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African Union

AU prioritises mining, intra-Africa trade
The Continental Free Trade Area offers African producers and investors an unique opportunity to benefit from this important market.
African Union puts India’s free trade pact proposal on hold
New Delhi to explore potential trade pacts with individual countries.
In African Union, globalist agenda becomes clear
The continent of Africa is being unified economically and politically under an EU-style continental regime beyond the reach of citizens. And the entire integration agenda is, in fact, being supported by powers that do not have the interests of Africans in mind.
Mooted free-trade area seen boosting intra-African minerals trade flows
Formal negotiations are taking place among the 54 member States of the African Union to create a free-trade zone on the continent by 2017.
Africa to launch Continental Free Trade Agreement negotiations
African countries will launch the Continental Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) negotiations at the upcoming African Union Summit scheduled for mid-June this year, it was announced on Thursday.
Mwanakatwe joins other African ministers for pre- Continental Free Trade Area launch in Ethiopia
Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister , Margaret Mwanakatwe joined other African Union Ministers of Trade, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for a high level meeting convened by the African Union to prepare for the launch of negotiations for the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA).
On a free trade mission in Africa
Treasure Maphanga is one of Africa’s most important women, with arguably the continent’s toughest job on her hands: driving the establishment and implementation of a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA).
African leaders join Nigeria to reject European economic agreement
African Ministers of Trade meeting at the African Union in Addis have aligned with Nigeria’s position on the trade liberalisation deal with the European Union under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), saying it will have a long-term negative impact on the continent’s efforts towards industrialisation and job creation.
Tripartite FTA: Answer to poor intra-African trade
African countries need to look at the possibility of fast-tracking the tripartite Free Trade Area if hopes of an improved intra-African trade are to be met anytime soon, according to the African Union Commission
UNCTAD to offer Africa assistance to boost intra-continental trade
The UN Conference on Trade Development (UNCTAD) says it will offer assistance with three elements of the newly adopted African Union (AU) action plan on intra-African trade.
EU-Africa’s Summit plans left in tatters
Both EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, and crucially, her trade counterpart skipped the summit. This seems incongruous given the summit theme and Africa’s strong focus on addressing trade deadlock.
EU-Africa Summit urged to tackle deep rift over trade agreement
African leaders meeting with their European counterparts in Tripoli are set to demand a major shift in the European Union’s approach to ongoing negotiations over a new trade pact, in which the EU is demanding a greater access to African markets in exchange for investments.
Kigali Declaration on the Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations
Declaration on EPAs adopted after a lively discussion at the African Union’s Conference of Trade Ministers held in Kigali, Rwanda, on 29 October-2 November 2010.
AU brushes aside colonialism under its nose
The European Union is veering toward condoning colonialism. Worse, the African Union hardly notices. Meanwhile, the United Nations limps in pursuit of Morocco-occupied Western Sahara’s de-colonisation.
L’UA s’inquiète des conséquences des accords commerciaux avec l’Europe
L’Union Africaine s’inquiète beaucoup des effets pervers des Accords de partenariat économique (APE) entre les pays africains et l’Union Européenne sur le calendrier de l’intégration régionale en Afrique.
AU Ministers Call for EPA Trade Reviews
African Union (AU) trade and finance ministers want the recently initialled trade deals between the European Union (EU) and African countries to be re-negotiated in the context of a comprehensible full agreement saying it has contentious issues.
AU ambassadors endorse AU stance on EPAs
African group of ambassadors who on Friday met in Brussels expressed satisfaction at declaration of the AU assembly of heads of state and government on EPA negotiations.
EPA divides AU
The controversial Economic Partnership Agreements has divided the African Union as the Heads of State and Government attending the AU Summit are yet to take a decision on the issues.
Africa-Europe - What alternatives?
European and African civil society organizations will meet in Lisbon on 8 to 9 December, in parallel with European Union / African Union Summit.
African leaders cautioned on EPAs
Africa Trade Network and Economic Justice Network of Ghana, both civil society organisations have issued a strong warning to African Governments to desist from signing up on the EU-led Economic Partnership Agreements aimed at establishing a new WTO compatible trading arrangement, removing progressively barriers of trade between EU and Africa.