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Scaling the Andes for free trade
Another day, another free trade negotiation. Two days after announcing a study into a free trade agreement with South Korea, Trade Minister Warren Truss revealed Australia will start negotiating an FTA with Chile.
China, Chile to start FTA talks on service trade/investment next Jan - report
China and Chile will start negotiations in January for a free trade agreement (FTA) covering service trade and investment, the official China Daily reported.
Chilean trade to span Asia
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet concluded a new tour of Asia and the Pacific in search of markets.
Malaysia starts FTA negotiations with Chile
Malaysia is starting Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks with Chile, which will pave the way to turn the latter as the launch pad for the country’s exports to Latin American markets of 550 million people and worth US$298 billion.
Chile considers Vietnam free trade deal
Chile is considering signing a free trade agreement with Vietnam, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said Friday.
Chile, Canada renew free trade agreement
Chile and Canada extended their existing free trade agreement on Wednesday, said a statement of the Chilean Foreign Ministry.
Australia and Chile to develop FTA
Australia and Chile have agreed to develop a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement.
Colombia, Chile complete second round of free trade talks
Colombia and Chile on Friday completed the second round of their free trade talks, resulting in a deal to be signed by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on Nov. 27 during a visit to Santiago.
Chile, Colombia begin free trade talks
Chile and Colombia on Tuesday began a series of free trade talks which they aimed to complete within two months, Carlos Furche, who heads Chile’s negotiating team, said. "The bilateral free trade agreement with Colombia will be the broadest and deepest in the region," he noted.
China, Chile put free trade agreement into effect
China and Chile’s free trade agreement, which is expected to eventually exempt 97 percent of all trade goods from import tariffs, went into effect on Sunday.
Chile, Japan free trade agreement
Chile and Japan have negotiated a free trade agreement that among other facilities will sever bilateral exchange tariffs by 92 percent.
Chile re-enters Andean Community
A council of Andean foreign ministers yesterday approved Chile’s re-entry to the Andean Community of Nations trade group after a three-decade absence.
Japanese Cabinet OKs Chile trade pact
Japan’s Cabinet approved a bilateral free trade pact with Chile on Friday, an official said.
Colombia sees free-trade deal with Chile signed on Nov 27
Colombia and Chile will sign a free-trade agreement on Nov. 27 instead of in January as originally announced because negotiations are going faster than expected, President Alvaro Uribe said in New York on Thursday.
Japan, Chile reach basic agreement on free trade
Japan and Chile have agreed on a bilateral free trade pact, a Foreign Ministry official said Thursday.
Rough trade: the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement
The Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA), signed 10 years ago, has some discouraging lessons to offer would-be bilateralists. And lesson No. 1 would be: Don’t expect such agreements to boost trade.
Chile to start free trade talks with Australia
Chile plans to add Australia, Thailand and Malaysia to a growing list of free -trade partners as it pushes to become Asia’s gateway to Latin America, Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley said on Thursday.
Pisco sour
Little by little, South America is dividing itself into two very different trade blocks. Mercosur, based on Brazil and Argentina and recently joined by Venezuela, is relatively protectionist and suspicious of bilateral trade deals with the United States. Most countries on the Pacific seaboard are committed to free trade with both el norte and Asia.
A bridge between Asia and South America
In the last few months, Chile has made it clear that it intends to become a trade platform between the vast Asia Pacific region and the Andean countries, by means of trade treaties and political integration. Prompt re-entry into the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) would be a step in that direction.
Chile formally requests incorporation to CAN
Chile formally requested incorporation to the Andean Community of Nations, CAN, in a letter sent by President Michelle Bachelet to her counterparts from Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, reported Foreign Affairs minister Alejandro Foxley.