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Joint EU-Korea business statement
From the Korea FTA Industry Alliance and BUSINESSEUROPE
BusinessEurope position on the EU-Korea free-trade agreement
BUSINESSEUROPE would like to see an agreement based on full coverage, full reciprocity and effective market access for industrial goods, ambitious services liberalisation of as many sectors as possible, strong rules to foster and protect investments, and strong rules on trade facilitation, competition and public procurement.
Caterpillar Pushes for Passage of U.S.-Panamanian Trade Promotion Agreement
In testimony given Wednesday, May 16, before the United States International Trade Commission in Washington D.C., the Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) vice president with responsibility for Latin America emphasized why a Panama Trade Promotion Agreement will be remarkably beneficial for the U.S., Panama and the region.
BIO commends USTR for successfully concluding US-Korea free trade agreement
BIO congratulates US Chief Agricultural Negotiator Richard Crowder and his staff for negotiating a separate understanding on several agricultural biotechnology issues. The FTA will go a long way in providing additional market access opportunities in Korea for US biotechnology companies.
UNICE strategy on an EU approach to free trade agreements
Past EU bilateral and regional agreements have been strongly influenced by political concerns. The new generation of FTAs must be based on economic criteria: where the EU’s current and future markets lie.
US Business Roundtable and Nippon Keidanren position statement on US-Japan EPA
Business Roundtable and the Nippon Keidanren believe that a United States-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) holds tremendous potential for the US, Japanese, and world economies, and urge their governments to begin discussion toward a framework for negotiation of such an agreement as soon as possible.
UNICE-CII: Working together for an ambitious EU-India trade and investment agreement
At a meeting in Bangalore, on 17 January 2007, BUSINESSEUROPE and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) adopted a joint statement supporting the rapid launch of the negotiations of an ambitious EU-India trade and investment agreement.
Coalition of Service Industries written testimony on the free trade agreement between the United States and Korea
CSI is comprised of US service companies and trade associations seeking to achieve market access in all modes of supply in all negotiating forums.
Business Roundtable (US): Real liberalization in the US-Korea FTA - Moving beyond the traditional FTA
June 2006 US Business Roundtable White Paper on US-Korea FTA
International Intellectual Property Alliance summary of testimony on US-Malaysia FTA
Notice of intent to testify and summary of testimony from IIPA to Trade Policy Staff Committee, US Trade Representative’s Office on proposed free trade agreement with Malaysia
UNICE speech - EU-China Business Summit
Outline intervention by Michael Treschow, Vice-President, UNICE (Confederation of European Business)
UNICE - Trade and investment liberalization: An EU business perspective
Presentation at EU-Asia Business Forum, Helsinki, 10-11 September 2006
Nippon Keidanren: Urgent request for the commencement of the Japan-Australia economic partnership agreement negotiations
What Japan wants is the conclusion of an EPA with Australia that is not limited simply to trade liberalization, but is comprehensive in character, further enhancing bilateral economic relations, and eliminating disadvantages relative to other countries.
US Council for International Business (USCIB) comments on US-Korea FTA
24 March 2006 letter from USCIB to US Trade Representative’s office regarding the proposed US-Korea Free Trade Agreement.
Canada Agri-Food Trade Alliance: Comments on free trade negotiations with Korea
Canada Agri-Food Trade Alliance Comments on Free Trade Negotiations with Korea, House Standing Committee on International Trade, June 14 2006.
Nippon Keidanren - Recommendation: "Expectations for the Early Conclusion of the Japan-Indonesia Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)"
Japan and Indonesia held intergovernmental negotiations four times from July 2005 to April 2006 regarding the conclusion of a bilateral economic partnership agreement (EPA). The EPA negotiations timetable for Japan recently released by the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy states that Japan will aim to reach an agreement with Indonesia in principle on major points of the negotiations by sometime this summer.
Conclude an Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and India at an early date - Nippon Keidanren
A plea from the Japan Business Federation for a Japan-India FTA, outlining what the corporations would like it to provide.
USKBC/AMCHAM Korea position paper on US-Korea free trade agreement
US-Korea Business Council and American Chamber of Commerce Korea position paper on the US-Korea FTA.
AMCHAM Malaysia/US Chamber of Commerce public submission for the proposed US-Malaysia free trade agreement
A 98-page outline of US industry recommendations for the proposed US-Malaysia FTA.
BIO letter to USTR on US-Korea FTA
Letter from the US Biotechnology Industry Organisation to the US Trade Representative on intellectual property, GM labelling, biosafety, GM contamination and other issues BIO wants addressed under the US-Korea FTA talks.