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India-UK trade talks home in on digital trade, investor protection
Indian and British negotiators will be seeking a landing zone on digital trade and investor protection as they hold another round of free trade talks in New Delhi.
Ukraine and UK sign agreement on digital trade
This new generation trade agreement focuses primarily on preventing the emergence of barriers in the future, as states in the world are increasingly regulating the digital sphere.
Advocates urge US not to offer ‘Big-Tech-favored terms’ in trade talks
Consumer advocates are urging the Biden administration to scrub language from a US trade proposal they say could undermine efforts to hold tech giants accountable for their privacy practices, according to a letter shared first with The Technology 202.
Latest round of IPEF talks get underway
US trade officials are in Bali, Indonesia, this week for the latest round of negotiations over the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework.
The rise of trade in services: corporate manoeuvres and popular resistance
The idea of ‘Trade in services’ is an artificial creation of the late 1970s and 1980s, designed to bring the social and public phenomenon of services under international ‘trade’ rules that would work for corporations.
Rigging the rules: How Big Tech uses stealth “trade” agreements and how we can stop them
Efforts to curb the ruinous business practices of the Big Tech corporations are at risk of being impeded by “digital trade” rules negotiated in international trade pacts. It is time to overturn this anti-regulatory agenda in favour of a governance model that prioritizes digital industrialization and data as a public good.
Emerging issues in the IPEF trade negotiations: A critical summary
The US is trying to present IPEF as a rethinking of the aggressive trade liberalisation model it championed for the last four decades. At its core, however, IPEF appears to be mainly a geopolitical tool for the US to maintain its hegemony in the Asia-Pacific.
Pakistan, US agree to remove trade barriers and boost ties
Appoint ‘focal persons’, Islamabad looks forward to boost partnership in IT, technology.
Singapore starts talks on digital trade agreement with European Free Trade Association
The proposed digital agreement will allow Singapore and the EFTA to cooperate more fully in the digital domain, enable trusted data flows and facilitate a secure digital environment.
AFL-CIO wants bigger say in US digital trade deals for workers
The largest US labor organization issued a set of principles that it says is needed to protect workers, the public’s privacy and governments’ ability to regulate a rapidly evolving sector as the USTR negotiates digital trade agreements.
US to aggressively push for digital trade rules in Asia in 2023
The goal is to quickly create shared rules for the region, particularly in the digital sector, and to regain the initiative in the US-China contest for economic leadership in Asia.
S. Korea, Singapore to implement digital partnership pact this weekend
South Korea and Singapore plan to officially kick off their bilateral digital partnership pact this weekend in a move to boost digital trade and industry cooperation, Seoul’s trade ministry said.
S. Korea seeks to sign over 10 free trade deals this year
South Korea will push to clinch free trade agreements with more than 10 nations and a trade promotion framework with over 20 nations this year in an effort to boost growth momentum and diversify its trade portfolio, the trade ministry said.
No higher priority: Why IPEF must include strong digital trade rules
The US business community will turn this week to Brisbane, Australia, which will host the first formal negotiating round of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF).
Women’s rights organisations and allies oppose the gender "upskilling initiative" as an IPEF carrot
IT for Change, Public Services International (Asia & Pacific) and Third World Network, with the undersigned women’s rights organisations, labour unions, and allies, oppose the use of Big Tech “upskilling” initiatives for women to encourage countries to sign on to the IPEF.
Ukraine strikes digital trade agreement with Britain
Britain said it had agreed in principle a digital trade deal with Ukraine, the eastern European country’s first such agreement.
Australia eyes digital services pact with India
Australia is eyeing a pact on digital services as part of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with India as the two countries aim to upgrade the bilateral relationship.
Digital trade agreement with the UK paves way for development of e-commerce
The parties discussed the way the leadership of the UK in the financial world would help unlock investments in Ukraine.
China’s bid to join digital economy pact hinges on clarification of data laws, experts say
A special task force has been set up to negotiate China’s membership application for the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement but Beijing must clarify data laws if it wants to negotiate carve-outs that allow it to maintain digital sovereignty, experts say.
Japan and the European Union start negotiations to include provisions on the free flow of data into the Japan-EU EPA with the European Union
Japan and the European Union have been exchanging views on the reassessment of the need for including provisions on the free flow of data into the Japan-EU EPA.