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US blackmails Bolivia for rejecting FTA
Bolivian parliamentary leader Santos Ramirez regarded US pressure against an oil project and for reasserting of an immunity agreement for US military troops as blackmail.
USTR outlines importance of US-Andean trade accord
The entry into force of a U.S. free-trade agreement with Colombia, Ecuador and Peru will open important markets for the United States, bolster the economies and counternarcotics efforts in the Andean nations, and should be concluded in a timely fashion, says Deputy U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Peter Allgeier.
A hundred social organizations sign a manifesto against the Andean FTA
It is not appropriate for the country to sign an FTA with the US because this would result in the State having less control over reviewing transnational corporations and promoting and consolidating privatization.
Indigenous Resistance to Globalization
“Negotiating a free-trade agreement with the U.S. is not something one has a right to - it’s a privilege."
Divide and conquer: bilateral trade agreements
The free trade agreements that are being vigorously negotiated by the US are empowering corporations in a manner that places them at the top of a global hierarchy, matching their economic might with political rights that bypass processes of democratic decision making.
US-Bolivia BIT (1998)