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IPEF agreement on clean economy (Mar 2024)
IPEF agreement on fair economy (Mar 2024)
Indonesia stresses on active, fair participation of all IPEF partners
Indonesia emphasized active and fair participation of all Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) partner countries in implementing the cooperation framework, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto said.
‘Significant strides’ made on IPEF, on to implementation: US commerce chief Raimondo
United States President Joe Biden’s signature economic initiative in the Asia-Pacific has made “significant strides” in the past two years and is now moving into the implementation phase, said US Commerce Secretary.
50,000 people say another world is possible
Together with GRAIN, Local Futures organized the aforementioned workshop ‘Resisting Free Trade Agreements in South Asia’, which brought together activists from South Asian countries to confront the massive proliferation of free trade agreements
US-led Indo-Pacific deal on supply chain resilience takes effect
The IPEF supply chain agreement has recently come into effect, aiming to enhance economic collaboration among member countries. The agreement focuses on strengthening supply chain resilience, identifying key sectors, and establishing an emergency communications channel to address disruptions.
IPEF supply chain deal to take effect Feb. 24
The US Commerce Department said Wednesday that an Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity agreement on supply chains will come into effect Feb. 24.
Taiwan president-elect signals desire to join US-led trade framework
Taiwan’s president-elect, Lai Ching-te, signalled his desire for Taipei to join the US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, considering the island’s key role in the global economy.
Daya Laxmi: “Free Trade Agreements affect and victimize peasant groups”
Women from all around the world organize the struggle against capitalism and neoliberalism. In the South Asia region, these forces—in the form of free trade agreements (FTA)—play a huge role in the impoverishment of peasants and women in rural and urban areas.
Indo-Pacific Economic Framework chats expected to continue in 2024
The chief ag negotiator in the Office of the US Trade Representative says discussions on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework are expected to resume in the New Year.
IPEF progress boosts diversified investment, supply chains and economic distribution
During the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Ministerial Meeting (IPEF-MM) on Nov. 14, all IPEF member countries agreed to announce the substantive completion of Pillars III (Clean Economy) and IV (Fair Economy). Pillar II (Supply Chains) had already been completed at the Second Ministerial Level Meeting in Detroit, the United States.
US commerce secretary says closed three ’pillars’ of Indo-Pacific talks
IPEF member countries have agreed on terms of the clean energy pillar and on the anti-corruption chapter.
No trade deal struck at US-led Indo-Pacific economic meeting
The United States and other Indo-Pacific countries participating in its economic initiative were unable to strike a substantial trade deal during ministerial talks.
PHL picks negotiators for trade pillar of IPEF accord
The Philippines has chosen its negotiators to champion the country’s interests under the trade pillar of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF).
US suspends Indo-Pacific talks on key aspects of digital trade -lawmakers
The Biden administration has suspended talks on some key digital trade aspects of its Indo-Pacific Economic Framework initiative, Democratic lawmakers said on Tuesday as negotiators from 14 countries race to finish some agreements ahead of a major Pacific Rim summit next week.
US to host IPEF ministerial meeting in San Francisco next week
The administration of US President Joe Biden has announced it will host a ministerial meeting of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity, or IPEF, on November 13 and 14.
IPEF negotiations: Maori demand direct representation and comprehensive protections for rights of Indigenous peoples
Māori Indigenous peoples have said in the recently released Ngā Toki Whakarururanga position paper that they that they have been denied direct independent sovereign representation in negotiations in the Indo-Pacific Economic Forum.
Preliminary summary comments on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) Supply Chain text (Pillar 2)
This text deals with the focus of IPEF, which is to reduce supply chain dependence on China and to create alternative networks of supply chains and prevent disruptions.
IPEF agreement on supply chain resilience (Sep 2023)