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Australian aid and trade watchdogs denounce Pacific Free Trade Agreement | 23-July-2014

Independent Australian organisations, the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network and AID/WATCH, have voiced serious concerns about the PACER-Plus Free Trade Agreement currently being negotiated between Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island Countries.

PANG warns against Fiji’s ratification of IEPA | 22-July-2014

The Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) has expressed concern that the government of Fiji has announced its decision to ratify the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA).

The secret deal that threatens NHS | 19-July-2014

People’s NHS sent Paul Giles, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, to Brussels to learn how TTIP would affect the UK’s National Health Service. What could possibly have gone wrong.

12 de julio: Día de movilización #NoTTIP en Inglaterra, Escocia e Irlanda | 18-July-2014

El sábado 12 de julio, personas en diferentes partes de Inglaterra, Escocia e Irlanda salieron a las calles para decir no al tratado transatlántico de comercio e inversiones entre la UE los Estados Unidos (TTIP).

Activists disrupt TTIP trade negotiators at stakeholder consultation | 16-July-2014

Peroxyacetic acid rinsing of poultry meat - BEUC position paper published | 16-July-2014

BEUC has just published its position paper on the use of peroxyacetic acid rinses of poultry meat. This chemical wash is currently banned in the EU. However, pressure from the United States might reverse the trend.

European Citizens’ Initiative demands: Stop negotiations for TTIP and CETA | 15-July-2014

Today, the 47th European Citizens’ Initiative has brought forward a motion for registration asking the EU Commission to recommend to the EU Council of Ministers to repeal the negotiating mandate for the Trade Investor Partnership (TTIP) and not to conclude the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) either.

Malta: Anti-TTIP front launched | 15-July-2014

Social Europe: Front against TTIP (Malta) has been set up by Żminijietna - Voice of the Left, the Anti-Poverty Alliance, Moviment Graffitti, Association of Federative Socialists; and GWU Youth.

EJN condemns EPA | 13-July-2014

The Economic Justice Network of Ghana unequivocally condemns the decision of the West African leaders to approve the signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union.

EFF: We join dozens of organizations and businesses to protest TPP copyright proposals | 11-July-2014

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and its partners in the global Our Fair Deal coalition join together with an even more diverse international network of creators, innovators, start-ups, educators, libraries, archives and users to release two new open letters to negotiators of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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EJN condemns EPA | 13-Jul-2014