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EU-Colombia-Peru FTA (2011)

posted 27-March-2011

As initialled in Brussels on 24 March 2011

Trade Agreement between the European Union and Colombia and Peru


Preamble and text of the agreement

List of annexes and declarations

- Annex I - Tariff elimination schedules
- Annex II - Concerning the definition of the concept of "originating products" and methods for administrative cooperation.
- Annex III - Special provisions on administrative cooperation
- Annex IV - Agricultural safeguard measures
- Annex V - Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters
- Annex VI - Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
- Annex VII- Lists of Commitments on Establishment
- Annex VIII - Lists of Commitments on Cross-border Supply of Services
- Annex IX - Reservations regarding Temporary Presence of Natural Persons for Business Purposes
- Annex X - Enquiry Points regarding Trade in Services, Establishment and Electronic Commerce
- Annex XI - Understanding Concerning Subparagraph (b) of the Definition of "services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority" as referred to in Article 152 of the Agreement
- Annex XII - Government Procurement
- Annex XIII - Lists of Geographical Indications
- Annex XIV - Mediation Mechanism for Non-tariff Measures

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