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Step closer toward Japan-Australia FTA
Heading down what Japan’s agricultural sector fear could be a bumpy road, Prime Minster Junichiro Koizumi and Australian Prime Minister John Howard on Wednesday announced a joint feasibility study into a free trade agreement between the two countries.
Agriculture ’a must’ in Japan FTA
There is no point proceeding with a feasibility study into a free trade agreement between Australia and Japan if agriculture is excluded from the deal, Labor says.
Indonesia may only need FTA with Japan, Australia, US: Economist
A leading economist said Indonesia does not necessarily seek to have free trade agreement (FTA) bilaterally with many other countries.
Vaile says no exclusions in Australia-China FTA
Nothing had been excluded from negotiations on a free-trade agreement between Australia and China, Trade Minister Mark Vaile said today.
Australian Miners Place Big Hopes On China FTA
If the proposed free-trade agreement between Australia and China can cut the long delays faced by Australian mining companies to get projects off the ground in China, it could give a major boost to Australian mining investments in China.
China free trade: icing on the cake or sugar coating?
As with the US-Australia FTA, there will be winners and losers.
Give and take as China inches towards trade talks
Australia has recognised China as an "equal trading partner" under anti-dumping laws but will give negotiating concessions to China because it is a developing economy.
Business groups seek a bold but balanced FTA
All barriers to trade and investment must be tackled in a "bold" China free trade agreement that Australian business groups said should even lead to easier visas for travel, education and tourism.
Changes likely to laws for investors
Australia will consider changes to foreign investment guidelines to give China preferential treatment in buying into Australian resource projects under a free trade deal, John Howard confirmed yesterday.
Japan could back off FTA with Australia
Japan has decided not to pursue free trade talks with Australia because of concerns that its agricultural industry could be harmed, a news report said yesterday.
No support in Japanese beef industry for FTA with Australia
When he leaves China for Japan tomorrow, Prime Minister, John Howard, will still be focusing on a free trade deal. He will be asking his Japanese counterpart, Junichiro Koizumi, to start down the track of a Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Japan.
FTA rush ignores workers’ rights
Workers’ rights were being ignored in the rush to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with China, a leading group of opponents said today.
Union slams China FTA, industry wary
Australia’s proposed free trade agreement with China is on early shaky ground with a union leader claiming it’s based on a lie and industry warning it should not be accepted at any cost.
FTA deal on course
Australia and Indonesia will develop a framework that could provide the building blocks for a free trade deal between the two countries
Howard plays down China FTA talks
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has played down the significance of securing a free-trade agreement with China. "Whether or not we start free-trade negotiations, or whether they are brought to a satisfactory conclusion, I do not want to see that become the benchmark of whether or not we have a good relationship."
Envoy: Aussies looking at Malaysia favourably
Australian companies, which previously shied away from Malaysia fearing that political differences between their governments would hinder business, are now looking at the country favourably.
FTA deal shaky over agriculture
Australia’s prospects of a trade breakthrough with Japan this week have been undermined by new regional tensions and growing domestic opposition.
Australia should press ahead with China FTA: Trade Minister Vaile
Australia should push ahead with negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China despite the risks and difficulties involved in engaging with the Communist nation, Trade Minister Mark Vaile said.
Australia-China FTA feasibility study
Report of a joint feasibility study, leading to the launch of FTA negotiations.
Cashing in on our pharmaceutical expertise
One important provision in a China-Australia Free Trade Agreement could be the establishment of a Medicines Working Committee. This committee would facilitate cooperation, collaborations and joint ventures between Australian and Chinese pharmaceutical regulators, clinical trial and biotechnology researchers, as well as generic manufacturers.