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La Comisión Europea rechaza la petición ciudadana de realizar una recogida de firmas en contra del tratado comercial UE-Estados Unidos (TTIP) | 12-September-2014

La campaña "No al Tratado Transatlántico de Comercio e Inversión" acusa a la UE de intentar silenciar las voces opuestas a dicho acuerdo secreto.

La Commission européenne rejette une pétition contre le Traité transatlantique (TTIP) | 11-September-2014

La Commission européenne a rejeté ce jeudi 11 septembre une proposition déposée par une alliance de plus de 200 mouvements citoyens d’organiser une « Initiative citoyenne européenne » contre les traités UE-USA et UE-Canada (dénommés TTIP et CETA).

EU Commission wants to wipe out citizens’ involvement in TTIP and CETA | 11-September-2014

European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP rejected / Alliance announces resistance

EU-Canada trade deal ’a threat to democracy’ | 11-September-2014

Campaigners urge British government to amend ‘secret agreement’ that would allow Canadian companies new powers over government decisions

550+ US groups reject fast-track trade promotion authority | 11-September-2014

Nearly 600 US organizations led by the Sierra Club, AFL-CIO, the Communications Workers of America, the Citizens Trade Campaign, and Public Citizen sent a letter to Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) firmly rejecting fast-track trade promotion authority and calling for a new system for negotiating and implementing trade agreements.

Guatemala: activists defeat ’Monsanto Law’ | 10-September-2014

The law was originally passed to comply with an intellectual property requirement in the 2004 Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA), and it was unclear whether Guatemala might now be excluded from the US-promoted trade bloc.

Ask Foreign Policy Ministers to exempt ISDS from CETA open letter | 10-September-2014

Please find below a draft letter to heads of state or trade ministers of EU Member States. It can be sent ahead of the Sept .12 meeting of the EU Trade Policy Committee where Member States have the *final* opportunity to comment on the CETA text.

MEPs urged to veto NHS trade deal | 10-September-2014

The leader of the UK’s biggest union has written to all British MEPs urging them to vote against a controversial EU-US trade deal if the NHS is not exempted.

Derogan en Guatemala ley sobre derechos de propiedad de semillas vegetales | 5-September-2014

El Congreso de Guatemala derogó hoy la polémica ley denominada "Monsanto", cuyo decreto firmado en junio pasado legalizaba los derechos de propiedad de las semillas vegetales, informó una fuente parlamentaria.

Guatemala repeals plant breeder rights law | 5-September-2014

The Congress of Guatemala has repealed the controversial "Monsanto Law" which legalised property rights on plant varieties in accordance with CAFTA.

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