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Exports plummet in post-FTA trade
Government figures show Australian exports to the US have fallen since the US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) came into force a year ago. In the 12 months to October last year, Australian exports to the United States fell by 4.7 per cent while US imports rose by 5.7 per cent.
Drug companies pressure Govt to review FTA
The debate over the cost of medicines in Australia took a new twist today, with Acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile declaring the Government will have a second look at provisions within the Free Trade Agreement with the United States. They’re provisions that were specifically designed to keep the cost of pharmaceuticals down.
NFF backs FTA despite export figures
The National Farmers Federation (NFF) is still backing the Australia-US free trade agreement, despite poor terms of trade in its first year of operation.
Japan to pursue free trade deals with China - paper
Japan is likely to pursue free-trade agreements with China and India as well as Australia to give it more clout in a proposed East Asian community, a leading Japanese daily reported on Tuesday.
FTA change will push drug prices up: ALP
The Federal Opposition is warning the cost of medicines will rise if a Labor amendment designed to protect Australian drug prices in the US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is removed.
Australian businesses reap rewards of Thai free trade agreement
The Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) has benefited Australian companies since it began in January through expanded opportunities and increased market access, Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, Mark Vaile, said.
GCC mulls FTAs with Singapore, Australia
GCC finance ministers said the six states were considering foreign trade deals with Singapore and Australia to widen existing talks for bilateral accords with some of its member states.
Australian ambassador’s big regret: no FTA
Australian Ambassador Colin Heseltine left Seoul two days ago for home at the end of his assignment with one major bit of unfinished business - he was not able to push the excellent bilateral relations between both countries to an even higher level with a free trade agreement.
Free trade, but not fair trade
Early results of the free trade agreements (FTAs) Thailand made with China, Australia, New Zealand and India are quite worrying for the country.
Free trade agreements draw flak
Thailand and Australia - two countries at the forefront of a regional proliferation of bilateral free trade agreements - will be worth watching at the World Trade Organization talks starting in Hong Kong on December 13.
FTA boosts Thai-Australian trade by nearly 50% in first 10 months of 2005
The value of bilateral trade between Thailand and Australia soared nearly 50% during the first 10 months of 2005, compared to the corresponding period of last year, thanks to the free trade area (FTA) agreement signed and implemented by the two countries one year ago.
Australia pressured over US FTA: Crowe
Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe says the Australian government has buckled to United States pressure over free trade.
Chile seeks FTAs with 11 Asian countries
After the negotiations on a possible Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China, the Chilean government already started a route to conquer the rest of the market in the Asia-Pacific region. The list has 11 countries.
China, Australia discuss free trade agreement
China and Australia have concluded the third round of talks on a free trade agreement (FTA), ending the first phase of bilateral negotiations.
East Asia Summit to discuss FTA between Asian nations: SM Goh
Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said the East Asia Summit next month would discuss the possibility of a Free Trade Agreement between East Asian countries.
Australia attacks EU on farm subsidies
In the event of failure in Hong Kong next month, foreign minister Alexander Downer said Australia would speed ahead with "Plan B" to sign further bilateral and regional trade agreements.
Japan to hold joint FTA meetings with Australia, Switzerland
Japan will hold its first joint study meetings separately with Switzerland and Australia next week in Tokyo to explore the possibility of concluding bilateral free trade agreements, the government said Wednesday.
ASEAN talks hit a trade barrier
Australia and New Zealand want a comprehensive free trade agreement with ASEAN, but some ASEAN nations have no competition policy, and reject any negotiations on intellectual property and government procurement.
Real deal is in the fine print
For Australian manufacturing companies the key concessions of any FTA with China are only half the battle - the devil is in the detail.
War support could win US contracts
Australia’s support of the US in Iraq could help local companies crack the huge US government contract market, an American consultant on the US-Australia FTA says.