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Atlantic Council Convenes Balkan Summit to Foster Regional Economic Integration
The Atlantic Council will convene a Western Balkans Partnership Summit on July 29 focused on the region’s economic integration.
Serbia’s free trade agreements with Turkey and Russia creates a golden opportunity
Most people are aware of Serbia’s free trade agreement but what is less known is Serbia’s free trade agreement with Turkey. Free trade agreements also exist between Kazakhstan, Belarus, CEFTA, EFTA, European Union and the USA.
Free trade agreement with five CIS countries enters into force for Moldova
The free trade agreement with the CIS member countries, signed in St Petersburg in 2011 and ratified by the Moldovan parliament on 27 September 2012, entered into force for Moldova in 2013.
CEFTA, trade agreement among 8 countries in region enters new stage
Representatives, policy makers and experts from eight signatory countries of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) gathered in Tirana on Wednesday to examine progress and economic impact to date and debate new challenges and potential future developments of the agreement.
Serbia scores USD 116.4 million surplus with CEFTA
Serbia recorded a USD 116.4 million trade surplus with the countries of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) over the first two months of 2012, resulting mostly from export of agricultural products, according to data from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.
Brussels Halts Free Trade Agreement with Macedonia
Brussels has refused to renew the duty-free agreement with Macedonia. The free export resolution expired in December last year and documents for its renewal have not been prepared yet.
Bosnia court annuls trade law as farmers protest
Bosnia’s top court has annulled an import tax law which it said violated a regional free trade treaty and commitments to the EU, while about 1,000 farmers and food producers protested outside the court building.
CEFTA fails to meet expectations
The Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), a trade agreement between Non-EU countries in Central and South-Eastern Europe, has failed to deliver positive impacts for Bosnia.
Bosnia faces tough choices over free trade
Bosnian opponents of CEFTA — the Central European Free Trade Agreement — argue that the country’s agriculture and food industries are not yet ready to compete with their neighbors.
CEFTA needs one more ratification
The Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) needs one more country to ratify it before it can take effect.
Serbia tobacco action plan leads to CEFTA ratification in September
The Serbian Economy Ministry announced earlier this week that the country would ratify the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) in September, ending its status as the only country in the region not to have done so.
EU welcomes signing of new Central European Free Trade Agreement
Prime Ministers of South Eastern European countries and territories have today signed a new Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA).
EU hails Balkan free trade deal as milestone
The drive to create a free trade area in the Western Balkans ended more or less successfully on October 20, after negotiations closed on extending the Central European Free Trade Area, CEFTA. Trade integration is nothing new for the Western Balkans, where countries have signed at least 32 bilateral agreements freeing the movement of goods and services. “CEFTA will turn the spaghetti bowl into a lasagne,” said an EC official.
Mircea Toader - Suspension of free trade agreement between Moldova and Romania will poise trade balance
Suspension of the free trade agreement between Moldova and Romania on January 1, 2007, when Romania is expected to join the European Union (E.U.), will poise the trade balance between the two states, according to Mircea Toader, undersecretary of the Romanian Ministry of Economy and Commerce.
Romania to withdraw from free trade agreements
Following EU accession, Romania will gradually withdraw from all free trade agreements.
EU backs southeast Europe free-trade pact in 2006
The European Union will give strong support to efforts by the continent’s southeastern countries, most of them in the Balkans, to sign a regional free trade deal this year, EU officials said on Monday.
EU eyes free trade zone in Balkans
The European Commission has proposed replacing the existing web of bilateral trade agreements in the Balkans with a regional free trade agreement — a move it says would boost economic prospects. However, the idea has met with opposition in Croatia.
Balkans: On different roads to EU
All Balkans countries are headed for European Union membership, but they are taking different roads, and at differing pace.
Labour: The spread of bilateral trade agreements
This report looks at major Customs Unions, Free Trade Areas, and economic association agreements around the world, with particular attention to any clauses covering social issues, core labour standards and trade union participation.