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New mega-treaty in the pipeline: what does RCEP mean for farmers’ seeds in Asia?
RCEP is being negotiated behind closed doors and could sneak into Asia, destroying the livelihoods of billions of people.
Could haze in Asia give rise to treaty claims?
The smoke haze that has engulfed Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia for two months could violate international law and be the subject of an investment treaty claim against Indonesia.
ASEAN | SE Asia creates economic community, but challenges remain
Thirteen years after mooting the idea, Southeast Asian leaders formally created a unified economic community.
Behind pomp of APEC summit, crushing poverty endures
Opponents argue the APEC agenda of liberalizing trade further strengthens wealthy nations at the expense of developing countries, who largely can only compete in low wage industries such as garment manufacturing.
APEC ministers welcome progress in creating new trade zone
Ministers of 21 Asia-Pacific economies on Tuesday welcomed progress in efforts to establish a region-wide free trade zone as they wrapped up a two-day meeting in Manila.
Protests continue as Obama praises TPP at APEC summit
APEC has been overshadowed by South China Sea tensions and terrorism, but still as leaders discuss free trade, protesters slam them for worsening poverty.
Xi Jinping to APEC: Adopt China free trade policies, initiatives for Aspac inclusive growth
To address the global challenges faced by Asia Pacific economies, APEC businesses should adopt China’s free trade and investment agreements, policies, and initiatives, Chinese President Xi Jinping said
TPP- the cooperation and capacity building chapter
Broadly focusing on the militarization of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, “the Cooperation and Capacity Building” chapter should provide context to just how threatening this Pacific partnership is to the region.
New trade measures top Apec agenda in Cebu meetings
New and aggressive measures to improve trade and economic growth across the region will be high on the agenda of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.
’Too many’ Asian free trade agreements survey finds
A survey of Asian businesses by HSBC has found that there are too many free trade agreements and they are too complicated.
GCC looks east for win-win trade deals
The Gulf Cooperation Council is increasingly looking eastward to secure trade accords, which in itself reflects the difficulties in concluding free trade agreements with the likes of the European Union.
Economy for life in our Earth community
This living document is a result of an extensive process led by the Social Movements for an Alternative Asia (SMAA), Gerak Lawan, La Via Campesina and the supporters of the #EndWTO Campaign.
Regional consolidation, cross-regional tie-ups, or multilateralization of East Asian FTAs?
So far, research on the impacts of free trade agreements in east Asia assume the full utilisation of preferences. This column argues that newer evidence suggests that this assumption is made in error: estimated uptake is particularly low in east Asia. If we assume a more realistic utilisation rate in estimating impacts, results suggest that actual utilisation rates significantly diminish the benefits from preferential liberalisation, but in a non-linear way. In the absence of Doha, the multilateralisation of preferences, even without reciprocity, is the practical route that is most likely to deliver the greatest benefits to WTO members.
CALL TO ACTION! Deal a decisive blow to Neoliberalism - End the WTO and Stop the new wave of Free Trade Agreements - The time is now for Economic Justice!
The Indonesian People’s Movement Against Neocolonialism-Imperialism (Gerak Lawan) would like to work hand in hand with other movements in Asia and around the world, to dismantle the ongoing efforts to revive the WTO in the upcoming Ministerial meeting to be held in Bali, Indonesia on 3-6 December 2013.
In search of free trade in Asia
Intra-Asian trade is rising and so is the number of Asia’s free-trade agreements. Join ADB trade experts Ramesh Subramaniam and Jayant Menon in a live discussion.
Whither the Asian FTA?
East Asia may be on its way to stitch a regional trade agreement. This will be at the cost of an Asia-wide deal, writes Biswajit Dhar.
FTAs not cause of trade boom in Asia, says ADB
Free trade agreements cannot be credited for the increase in intra-Asian trade as they are often restrictive in scope and difficult to implement, the Asian Development Bank said Thursday.
ASEAN’s free trade links with US gain prominence
President Barack Obama’s presence at the East Asia trade summit in Bali has reinforced US efforts to engage with Asia.
A closer look at East Asia’s free trade agreements
ADB and ADBI conducted firm-level surveys in six East Asian countries, the results of which are published in the book “Asia’s Free Trade Agreements: How is Business Responding?” released on 21 January 2011.
FTA deal with Seoul to boost EU’s trade offensive in Asia
"The Korea deal is already triggering a domino effect. Japan, Taiwan and other countries are knocking on the door," a source from DG Trade told Europolitics.