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Andean countries

EU and Ecuador publish text of trade agreement
The EU and Ecuador are publishing the documents of their new Association Agreement, which will see Ecuador joining the EU’s existing accord with Colombia and Peru.
Chevron’s secret arbitration violates human rights
The Andean Commission of Jurists and five prestigious international law experts from around the world have joined a growing chorus of criticism targeting Chevron’s attempt to use a secret investor arbitration as part of its campaign to evade an $18 billion environmental judgment in Ecuador, according to letters released today.
Peru-EFTA FTA to come into effect on July 1
The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between Peru and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) -consisting on Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway- will come into effect on July 1, Peru’s Executive branch noted Friday.
House approves renewal of Andean trade benefits
The US House of Representatives on Monday approved a one-year extension of soon-to-expire trade benefits for Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and a long list of other developing countries.
EU: Negotiations between the EU, Central America and the Andean countries concerning patents
According to Latin American trade unions and organisations, patenting has had devastating consequences for biological diversity in several Latin American countries. Yet neither the patent rules proposed in the association agreement between the EU and Central America nor the bilateral trade negotiations taking place between the EU and Colombia and Peru have taken account of such criticism.
US cuts Bolivian duty free export law
The US officially shut out Bolivia from the benefits of the Law of Andean Trade Preference and Drug Enforcement Act (ATPDEA).
Bolivian union leaders to protest Peru’s FTA with European Union
This week, Bolivians are in Lima to help organize a protest against Peru and Colombia for agreeing to sign a Free-Trade Agreement with the European Union.
Ecuador seeks EU trade talks as neighbors move on
Ecuador wants to negotiate a trade deal with the European Union, reversing its preference for group talks a day after neighboring Colombia and Peru abandoned efforts at a regional partnership in favor of their own deals with the European bloc.
Congress Approves Extension Of Andean Trade Agreement
Congress has approved an extension of the Andean Trade Preference Act (ATPA), covering trade with Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia in a move supported by the Bush administration, US textile manufacturers and importers of textiles and apparel.
House votes to extend trade benefit programs
The US House of Representatives voted unanimously on Monday to approve a one-year extension of trade benefits for Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia that expire at the end of the year.
House approves trade pact extension
The US House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a 10-month extension of a trade program aimed at promoting imports from four Andean nations and thus discouraging the cultivation and production of illegal drugs.
House panel extends Andean trade pact
A US House panel on Thursday approved a 10-month extension for a trade program providing reduced tariffs for exports from the four Andean nations of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
US House set to vote on extending Andean trade preferences
The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote today on a plan to extend trade preferences for Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia for eight months.
Congress weighs future of Andean trade scheme
U.S. lawmakers have begun talks on whether to extend a 15-year-old trade preference program for Andean countries while free trade deals with Colombia and Peru remain up in the air, congressional aides said on Wednesday.
Deputy USTR eyes Andean trade deal soon
The Bush administration hopes to reach a deal with U.S. lawmakers in the next 10 days that would pave the way for approval of free trade pacts with Peru, Colombia and Panama, a top U.S. trade official said on Wednesday.
Global capital: Scrambling to save trade perks
The Bush administration has a prescription for fighting coca growing, sidelining Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and saving thousands of jobs in Latin America: extending free trade for Andean nations.
Nations rush to make trade pacts
Within days of taking office, Peruvian President Alan García named economist Hernando de Soto — a man he calls ’’the most prestigious Peruvian’’ — as his chief lobbyist to push a free trade agreement through the U.S. Congress.
Song of the sirens: Why the US-Andean FTAs undermine sustainable development and regional integration
US free trade agreements with Peru and Colombia, as well as the possible agreement with Ecuador, were negotiated under the promise of great opportunities in the world’s richest market, but the truth is that these agreements will have a devastating impact on the livelihoods of small farmers, public health, and the regulation of investment to protect the public interest.
Andean Community: Grasping at unity straws
The foreign ministers of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) forged ahead in attempts to quiet fears of an imminent collapse of the bloc following Venezuela’s withdrawal, despite member-country political differences that were all too evident at the regional summit.
Andean bloc seeks US trade extension
Andean leaders have agreed a new course for their trade bloc without Venezuela. They plan to urge Washington to extend expiring trade benefits designed to help counter cocaine production in the South American region.