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  • 12-Dec-2007 DNA
    Sowing a bitter harvest
    One outcome of the Indo-US deal on Agriculture appears to be the deregulation of the GM foods sector.
  • 5-Nov-2007 Cattle Network
    Colombia: A significant market for US red meat upon FTA ratification
    The US Meat Export Federation estimates that around 50 percent of pork production in Colombia comes from family-owned farms
  • 2-Nov-2007 NPPC
    US pork dependent on new trade agreements
    The future of the US pork industry depends on concluding new trade agreements, the National Pork Producers Council today told congressional lawmakers.
  • 19-Oct-2007 IPS
    ’EU undermining agriculture in Africa’
    Europe is undermining its own efforts to strengthen African agriculture by foisting free trade on the continent, a Ghanaian farm leader has complained.
  • 17-Oct-2007 Programa de las Américas
    Día del Derecho a la Alimentación: Soberanía alimentaria y los acuerdos comerciales
    Los acuerdos comerciales que proponen Estados Unidos y la Unión Europea-en OMC y afuera-tienen un enfoque del comercio agrícola opuesto a la soberanía alimentaria y son peligrosos para la seguridad alimentaria de los países en desarrollo, porque abruman a sus campesinos; sobre todo mientras no haya recorte muy sustancial de los subsidios que impiden una competencia leal. Los subsidios que viajan no son parte de la naturaleza
  • 11-Oct-2007
    Ecuador: Otra vez el problema del gas y la agro-industria
    Lo vi cuando entraba al inmenso salón de espera para vuelos nacionales del aeropuerto Joaquín Olmedo de Guayaquil. Caminaba apresuradamente hacia la zona de embarque que conduce hasta el pasillo que desemboca en la pista de aterrizaje que nos llevaría a través de líneas marcadas sobre el asfaltado hasta la misma puerta de entrada del avión TAME destinado a volar hacia Quito a las nueve horas esa mañana.
  • 20-Sep-2007 Mail & Guardian
    The perils of free trade in agriculture
    It’s the kind of unfair situation that makes poorer nations wonder where the payoff is with free trade: demand for coffee, tea, cocoa, cotton and sugar — which is what many such countries have to offer the world — has risen. Prices paid in the supermarket have risen. Yet the share paid to the farmers who grow these basic agricultural commodities has fallen.
  • 15-Sep-2007 The Guardian
    Flab grab
    Raj Patel illuminates the failures of the global food system in "Stuffed and Starved"
  • 27-Aug-2007 LVC
    Forum on food sovereignty in Korea
    Jose Bove said that the fight against EPA (Economic Partnership Agreements) is more difficult than the one against WTO because this only involves a few countries.
  • 26-Aug-2007 FPIF
    US-Korean food fight
    The US government is working to deny South Koreans the right to local food and to undermine their domestic food safety laws through the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
  • 14-Aug-2007
    Agricultura sin reforma en Estados Unidos
    La Cámara de Representantes de Estados Unidos concluyó sus trabajos legislativos de verano con la aprobación (231 a 191) de un proyecto de ley agrícola sin reformas, ahora pendiente de tránsito en el Senado en el mes de septiembre.
  • 29-Jul-2007 Public Citizen
    Trade deficit in food safety
    Public Citizen has published a new report on the connection between trade agreements that limit US food safety policies to facilitate trade and the growing safety threat posed by US food imports
  • 25-Jul-2007 Prensa Latina
    Biofuels FTAs menace CentAm ag
    The future of Central American agriculture is threatened by developed countries’ demand for biofuels and US-sponsored free trade agreements.
  • 25-Jul-2007 Naclan News
    Pachamama goes organic: Bolivia’s quinoa farmers
    Bolivia joined the ALBA-TCP pact in 2006, and the government has earmarked $1.5 million for quinoa growers out of the $100 million provided by Chávez for investments benefiting small farmers. This will include credit for at least five quinoa-related projects in the southern altiplano.
  • 20-Jul-2007 Rebelión
    Estados Unidos rechaza la propuesta de reducir subsidios al agro
    La propuesta en la ronda de Doha para recortar a 13 mil millones de dólares anuales los subsidios agrícolas de Estados Unidos es "inaceptable" dijo este miércoles el gobierno
  • 18-Jul-2007 CLOC
    Los tratados comerciales y la soberanía alimentaria: la agenda campesina
    La Vía Campesina de la Región Norte de América convoca al Foro Internacional Campesino para dicutir la situación de los campesinos en los distintos países y sus luchas en torno a la soberanía alimentaria, ante la amenaza de los tratados comerciales
  • 18-Jun-2007
    Falling into a spaghetti bowl: A review of the impact of FTAs on Thailand
    This paper is an attempt to bring together and review the few pieces of information on the effect of FTAs in Thailand with a particular emphasis on the agricultural sector.
  • 13-Jun-2007
    Fear not farmers in Australia, Asia told
    Trade Minister Warren Truss has accused China and its neighbours of "unrealistic" fears that 140,000 farmers in Australia could wipe out a billion farmers in Asia if there were free trade in agriculture.
  • 17-May-2007 The News International
    Starving the poor
    The connection between instability in the Middle East and the cost of feeding a family in the Americas isn’t direct, of course. But as with all international trade, power tilts the balance.
  • 13-May-2007 Scoop
    Letter from Lebanon: Farmers risk losing big
    As Lebanon heads down the fast track to trade liberalisation, some commentators are predicting a devastating impact on small-holder farmers. Unable even to sell produce on the Lebanese market let alone for export, farmers are painfully unprepared to compete with subsidised imports. Yet little is being done to fortify the agricultural industry as the fruits of major bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) and liberalising reforms loom on the near horizon.
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