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BITs (texts of)

EU-India BIT text (EU proposal, Mar 2022)
The AfCFTA Investment Protocol: preparations for the negotiations and expectations
The preparations for the negotiations of the Investment Protocol under the AfCFTA agreement (The Agreement) are already underway though still in the early stages.
Canada BIT model (May 2021)
Draft convention on investments abroad (Abs-Shawcross draft convention)
One of the most significant early proposals for a multilateral agreement to protect private foreign investment was launched in 1957 by groups of European business people, and lawyers.
EU-China BIT: schedules annex (Mar 2021)
EU-China BIT partial text (Jan 2021)
Belgium and Luxembourg model BIT text (2019)
Australia - Hong Kong investment agreement
As released by the Australian Government
Belarus - India BIT (2018)
As released by the Goverrnment of India
Netherlands model investment agreement (Oct 2018)
As released by the Government of the Netherlands
Netherlands draft model BIT (May 2018)
As released by the Dutch Government
Morocco - Nigeria BIT (2016)
Canada-China FIPA (2012)
As published by UNCTAD