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China, Mali sign economic cooperation agreement
China will take further steps to encourage investments in Mali, while Mali will strive to increase the direct export of cotton and other products to China.
Sondhi alleges Thaksin signs FTA with Australia, China to benefit his IP Star
Sondhi Limthongkul, founder of the Manger Group, alleged that Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra signed free trade agreement contracts with Australia and China with ulterior motive to benefit telecom businesses of his family.
China willing to negotiate FTA with African countries, organizations
China is willing to negotiate Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with African countries and African regional organizations when conditions are ripe, according to China’s African Policy Paper issued Thursday in Beijing. The paper, the first of its kind, said the Chinese government encourages and supports Chinese enterprises’ investment and business in Africa.
Pact’s progress
The China-ASEAN FTA will form a huge market, with 1.85 billion consumers and a combined gross domestic product of almost US$2.5 trillion. Both sides hope to establish an FTA by 2010, and will gradually reduce export tariffs until then.
Official: Uruguay to seek US, China free trade deals - Report
The Uruguayan government plans to seek free trade agreements with the U.S. and China, Economy Minister Danilo Astori said in an interview published Thursday in a weekly Uruguayan magazine.
Japan to pursue free trade deals with China - paper
Japan is likely to pursue free-trade agreements with China and India as well as Australia to give it more clout in a proposed East Asian community, a leading Japanese daily reported on Tuesday.
China : Mainland to negotiate FTA with 27 nations: Bo Xilai
After remaining silent during the WTO meeting in Hong Kong, December 2005, China has decided to focus on the bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) and play a lead role in multilateral trade discussions during the year 2006.
Free trade regime between Pakistan and China from Jan 1
Pakistan and China are set to launch the much awaited free trade regime under the Early Harvest Programme (EHP) from January 1.
Racing with tigers to catch up with dragon
With multilateral talks through the World Trade Organisation moving rather slowly, the engagement with the Asian Tigers seems to be the Indian ‘Elephant’ economy’s chance to catch up with the Chinese Dragon.
Canada-China Investment Protection Agreement - A significant stepping stone to deeper economic co-operation
The pieces of the Canada-China economic puzzle are starting to come together and the picture that emerges reveals a slowly developing but inevitably closer economic relationship between these two economies.v
Pakistan: FTAs with 4 states likely in 2005-06
China, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey have agreed to separately sign Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Pakistan preferably during the current fiscal year.
Chine, Thailand to wipe out trade obstables
Thailand and China have begun a joint meeting in the former’s northern city of Chiang Rai to strengthen ties and wipe out trade obstacles, hoping to increase bilateral trade under the free trade area (FTA) framework.
Avoid marginalization by China, analysts urge
While it’s too early to judge the prospects for the "pan-Asian" free trade community mentioned in the inaugural East Asia Summit (EAS), Taiwan, which has been excluded from participating, should devise a strategy to avoid being marginalized before it’s too late, analysts said.
Chiang Rai meeting probes Thai-China trade barriers
Thailand and China have begun a joint meeting here to strengthen ties and remove trade barriers, hoping to increase bilateral trade under the free trade area (FTA) framework.
GCC chief hails improving S.N. Korea relations
GCC Secretary General HE Abdulrahman bin Hamad al-Attiyah has said that negotiations are now under way between GCC and China for earlier conclusion of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and that a legal framework is now being made in preparation for the FTA agreement with Korea.
GCC chief expects free trade talks with China to end soon
Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Abdul Rahman al-Attiya said here on Sunday that he hoped talks between the GCC and China on a free trade agreement will be concluded soon.
China to begin FTA deals with trading partners from next year
China will honour its free trade area (FTA) agreements with its trading partners, levy negotiated tariffs on some Indian goods and will also offer special preferential tariff rates to about 30 least developing countries next year, finance minister Jin Renqing said.
China talks going well, Clark says
Prime Minister Helen Clark says talks on a free-trade agreement with China are going pretty smoothly.
ASEAN+3 leaders urge efforts for regional free trade bloc
South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun and leaders of the 10 ASEAN countries, Japan and China held a one-day "ASEAN Plus Three Summit" in the Malaysian capital on Monday and adopted a joint statement calling for redoubled efforts for the formation of the so-called East Asia free trade agreement.
China, Pakistan harvest ties
Pakistani mangos and oranges will be imported into China at zero tariff from January 1, 2006, while Chinese-made textile machinery and organic chemicals will enjoy free duty in Pakistan at the same time.