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"Bruselas no quiere voces críticas al tratado comercial con EEUU" | 20-November-2014

Podemos, IU y Equo cargan contra la representación del Parlamento Europeo en Madrid por excluirles de un seminario sobre el polémico acuerdo entre Bruselas y Washington celebrado este lunes en Madrid.

International forum on the present and future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement | 20-November-2014

On April 18 and 19 2014, organizers, activists, and intellectuals from New Zealand, the United States, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea gathered in Seoul to discuss the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and to strategize ways to stop it.

‘TTIP would destroy small businesses’ | 20-November-2014

The UK PM promises to launch what he calls ‘rocket boosters’ under a new deal between the EU and America. Not everyone is convinced about this. Nick Dearden joins RTUK for more.

CAP calls on govt to withdraw from TPPA negotiation | 19-November-2014

The Consumers’ Association of Penang has said that it is concerned that Malaysia is continuing with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiation and has urged the government to withdraw from it and not sign the TPPA.

Canada-EU deal could unleash "corporate litigation boom’’ | 19-November-2014

A new report warns that controversial investor protection rules in the proposed Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union could expose Canada to a new wave of corporate lawsuits that restrict the powers of all levels of governments.

US unions to fight back against right-wing attacks and trade deals | 17-November-2014

Following the US mid term elections, unions are mobilising opposition against trade agreements, including a major campaign against ‘Fast Track’ legislation, TPP and TTIP.

TPP deal not about trade, should be stopped | 17-November-2014

The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens workers’ rights in the 12 nations negotiating the deal, say Communications Workers of America

TTIP talks: What’s cooking?: Perspectives on food & farming | 17-November-2014

The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament is pleased to invite you to a conference on 10 December 2014 on the impacts of a potential EU-US trade agreement (TTIP) on food and farming.

What is the TPPA and what does it mean for NZ? | 12-November-2014

Video from Action Station New Zealand

TPP trade talks must stop | 12-November-2014

The ITUC has called on governments to stop negotiations on the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” agreement, criticising the secrecy and corporate bias in the current negotiations.

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