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Regional Leaders Differing On EPA
Schisms have begun to show in the united front CARIFORUM leaders showed after signing the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe before the December 31 deadline last year.
Implications of the Cariforum-EC EPA
The Cariforum-EC Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is more than just a trade agreement: its scope embraces many subjects that have up to now been solely or mainly within national and regional jurisdiction. As a legally binding international instrument it embodies a far higher degree of supranational governance than that of Caricom. It will, inevitably, condition the scope and content of future agreements made between Caricom and other major trading partners and the region’s stance in WTO negotiations.
CARICOM/Canada trade talks start next month
The first full round of negotiations on a Canada/ CARICOM Free Trade Agreement is scheduled to get started next month.
CARICOM leaders again negotiate with EU
The complexity of the negotiations of an Accord of Economic Association with the European Union will mobilize the Heads of State of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Friday, for the third time in the last two months.
No deal reached in EU-Caribbean trade talks
The European Union and countries in the Caribbean failed to agree on a new trade and investment deal in two days of talks that ended on Friday. EU officials had expected the Caribbean to become the first of the ACP regions to agree to a new deal.
The gloves are off — Europe dismisses sugar, insults tourism ahead of ’make-or-break’ trade talks
Tempers flare as Caricom trade negotiators and the European Commission work with an October 15 deadline to initial an EU-Caribbean EPA
EU’s scrapping of sugar pact ’a slap in face’, says Caribbean
Caribbean trade and political officials are fuming at the European Union’s decision last Friday to scrap a 32-year-old agreement with African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) sugar-exporting countries, describing the action as "a slap in the face" of the region.
Hope diminishing for new Caribbean-EU trade agreement
As September draws to a close, the likelihood diminishes that an economic partnership agreement (EPA) is achievable this year between the European Union and the Caribbean.
CARICOM, CentAm to discuss free trade agreement
Countries from Central America and the Caribbean will come together to discuss a free trade agreement
New free trade talks to start later this year
The Caribbean’s chief trade negotiator says discussions on a draft for a new free trade agreement between Canada and the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will begin later this year.
Canada to negotiate free-trade deal with Caribbean
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to announce that Canada will begin negotiating a free-trade agreement with the 15 countries of the Caribbean Community.
CARIFORUM divided on liberalisation issue - Economic Partnership Agreement under threat
A disagreement among the members of CARIFORUM, which represents the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Dominican Republic, could cause a delay in the group completing negotiations on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Price to pay for trade liberalization
The Bahamas stands to lose just under ten percent of tariff revenue as a result of the complete trade liberalization with the hemisphere and the United States, according to a report on Caribbean development in the 21st century compiled by the Caribbean Country Management Unit of the World Bank.
’Much more’ still after US talks
Caribbean leaders have virtually secured an agreement from President Bush and many of the movers and shakers on Capitol Hill that they would work together, not only to extend the duty free provisions of the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act and the benefits of the trade promotion legislation, but modernise and expand their partnership to include services and other vital economic sectors.
CARICOM views EPAs as way forward
CARICOM has drawn a direct link between the Economic Partnership Agreement [EPA] that it is negotiating with the European Union and a similar pact for which it is lobbying with the United States of America.
Caricom leaders, US govt issue joint statement
A 17 point statement was released by the White House Wednesday that details a wide range of support that the region is expected to receive from the United States.
Dominican Republic seeks Caribbean consensus on Free Trade with EU
Dominican Republic should manage a consensus with the Caribbean Community countries (Caricom) to establish a joint negotiation that leads to the Economic Association Agreement with the European Union.
EU won’t demand ’duty-free’ access to Caribbean markets - Critical of Jamaica’s high cost of business
A European Union (EU) representative in Jamaica, moving to calm fears that duty-free goods from that region would storm the Caribbean come January 1, 2008 has said the 27-member bloc is not expecting full reciprocity on its blanket offer to eliminate duties on regionally-produced goods entering its market.
David and Goliath
The title refers to the possibility of David, Caricom, endeavouring to negotiate a Free Trade Area (FTA) with Goliath, the United States. There has been a general criticism that the language used in reporting international trade matters is not readily understood by the average reader. As far as possible therefore, this article is couched in colloquial language.
CARICOM agriculture requires new finance, says Guyana’s president
If the agricultural sectors of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are to remain viable amidst reformations to longstanding preferential arrangements and other emerging threats, then the injection of new and added finance into the Region’s agriculture is necessary for it to survive and remain viable.