal opinion focuses on the institutionalized regulatory cooperation envisaged in CETA and TTIP.
  • 22-Jan-2016 CBC EU quietly asks Canada to rework trade deal’s thorny investment clause
    Both sides admit surprise as deal risks losing ratification vote thanks to anti-American sentiment.
  • 11-Jan-2016 Irish Farmers Journal Beef exports to Canada to start within three months
    Ireland will become one of the first EU regions to export beef to Canada as part of the CETA trade agreement.
  • 17-Dec-2015 Le Devoir Québec-Ontario, une alliance payante sur les marchés intérieur et extérieur
    "Ces nouvelles règles sur les marchés publics auront pour effet d’enlever des outils de développement économique aux pouvoirs locaux."
  • 15-Dec-2015 European Council EU-Canada trade negotiating mandate made public
    The Council decided to declassify the directives given to the Commission to negotiate a comprehensive economic and trade agreement with Canada.
  • 15-Dec-2015 Le Devoir Le Québec et l’Ontario font tomber les barrières au libre commerce
    Les deux gouvernements mettent en vigueur les règles du jeu prévues dans l’entente de libre-échange avec l’Europe avant même sa ratification.
  • 10-Dec-2015 Reuters Canada warns EU trade deal could unravel if talks reopened
    Canada is open to rethinking the contentious issue of investor protection in its free trade accord with the European Union but warns that EU demands for change risk unraveling the entire deal.
  • 3-Dec-2015 Secrétariat du Conseil du trésor du Québec Révision du chapitre sur les marchés publics de l’Accord de commerce et de coopération entre le Québec et l’Ontario
    Les premiers ministres du Québec et de l’Ontario se sont entendus pour que les engagements des deux provinces en matière de marchés publics soient alignés sur ceux prévus dans l’Accord économique et de commerce global entre le Canada et l’Union européenne.
  • 2-Dec-2015 Rabble What’s going on with CETA 14 months after negotiations were completed?
    The latest speculation is that CETA isn’t likely to go before the European Parliament until mid to late 2016 or early 2017.
  • 18-Nov-2015 Vieuws EU Trade Insight: Schulz and Lange push for inclusion of ICS in CETA – in brief
    European Parliament President, Martin Schulz and Chair of the EP’s International Trade Committee, Bernd Lange said they wanted the Investment Court System (ICS) to be also part of the EU free trade agreement with Canada, known as CETA.
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  • RQIC
    Le Réseau Québécois sur l’Intégration Continentale fait campagne contre l’Accord économique et commercial global (AÉCG) entre le Canada et l’Union européenne