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ASEAN+3 leaders urge efforts for regional free trade bloc
South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun and leaders of the 10 ASEAN countries, Japan and China held a one-day "ASEAN Plus Three Summit" in the Malaysian capital on Monday and adopted a joint statement calling for redoubled efforts for the formation of the so-called East Asia free trade agreement.
China, Pakistan harvest ties
Pakistani mangos and oranges will be imported into China at zero tariff from January 1, 2006, while Chinese-made textile machinery and organic chemicals will enjoy free duty in Pakistan at the same time.
Comment: "Smug calculations" lack sincerity, analysis
Japan is craving a "return to Asia", and the kernel of its regional strategy is to "Japanize" regional policies, legal system, industrial division and financial and monetary fields. It mainly targets some ASEAN countries, at the same time avoiding Free Trade Agreement (FTA) but bending on Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Pak-China sign agreement to enforce EHP from January next
Pakistan and China signed an agreement to enforce Early Harvest Programme (EHP) reducing tariff on a number of industrial and agriculture products from January 1, 2006.
Second round of Pak-China FTA talks on
Pakistan and China on Wednesday started second-round of negotiations on Free Trade Agreement (FTA), with a pledge to make it an effective document, giving boost to their bilateral trade and establishing mutually beneficial cooperative partnership.
Free trade, but not fair trade
Early results of the free trade agreements (FTAs) Thailand made with China, Australia, New Zealand and India are quite worrying for the country.
Clark talks China FTA at Apec
Free trade talks with China are "going very well" but will run on into next year, Prime Minister Helen Clark said after meeting Chinese President Hu Jintao at the Apec summit in Busan, South Korea, at the weekend.
China, Chile sign free-trade agreement
China and Chile signed a free-trade agreement Friday, the first between China and a Latin American country.
ADB, RBI for FTA between India and Mekong nations
Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday advocated that India should go in for a free trade agreement (FTA) with China and five other nations in the Mekong region to sustain high growth.
China, Australia discuss free trade agreement
China and Australia have concluded the third round of talks on a free trade agreement (FTA), ending the first phase of bilateral negotiations.
US official urges Taiwan to do more on FTA
"The ball is in Taiwan’s court. It’s not enough simply to say that we want an FTA."
Trade deals mushroom, with or without WTO
A World Trade Organization ministerial meeting in Hong Kong in December is looming as key to the shape of free trade in Asia in the 21st century as countries within the region intensify their interest in integrating their markets.
China, Chile reach agreement on trade in cargo on their way to FTA
Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) announced here Friday that China and Chile have reached agreement on trade in cargo which is an important step towards the establishment of their free trade area (FTA).
Few trade gains from ’early harvest’: Sino-Thai pact misunderstood
Tariff reductions on fruit and vegetables agreed on two years ago between Thailand and China have provided little benefit to the Thai economy.
President Chen urges US, Japan to consider FTAs with Taiwan
President Chen Shui-bian on Tuesday urged the United States and Japan to consider signing free trade agreements with Taiwan, saying that only by having such agreements in place can the island’s economy stand without heavily depending on China and can security and peace in the Asia-Pacific region be maintained.
Free trade pact with Chile on horizon
China and Chile launched the fifth round of talks towards a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) yesterday in Beijing, and hopes to be the last round of negotiations for a formal agreement.
China, ASEAN march towards world’s 3rd largest FTA
With a fast growing trade volume, China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are trying to show the world that the planned free trade area will be an accelerator for regional economy.
Peters to oppose FTA with China
New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters says he will continue to oppose a free trade agreement with China, although it is government policy to negotiate one.
Real deal is in the fine print
For Australian manufacturing companies the key concessions of any FTA with China are only half the battle - the devil is in the detail.
China-ASEAN FTA steps into implementation period
With cooperation between China and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) deepening, the construction of a China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA) has entered a full-spectrum cooperation period, said Chong Quan, spokesman for China’s Commerce Ministry.