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BITs (texts of)

EU-China BIT partial text (Jan 2021)
Belgium and Luxembourg model BIT text (2019)
Australia - Hong Kong investment agreement
As released by the Australian Government
Belarus - India BIT (2018)
As released by the Goverrnment of India
Netherlands model investment agreement (Oct 2018)
As released by the Government of the Netherlands
Netherlands draft model BIT (May 2018)
As released by the Dutch Government
Morocco - Nigeria BIT (2016)
Canada-China FIPA (2012)
As published by UNCTAD
Morocco ratifies 3 bilateral investment treaties
This surge in the ratification of “Intra-African” BITs is part of the Moroccan “South-South Partnership” strategy
Iran-Slovakia BIT (2016)
Brazil-Malawi ICFA (2015)
ACFI Brasil-Angola (2015)
India draft model BIT (2015)
Open for comment until 10 April 2015.
Draft Indian model Bilateral Investment Treaty text
The Government of India has released and opened the new Draft Indian Model Bilateral Investment Treaty Text for comment.
Japan-Iraq BIT (2012)