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Diana Mondino: Mercosur must open up to ‘agreements with other countries’
Argentina’s Foreign Minister Diana Mondino calls for modernisation of Mercosur rules and backs push for free-trade deal with China.
A climate-denier Milei and a hypocritical EU-Mercosur pact
In the rush to finalise the controversial EU-Mercosur trade deal before the European elections in June this year, its promoters appear willing to shake hands with Argentina’s new far-right president, Javier Milei — a known climate change denier.
Scholz, Milei in favour of a swift conclusion to EU-Mercosur deal
President Javier Milei spoke with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, with the two calling for a swift conclusion to the European Union-Mercosur trade deal.
Argentina’s outgoing government rejects EU-Mercosur trade deal, but incoming administration backs it
Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero said the agreement as currently written would have a negative impact on manufacturing and agricultural exports.
Macron concerns derail EU-South America trade deal yet again
Le sommet du Mercosur prévu le 7 décembre (2023) est annulé. Ce nouvel échec témoigne de la difficulté pour l’Union européenne de signer des accords de ce type avec des pays éloignés des standards communautaires.
EU-Mercosur deal’s future up to new Argentina government, sources say
The European Union and Mercosur will not be able to close their free trade negotiations because Argentina’s incoming government has to approve the outstanding issues, Brazilian officials and diplomats said.
EU-Mercosur talks speed up before Milei takes office -trade experts
Far-right libertarian Javier Milei’s presidential election win in Argentina will not derail the EU-Mercosur trade agreement and could hasten the conclusion of negotiations before he takes office on Dec. 10.
Argentina, Brazil seek 12.5 billion euros of financial aid in EU-Mercosur talks
Argentina and Brazil are requesting 12.5 billion euros in financial aid from the European Union in talks to conclude a trade agreement with South America’s Mercosur bloc.
Lula accuses the EU of disguising protectionist measures as environmental concern
The Brazilian president delivered a message to industrialized nations at a climate summit in Belém, arguing they should ‘pay their part so we can revive part of what was ruined’
Argentina, Brazil take aim at EU’s environmental trade deal conditions
Argentina and Brazil, South America’s largest economies, took aim at an "unacceptable" EU stance in negotiations with the Mercosur bloc for a free trade deal long delayed due to stated European environmental concerns.
The EU-Mercosur annex: a greenwashing exercise
Friends of the Earth Europe commissioned a legal analysis of the European Commission’s additional environmental protocol which demonstrates that it is a mere greenwash, only offering cosmetic and unenforceable adjustments.
Argentina, Germany agree to close EU-Mercosur free trade pact ‘soon’
Argentina and Germany have reaffirmed their commitment to “soon” close a free trade deal between the European Union and the Mercosur South American trade grouping.
Brazilian foreign minister: Uruguay’s agreement with China would ’destroy’ Mercosur
Free-trade agreement between Uruguay and China would destroy Mercosur by contradicting the bloc’s integration policies, declares Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira.
Argentina urges EU to renegotiate South American trade pact - FT
Argentina President Alberto Fernandez has asked the European Union to renegotiate a landmark trade deal with South America, saying the agreement is unbalanced and a threat to the car industry in Brazil and Argentina.
Argentina sued before New York court for debts related to the expropriation of Aerolineas Argentinas
The investment fund Titan Consortium has taken legal steps after the expropriation of Aerolineas Argentinas in 2008, which resulted in an arbitration award against Argentina.
Nobel economist and 100 experts condemn corporate action against Argentina and Bolivia after rollback of failed pension privatization
Private insurance corporations are suing Argentina and Bolivia for loss of potential profits as a result of the reversal of privatization of pension programs.
Felipe Solá: Argentina won’t stop or reject EU-Mercosur trade deal
Argentina Foreign minister says country has “changed stance” on free-trade agreement and will debate it in Congress when environmental concerns are solved.
Argentina nears China hog deal it hopes could turbocharge local pork production
Argentina is nearing an initial agreement with China that could pave for the way for potential investments by the Asian giant in local pork production for export, Argentina’s undersecretary of trade and investment promotion told Reuters.
Argentina reaffirms commitment to Mercosur but remains cautious about EU accord
The Mercosur agreement with the EU will be subject to Parliament approval while Argentina is not interested in the South Korea deal, says Argentine Foreign Minister.
Differences among members, India-Mercosur PTA talks stalled
The ongoing differences between Brazil and Argentina are expected to have important implications for the future course of action within MERCOSUR and its engagements with other trade and economic partners including India.