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TTIP: American business confident no issue can derail talks, says AmCham EU
In an exclusive interview with viEUws, Susan Danger, Managing Director of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU, talks to Lénaïc Vaudin d’Imécourt, viEUws Trade Editor, about the TTIP negotiations.
Advancing regulatory cooperation in the Transatlantic trade and investment partnership
Position paper from Business Europe
Putting the I In TTIP: The necessity of a strong investment chapter
United States Council for International Business (USCIB) argues for a strong investment chapter in the EU-US FTA (TTIP)
Five nations beef alliance agrees on core principles for TPP
An alliance of cattle producers representing Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States have signed a letter announcing their support for a comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.
NPPC, other organizations urge adoption of TPP principles
A coalition of agricultural and food organizations led by the National Pork Producers Council and Cargill sent a letter recently to urge U.S. trade negotiators to include its “core” principles for a final Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.
USTR hearing on TTIP
The comments submitted to and transcript of a public hearing convened by the US Trade Representative on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement (TTIP) on 29-30 May 2013 are online.
AmCham China: The right time for a bilateral investment treaty
A bilateral investment treaty should be high on the list of trade priorities for political leaders in the US and China, writes the chairman of American Chamber of Commerce China
USCSI - Business Community TPP Services Letter to USTR
We are writing to express our strong support for a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement that includes major commitments aimed at further liberalizing cross-border trade and investment in services.
Cargill CEO: Move forward on free trade
"Commercially meaningful bilateral agreements must be passed now or the United States will be left behind," warns Greg Page, the head of Cargill.
Cargill hosts Rep of Korea Ambassador to the US, the Honorable Han Duk-soo: Urges approval of US-South Korea FTA
Cargill today hosted an employee forum and a business roundtable discussion on the US–South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), which is currently pending Presidential notification to and approval from U.S. Congress.
Big business demands accountability on EU 2020
Frustrated by the failure of the Lisbon Agenda, big business has stepped in to force Brussels and governments across Europe to deliver on political promises designed to improve Europe’s competitiveness in the face of mounting challenges from climate change, an ageing population and Asian rivals.
BUSINESSEUROPE and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise statement on the EU-India relationship
Statement from the 9th EU-India Business Summit organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, The Confederation of Swedish Enterprises and BUSINESSEUROPE on 6 November 2009
Canada-EU trade negotiations could signal significant new opportunities for Canadian agriculture and agri-food sector: CAFTA
The Canadian Agri-food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) welcomes the news that Canada and the European Union will begin negotiating a new economic partnership agreement aimed at liberalizing trade and expanding market access between Canada and the EU.
BIO position on Trans-Pacific Partnership FTA
Position paper of the US-based Biotechnology Industry Organisation on the US negotiation of a Trans-Pacific Partnership FTA with Singapore, Chile, Brunei, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and Peru
Pro-free trade groups put together broad coalition
After years of watching the anti-free trade groups put together remarkably broad coalitions, the pro-free trade side in the US is striking back.
EU business group urges ambitious stance on Korea trade talks
The European Union should seek big reductions in tariffs and an end to rules that limit trade as part of its negotiations with South Korea on a free trade agreement, the E.U.’s main business group said in a letter released Monday.
EU-GCC business statement on EU-GCC free trade negotiations
Joint statement from business representatives of both the EU and the GCC, dated 29 October 2008
NAM president calls for study of a transatlantic free trade area
The US-based National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President John Engler today called for in-depth study of a "Transatlantic Free Trade Area" between either the European Union and the United States or the EU and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) nations.
Text of US-Mexican sugar industry deal (2008)
The US and Mexican sugar industry are trying to get a deal adopted by their governments to regulate sugar trade, now that NAFTA has dismanteled all remaining tariffs between the two countries as of 1 January 2008.
US pork dependent on new trade agreements
The future of the US pork industry depends on concluding new trade agreements, the National Pork Producers Council today told congressional lawmakers.