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Japan looks to limit FTA proposal
A proposed free-trade deal between Australia and Japan is looking shaky, with agriculture again the most contentious issue.
Japan trade talks set to start
The Federal Government has flagged the possibility of negotiations for a free trade agreement with Japan, beginning in December.
Australia: Trade pact with Indonesia in cold storage
Though plans were announced for a feasibility study on a bilateral deal between the two countries, a Free Trade Agreement between Indonesia and Australia is still a distant dream.
Nippon Keidanren: Urgent request for the commencement of the Japan-Australia economic partnership agreement negotiations
What Japan wants is the conclusion of an EPA with Australia that is not limited simply to trade liberalization, but is comprehensive in character, further enhancing bilateral economic relations, and eliminating disadvantages relative to other countries.
Japan, Australia to meet on trade deal
Japan and Australia will hold a three-day meeting in Tokyo to study the feasibility of a bilateral free trade agreement, Japanese officials said.
US free trade deal is no two-way street
We all know Australia is one of the closest allies and best friends of the US, but I bet you didn’t know we are also one of the best customers for all things that come from the land of the free and home of the twin deficits.
Trade pact a low priority: Jakarta
A free trade agreement between Indonesia and Australia is unlikely in the short term, according to a top Indonesian official.
Japan business wants Aussie partnership
The Japan Business Federation, the nation’s most powerful business lobby, proposed that Japan promptly launch negotiations with Australia to conclude an economic partnership agreement.
Up from Down Under
As Egypt continues to grow at a near-unprecedented rate, Australia is looking to claim its share of the most vibrant and diverse economy in the region. Relations between the two countries go back decades, but Australian trade officials admit ties still need work as they eye opportunities in Egypt’s strategic location, large local market and lucrative free-trade agreements (FTAs) - including the EU-Egypt Association Agreement - that open the door to even larger markets.
Japan looks to play leading role in regional trade
Amid growing concern that Japan could be left behind by the proliferation of regional trade agreements, the government recently floated a proposal for what it describes as a comprehensive economic partnership for East Asia.
China competition ’hurts manufacturers’
Australia’s manufacturers are feeling the pinch from China, booking losses of close to $1 billion as they try to compete with the emerging economic giant, a new report said.
Rann wants China FTA on COAG agenda
The South Australian Government is pushing for debate on the proposed China free trade agreement at the next premiers’ meeting, worried the deal could hurt Australia’s manufacturing sector.
All FTAs are not created equal
Thai exporters and importers have benefited from the free-trade agreements with Australia and India but reaped fewer benefits from Asean’s FTA with China, according to a survey by the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI).
Chile to start free trade talks with Australia
Chile plans to add Australia, Thailand and Malaysia to a growing list of free -trade partners as it pushes to become Asia’s gateway to Latin America, Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley said on Thursday.
China’s free trade team comes to table with no cards
The latest round of free trade agreement talks in Beijing failed to make its expected start on the crucial issue of market access for goods, because China was unable to provide sufficient information.
Thai tuna import tariff to double
Australia will increase tariffs on canned tuna and canned pineapple from Thailand after the finding that they had exceeded quotas under the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Australia gives China deadline for access
Australia told Beijing today it wanted access to China’s services market by the end of the year, saying it needed to see real progress as the sixth round of free trade talks begin.
Manufacturers face testing times with China, study shows
Australian manufacturers are experiencing increased competitive pressures in their dealings with China, while at the same time they now see China as the most important market in which to grow their business outside Australia, according to a major new study released today by the Australian Industry Group.
Asean-Australia-NZ FTA may be concluded in 2007
The Asean-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks could be concluded in 2007, despite some wrangling over issues like government procurements and environment.
Plan B: keep talking
Having initiated the idea of a free trade agreement with China, the Howard Government has been stung by its implications and has fallen back to a strategy of caution and protracted negotiation that will extend beyond the 2007 national election.