• ABAC
    APEC Business Advisory Council is pushing for an FTA among APEC members
  • ECAT
    The Emergency Committee on American Trade is a group of US business leaders lobbying the US government to make trade policy more beneficial to their interests
  • Foreign Trade Association
    European business lobby group on foreign trade issues
  • GMA
    The Grocery Manufacturers of America is a major lobby group on US FTAs
  • ICC
    International Chamber of Commerce
  • MEBF
    MERCOSUR-European Union Business Forum
  • NFTC
    The National Foreign Trade Council is a US business organisation lobbying the US government on its foreign trade policy
  • Nippon Keidanren
    Japan Business Federation, established in 2002. Website contains several policy papers and position statements on Japan’s FTA strategy.
  • UMCE
    The Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises (UMCE) is a corporate lobby group pushing for a Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Area by 2010.
  • US-India Business Alliance
    The US India Business Alliance (USIBA) was incorporated in response to the extraordinary growth of US-India trade and investment, which despite its tremendous growth, pales in comparison to US-China trade
  • US-Japan Business Council
    USJBC has been pushing for a US-Japan FTA