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Without public participation, the Indonesia-EU CEPA negotiations potentially create a multidimensional crisis in Indonesia
The Indonesian CSOs assesses that the I-EU CEPA Agreement will deepen the crisis of democracy, climate and social justice for all Indonesian people. For this reason, the MKE Coalition urges the Government of Indonesia to not submitting the agreement before they can guarantee legal certainty for the fulfillment of democratic rights, guarantees for the protection of human rights, social justice, and sustainable environment.
Senate to resume RCEP deliberations
Farmer groups maintain their opposition against the Regional Comprehensive Economic Cooperation (RCEP) as Senate resumes its deliberations Tuesday, Feb. 7, on the country’s participation in the mega trade deal.
US filing another dairy dispute with Canada under USMCA trade deal
The United States is filing another formal dispute over what it considers Canada’s failure to live up to its trade obligations to American dairy farmers and producers.
Agricultural groups say RCEP trade deal to hurt local farmers
Several agricultural groups reiterated their opposition to the ratification of the Philippine participation in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) saying it could hurt local farmers.
Peasant and farmer organisations in Europe and South America come together against the EU- MERCOSUR Free Trade Agreement
Declaration supported by more than 100 peasant organisations, to understand why the EU-MERCOSUR FTA violates the rights of peasant farmers and other people working in rural areas.
Marcos backing for RCEP premature, think tank says
President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.’s declaration of support for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is premature pending the resolution of the agriculture industry remaining unresolved, a think tank said.
US raises ’grave concerns’ over Mexico’s anti-GMO farm policies
US farm and trade officials raised "grave concerns" over Mexico’s agricultural biotechnology policies in meetings with their Mexican counterparts, as lingering disagreements threaten decades of booming corn trade between the neighbors.
Australia, EU locked in ‘feta’ trade fight
Australia is locked in a high-stakes food fight with Europe over certain local products using the names Prosecco for wine and feta for cheese.
No compromise with Mexico on biotech corn ban, Vilsack says
There aren’t any compromises that the Biden administration is willing to make when it comes to Mexico’s effort to curtail its imports of genetically modified corn from the US, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said.
Memorandum submitted by Forum Kedaulatan Makanan Malaysia (Malaysia Food Sovereignty Forum) regarding the CPTPP
We who signed this memorandum would like to express concern about Malaysia’s participation in and ratification of the CPTPP which will have a large negative impact on farmers, livestock breeders and fishermen as well as on the food security and sovereignty of Malaysians in the future.
French livestock farmers not pleased with EU-Chile deal
French livestock farmers have criticised the recently agreed EU-Chile trade agreement, which slashes most tariffs between both trading blocs, as it allows Chile to trade without having to respect the same standards that bind EU member states.
India, Australia aim to finish trade talks by September
With the interim trade deal between India and Australia set to come into force on 28 December, the two countries are aiming to complete negotiations for the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) agreement by September next year.
Indo-US Trade Policy Forum likely to be held in early 2023
The TPF is a premier forum to resolve trade and investment issues between India and the US, focusing on agriculture, investment, innovation (intellectual property rights), services and tariff and non-tariff barriers.
Amendment in the US-Japan beef trade agreement to begin January 1, 2023
On June 2, 2022, the United States and Japan signed the Protocol to revise the beef safeguard mechanism under the USJTA which amends the beef safeguard trigger level with a new, three-trigger safeguard mechanism.
US lawmakers call for action over Mexico’s GM corn ban
A group of bipartisan US lawmakers called on Trade Representative to start consultations under the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement over Mexico’s ban on genetically modified corn and the herbicide glyphosate.
AU summit showcases Common African Agro-Parks
The African Union Members States, the Regional Economic Communities, the United Nations (FAO, UNIDO, ECA), and Development Partners converged to discuss the implementation and financing modalities for the establishment of the Common African Agro-Parks (CAAPs).
Tanzanian farmers mobilize for agroecology, food sovereignty and pan-Africanism
On November 17-18, over 400 smallholder farmers gathered for the 27th annual meeting of MVIWATA or the National Network of Small-Scale Farmers Groups in Tanzania.
Farmers, seeds & the laws: Importing the chilling effect doctrine
The UPOV-based Plant Variety Protection laws, favoured by developed countries, and often pushed through bilateral or regional trade agreements, regulate farmers’ interactions with seeds in many countries.
Crimes against agriculture: NAFTA as state crime in Mexico
Using the copious research on NAFTA, the trade deal is shown to have ingratiated transnational corporations while leaving poor rural farmers to cope for themselves in a newly shaped economy.
USTR must intervene in Mexico’s planned corn ban, Senators say
Two US Senators, both members of the Agriculture Committee, wrote to ask USTR Tai to intervene in Mexico’s proposal to ban the import of genetically modified corn, saying they had conferred on the issue with Iowa farmers.