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New Zealand is a party to a number of completed free trade and investment agreements. These are: the Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Agreement (1983); the New Zealand-Singapore Closer Economic Partnership (2001); the New Zealand-Thailand Closer Economic Partnership (2005); the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership or P4 (2005); the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement (2008), the Australia-ASEAN-New Zealand free trade agreement (2009), the New Zealand-Malaysia FTA (2009),an FTA with the GCC, (2009) and the New Zealand-Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership (2010).

A New Zealand-India deal has been mooted. New Zealand’s government has indicated that it wants FTAs with Korea and Taiwan

While talk of a US-New Zealand FTA was hotly resisted and never got off the ground, partly because of New Zealand’s anti-nuclear policy, the expansion of what was initially called the P4 agreement to include the US (the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement) threatens to bring important changes to New Zealand policies.

New Zealand has also signed a number of IPPAs (bilateral investment treaties) with Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong, China and others.

last update: May 2012


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  • 6-Jul-2015 Radio New Zealand Free trade deal with EU the next in line
    With the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement still a work in progress, New Zealand negotiators have their eye on the next target as well — a free trade deal with the European Union.
  • 28-May-2015 Xinhua Saudi sheep farm sparks "bribery" calls in New Zealand Parliament
    New Zealand’s Auditor General has been asked to investigate government spending of 11 million NZ dollars (US$7.96m) on a sheep farm in Saudi Arabia in what has been labeled a bribe to secure a free trade agreement with the Arab Gulf states.
  • 25-May-2015 NZ hands tied on foreign home buyers under Korea FTA "bungle"
    South Korea-based buyers may have open access to New Zealand’s housing market assured under a new trade deal, prompting warnings it could undermine New Zealand’s sovereignty.
  • 4-May-2015 National Business Review New Zealand next cab off the rank to close Gulf states FTA - Key
    Most of the Gulf states are positive about signing off on a NZ-GCC deal, although Saudi Arabia is a little more cautious, PM Key says.
  • 17-Nov-2014 AFP Accord de libre-échange entre Corée du Sud et Nouvelle-Zélande
    La Corée du Sud et la Nouvelle-Zélande se sont entendus samedi sur un accord de libre-échange, en marge du sommet du G20 en Australie, concluant ainsi cinq années de négociations
  • 16-Nov-2014 G20: NZ, South Korea sign free-trade agreement
    New Zealand and South Korea have concluded a free-trade agreement that’s expected to cut into export tariffs in the nation’s sixth-largest export market that currently run to about $230 million a year.
  • 14-Nov-2014 ONE News Free trade agreement with the EU on the horizon
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she is in favour of a free trade agreement between New Zealand and the European Union.
  • 8-Aug-2014 Yonhap S. Korea, New Zealand fail to make breakthrough in latest FTA talks
    The latest round of negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) between South Korea and New Zealand has ended without a significant breakthrough as the countries remained divided over the agriculture market, the South Korean government said Friday.
  • 13-Jun-2014 Arab News New Zealand-GCC free trade deal likely soon
    New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser expressed optimism regarding the signing of a comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) that will lower trade barriers between Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries.
  • 23-Apr-2014 NZ Herald Aussie trade deals hold risks for NZ
    It is easy to mock aspects of Australia’s recently completed agreements. But the problem for New Zealand’s trade negotiators is that these pragmatic deals have the potential to cause trade disruption for our own agricultural producers, writes Fran O’Sullivan.
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  • Arena
    Arena is an Aotearoa/New Zealand network of individuals and organizations committed to resist corporate ‘globalization’ in all its forms.
  • New Zealand not for sale
  • Our World Is Not For Sale (New Zealand)
    The OUR WORLD IS NOT FOR SALE campaign was formed around building the protests at the September 2007 US-NZ Partnership Forum, the global justice campaign aims to build public support and organisation against the signing of any form of free trade agreement between the United States and New Zealand.