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Auto parts sector up against `dumping` from China
Duty concessions offered to some auto components from China under the Bangkok Agreement from September 1 this year have led to Indian companies alleging dumping.
Auto firms drive protest against free trade pacts
After plantations and agriculture, its now the turn of the auto sector to protest against free trade agreements (FTA).
S. Korean trade deal will cost jobs: CAW
A free-trade deal Ottawa is negotiating with South Korea could cost Canada up to 33,000 jobs — including 4,000 in the auto industry — this country’s largest private sector union warned yesterday.
US likely to want autos out of trade deal: sources
The US is likely to push for the exclusion of its automobile industry from the ongoing negotiations on a proposed free trade agreement (FTA) with South Korea, trade sources said.
KMU sees more retrenchment with new RP-Japan trade pact
The militant Filipino labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) said it fears more retrenchments and lower wages with the impending liberalization of the country’s automotive and steel sectors under the recently signed Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).
S Korea, US end third round of FTA talks without ’practical progress’
South Korea and the United States ended a third round of free trade talks on Saturday, acknowledging that they failed to make "practical progress" in certain "sensitive areas" such as automobiles, agricultural products and pharmaceuticals.
Philippines and Japan sign FTA Accord - For Arroyo, the future of Filipinos is cheap - Migrante-Japan
For Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the future of the Filipino people has a very cheap price. So cheap that she has opted to sell it to Japan by further opening up the local economy in exchange for the annual deployment of 400-500 caregivers and nurses to Japan.
No Korean auto pact: Ontario
The Ontario government is demanding that Ottawa exclude the auto sector from free trade talks with Korea because of potential harm to the industry.
Japan to set upper limit in accepting Philippine nurses under FTA
Japan has agreed with the Philippines to set an upper limit on the number of Philippine nurses and caregivers — 400 to 500 annually — it will accept under a bilateral free trade agreement which is scheduled to be signed by leaders of the two countries on Sept. 9, government sources said Thursday.
Report on future Korean trade deal under fire
Two months after voting for its release, opposition MPs are still waiting for an Industry Canada study outlining the impacts a proposed free trade agreement with the Asian nation would have on Canada’s car manufacturing and ship-building industries.
Indonesia to exempt duty on Japanese auto parts
Indonesia plans to exempt duty on several automotive parts imported from Japan to support local industries as both countries are moving closer to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), an official said Thursday.
Senators demand US retain tariff on S Korean autos even after FTA
Two US senators proposed a bill demanding the United States retain the existing import tariff on South Korean automobiles regardless of a future trade agreement as a way to pry open the Asian trade partner’s market.
Australian cabinet split over free trade negotiations with China
Free trade negotiations between China and Australia are sensitive for both countries, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said amid reports the cabinet is split over whether to abandon tariffs protecting Australia’s clothing and motor vehicle industries.
FTAs may not be worth their weight, says academic
Thailand’s benefits from bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) may not be worth the cost, according to an academic.
FTA to boost Korean car exports
More Korean automobiles and more Korean auto parts will roll into the United States if South Korea and the US reach a free trade agreement, government officials and auto industry sources said Thursday.
Thailand’s attractiveness as a small-car hub
Rising fuel prices and unprecedented competition among automakers have resulted in some distinct trends that are sweeping the global markets. The most noticeable among them are a growing preference toward smaller cars and the shifting of manufacturing bases to Asia.
Crisis to worsen under FTA: union
The crisis in the automotive components sector will continue to worsen as long as the Federal Government permits unfair international competition and refuses to implement a strategic industry policy.
Council warns against free trade with South Korea
Kitchener joined a growing list of Canadian municipalities worried about the impact a proposed free-trade agreement with South Korea will have on the crucial automotive sector of southwestern Ontario’s economy.
Remarks by Ford President of the Americas to US Chamber of Commerce
’Right now, the President and Congress are discussing a free trade agreement with Korea. This potential trade agreement is an opportunity to demand some reciprocity, including full and unimpeded access for US made vehicles to the Korean market. Anything less will not be worthy of our support.’
Council warns against free trade with South Korea
Kitchener joined a growing list of municipalities worried about the impact a proposed free-trade agreement with South Korea will have on the crucial automotive sector of southwestern Ontario’s economy.