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Andean countries

US congressional report on trade mission to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
On July 3-9, 2005, a bipartisan delegation of Members of the Committee on Ways and Means of the US House of Representatives traveled to Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru regarding the ongoing negotiations for a free trade agreement with the countries and to discuss investment and security issues in the region.
Instead of heeding the wave of social opposition, the United States has dug into its trenches, and in economic policy those trenches are the bilateral trade agreements.
Colombian unions worried about free trade with the US
Colombia and Peru say 85 percent of the FTA is already negotiated, but representatives from Andean agricultural unions say the other 15 percent is more important. The US ultimatum states the FTA should be signed at the latest on November 20.
Colombia: US-Andean free trade talks could wrap up by Nov
Colombia’s government on Friday praised the latest round of talks on establishing a free trade area that would also include the US, Ecuador and Peru, saying a final deal could be reached by November.
Andean FTA opposed by sugar interests
Speculation is that negotiations for a US-Andean FTA are nearing completion. House Ag Committee ranking member Collin Peterson of Minnesota says Administration officials may be making similar mistakes to those made in CAFTA.
EIU: Andean FTA talks near conclusion
An Economist Intelligence Unit briefing paper
Talks between US, Andean countries in final stretch
Trade negotiators and officials in Colombia, where the 12th round of negotiations of a free trade agreement between the United States and Colombia, Peru and Ecuador is taking place Monday through Friday, say the talks are moving ahead smoothly.
US, three S. American nations begin talks
The United States began a new round of negotiations Monday with Peru, Ecuador and Colombia for a proposed free-trade agreement aimed at giving the three South American nations tariff-free access to US markets.
Concerns surface over new Andean free trade agreement
Barely a month after Congress bypassed labor and environmentalists concerns to pass a free-trade agreement with several Central American nations, a proposal to expand tariff-free-trade zones among the Americas appears headed for ratification, prompting a new round of criticisms and concerns from a handful of human rights and international labor organizations.
Biodiversity and intellectual property rules in the Andean Free Trade Agreement
Letter from five US NGOs to the USTR advocating that patents on plants and animals be dropped from the FTA negotiations with Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, in favour of the current WTO TRIPS Agreement.
U.S., Andean talks move forward
While the Andean trade talks drew little attention in the United States, several hundred negotiators, business advisors, lawmakers and journalists from the three Latin American countries came to Miami, a sign of just how important these negotiations are in the region.
US-Andean free-trade negotiators make progress in Miami
The United States, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have agreed on what the customs procedures and competition policy should be in their proposed free-trade area, but thorny issues such as agriculture still remain before the deal can be finished, negotiators for the countries said Friday.
Work begins on another trade accord with Andean nations
The battle over a free trade agreement with Central America spilled over Tuesday in Miami to the Andean nations of South America.
Andean trade negotiators meet in Miami for talks
Trade talks with three Andean countries get underway in downtown Miami, but for free-trade supporters the key issue in town is still the Congressional vote on the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
Andean nations, US advance on environmental issue in FTA talks
The Andean countries and the US have advanced on the environmental issue in their talks about a free trade agreement (FTA), Peru’s chief negotiator said on Wednesday. "The United States proposed for the first time a text on biological diversity. The issue has been made an item in the article on Environmental Cooperation."
Calls for more flexible US position in free trade talks
During the ninth round of negotiations of a free trade agreement between the United States and three South American nations in the Andean region — Colombia, Peru and Ecuador — Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo called for ”greater flexibility” on the part of Washington.
US cites progress in Andean talks but agriculture remains sticking point
Negotiators working on a free trade agreement between the United States and the three Andean countries of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru made "strong advances" in the latest round of talks in a number of areas — including market access and dispute settlement — but still have much work to do on agriculture, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for the Americas Regina Vargo said.
FTA with USA can cause division among Andean Nations
Medicine patents are threatening unity among Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru in the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the United States
How much is the biodiversity of the Andes worth?
Washington’s refusal to recognise the right of Andean countries to demand compensation for the commercial use of their biological resources is standing in the way of negotiations for free trade between the United States, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
Sub-region integration a challenge to FTAA
The fifth annual World Social Forum will take place Jan. 26-31 in the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre amidst an upsurge in Latin American sub-regional integration efforts, bolstered by the obvious failure of the project to create the hemisphere-wide Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).