Japan and Mexico signed a bilateral free trade agreement in September 2004. It took effect in April 2005.

Japan initiated this deal because it felt disadvantaged in the Mexican market against both the US (because of NAFTA) and Europe (because of the EU-Mexico bilateral trade deal, which was also spurred by NAFTA).

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  • 8-Mar-2006 Mexican envoy praises fruits of FTA
    Japan’s second free-trade agreement, the one with Mexico that is approaching its first anniversary, has been a big success with a 30 percent jump in bilateral trade, Mexican Ambassador Miguel Ruiz-Cabanas said Wednesday.
  • 7-Jun-2005 IATP Trade Observatory US has stake in Japan-Mexico FTA
    The agreement deserves particular attention in the U.S., not only because it offers insights into future Japanese FTAs, but also because of its long-range implications for integration of North American and Japanese markets.
  • 12-Dec-2004 Wall Street Journal Mazda to start selling cars in Mexico; planned FTA helps
    Mazda Motor Corp. has set up a new unit in Mexico to start selling vehicles there, taking advantage of the scheduled implementation of a free trade agreement between Japan and Mexico next year.
  • 21-Sep-2004 Mexico FTA paves way for Asian trade agreements
    Japan signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with Mexico on Friday, the first such pact to cover the politically sensitive agricultural sector, officials said.
  • 20-Sep-2004 IPS Japan: Trade deal with Mexico culminates Latin America visit
    Mexico signed a free trade agreement Friday with Japan, reconfirming its world record in free trade accords — which have failed, however, to bear the promised fruits.
  • 20-Sep-2004 Asahi.com Japan, Mexico ink landmark accord
    After months of drawn-out negotiations, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi Friday signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Mexican President Vicente Fox.
  • 28-May-2004 Mexico free trade founders on Japan’s farmers
    The failure of bilateral trade talks between Mexico and Japan on October 16 has shocked both sides, particularly Japan. The talks foundered on the question of what to do about Japan’s farmers, among the most highly subsidized in the world and the power base of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.
  • 24-Apr-2004 FPCJ Japan and Mexico agree on conclusion of free-trade agreement
    On March 12 Japan and Mexico reached virtual accord on the conclusion of a bilateral free-trade agreement following 16 months of negotiations.
  • 5-Apr-2004 Asahi Shimbun Japan: Free trade with Mexico
    Japan and Mexico have reached a basic accord on free trade. Japan promises to increase imports of pork, oranges and other agricultural products from Mexico, while that country says it will import more steel, automobiles and other industrial products from Japan.