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Grassroots organizing, regional trade agreements and food sovereignty in Africa
Grassroots movements have made great strides towards putting the power of the food system in citizens’ hands, but ongoing bi-lateral and regional trade negotiations threaten to curtail these advances.
Africa: Continent asks for more time in EU trade talks
African countries have asked the European Union (EU) to extend the on-going Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) talks by another one year.
Triangular cooperation Mauritius-India-Africa: The Mauritian perspective
The Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (CECPA) was yet again the focal point of discussions between Mauritian International Trade Minister Madun Dulloo and his Indian counterpart Kamal Nath last week in Delhi. CECPA, whilst being a powerful bilateral instrument to enhance trade and economic ties between our two countries, is also an inventive collaborative effort which will ultimately make of Mauritius the ideal step-stone on the India to Africa economic route.
Forward with the struggle to stop the EPAs
From 11-14 December 2006, the 9th Annual Review Meeting of the Africa Trade Network took place in Accra, Ghana. This is the final declaration that came out of the meeting.
Gender review of the Economic Partnership Agreements
Paper presented to the European Commission in Brussels by Liepollo Lebohang Pheko from IGTN-Africa on the gender impacts of liberalization of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA).
China’s grand plans for Africa a two-way trade
Trade with China is likely to become an increasingly politically sensitive issue for a number of countries on the continent. That is because China is essentially buying the continent’s oil and minerals and selling back manufactured goods, a type of relationship redolent of a colonial one and similar to most of Africa’s existing trade relations with Europe and the US.
Unequal partners
This paper by Claire Godfrey provides a wide-ranging look at the many problems with the EPAs, and investigates how these could impact on the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries’ future development.
China, Africa set up new partnership, sign trade deals
China and Africa have signed trade deals worth 1.9 billion dollars on the final day of a historic summit that saw the Asian giant deepen economic and political ties with the resource-rich continent.
Overview of bilateral free trade and investment agreements
A general overview of free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties that have been signed or are being negotiated all over the world. Organised by region, it provides a snapshot of the many processes currently under way, some of the controversies they raise and opposition movements against these agreements.
Africa: Trade still prime engine for prosperity in Africa, official says
The United States is doubling the number of its trade and investment framework agreements (TIFAs) in Africa.
Aid groups say African trade deals deepen poverty
African countries risk sinking further into poverty if the European Union pushes ahead with new free trade deals that could harm local industry and farming by unfair competition, non-governmental aid groups said on Tuesday.
African trade links on upsurge
A striking increase in trade and investment between China, India and Africa holds great potential for growth and job creation in the poverty-stricken sub-Sahara, a World Bank study released on Sunday said.
SOMO Briefing Paper: EPA negotiations do not promote the right investment policies in Africa
The EU strongly advocates that attracting more foreign investment is a solution to African development problems and that African countries therefore need to include strict investment liberalisation measures in EPAs.
SOMO Briefing Paper: The risks and dangers of liberalisation of services in Africa under EPAs
The European Union (EU) is negotiating with African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries for a new free trade agreement: the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). The liberalisation of services and therefore opening the market for foreign investors is part of these negotiations.
Africa’s silk road: China and India’s new economic frontier
Skyrocketing Asian trade and investment in Africa show the beginning of a change in world trade patterns, according to a new World Bank report. The report contains a chapter on trade and investment agreements between Asia and Africa.
South Africa: Opportunities abound as world woos Africa
Washington recently played host to the annual African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) forum, an annual event mandated by the Agoa legislation which brings together stakeholders from Africa and the US.
African nations wary of closer embrace with US
A chorus of US officials is signaling that Washington wants to turn a controversial programme giving poor African nations partial access to US markets into a full-fledged free trade agreement that would open Africa’s economy to US corporations.
Bush sends 6, 000 soldiers to the Mexican border. Where will Europe send its soldiers when the EPAs are signed?
You may be asking yourself: " what is an EPA? " Well, you are not alone. In fact I have just met with a European Member of Parliament who is no more au courant than you. And that’s worrying!
International trade: Calling on African leaders
Why is there a sudden shift to regionalism as opposed to the much over-blown globalisation represented by multilateralism? Can Africa begin to understand that there is a dynamic and concerted effort at balkanising the continent into segmented disciplines?
NGO says trade talks could pit one African national against another
As African trade ministers continue their meeting in Nairobi, NGOs are trying to make their positions known on various issues, including the economic partnership agreement being negotiated between the EU and African states and agricultural subsidies used by rich nations.