Indonesia signed a major comprehensive FTA with Japan in 2007. Right now, it is negotiating with New Zealand, Australia and India, while it is expected that talks with EFTA will commence soon.

As member of ASEAN, Indonesia is also party to FTAs with China, India, Korea, Australia and New Zealand and Japan. In February 2012 it signed a preferential trade agreement with Pakistan which the two governments intend to turn into an FTA in the near future.

last update: May 2012


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  • 25-Mar-2015 Jakarta Post Pakistan aims for FTA with Indonesia to further boost trade
    Pakistan is aiming to start negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) with Indonesia sometime this year, to expand on the current preferential trade agreement (PTA), which began in 2013.
  • 19-Mar-2015 Asia One Indonesia to resume free-trade talks
    Indonesia will resume free trade and economic partnership negotiations with important trading partners as President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo’s administration steps up efforts to boost exports amid the country’s economic slowdown.
  • 26-Feb-2015 IGJ Update on Indonesia BITs review
    Indonesia for Global Justice together with Indonesian civil society networks met with the Director of Bilateral Cooperation of Investment Coordinating Board, Fritz Horas Silalahi, in Jakarta to discuss the review of Indonesia Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITS).
  • 7-Jan-2015 Jakarta Globe Indonesia mulls canceling trade pact with Japan after years of deficit
    Indonesia is considering a halt to the Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, as the deal fails to boost the Southeast Asian country’s trade with Japan since it has posted a deficit for every year since 2008.
  • 16-Sep-2014 Antara Indonesia fishermen to suffer more under Asean Economic Community
    Indonesian fishermen will suffer more when the ASEAN Economic Community is implemented in 2015, the environmentalist organization Walhi said.
  • 28-Aug-2014 Jakarta Globe Indonesia 1, Newmont 0
    US firm Newmont Mining has withdrawn its arbitration claim against Indonesia
  • 7-Jul-2014 Jakarta Post Revamping bilateral treaties
    Indonesia’s intention to end bilateral investment treaties (BIT) has been questioned again and again, most recently in an article published on July 1 in the Financial Times, writes Indonesia’s Ambassador to Belgium in a Jakarta Post opinion piece.
  • 2-Apr-2014 Jakarta Post Indonesia should withdraw from the ICSID!
    If there is dispute against the government, investors, be they foreign or local, they should bring their cases to the Indonesian judiciary or other available national dispute mechanisms.
  • 26-Mar-2014 IGJ After South Africa, Indonesia takes a brave decision to terminate its BIT with the Netherlands
    Last week, the Indonesian government announced that it will terminate its Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with the Netherlands, joining the growing number of countries concerned about the excessive corporate rights enshrined in investment agreements.
  • 24-Mar-2014 Jakarta Post Boediono meets with Netherlands
    Indonesian VP Boediono met with Dutch PM Mark Rutte on Sunday and explained that Indonesia’s decision not to extend its bilateral investment treaty with the Netherlands was common to all countries with bilateral investment agreements with Indonesia that would soon end.
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