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Azerbaijan initiates arbitration proceedings against Armenia
A procedural session was held at the headquarters of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague within the framework of the interstate arbitration initiated by Azerbaijan against Armenia based on the Energy Charter Treaty.
Deadlock as member states disagree over withdrawal from Energy Charter Treaty
Decision on whether to part from treaty remains in limbo, with some EU countries wanting to stay and others having already departed.
Energy Charter Treaty plans for expansion revealed in recently posted notes
Notes from the Energy Charter Treaty Conference reveal plans for the controversial Energy Charter Treaty to expand to more oil-producing countries.
Energy giant RWE withdraws billion-euro claim against the Netherlands
German energy company RWE has announced its intention to withdraw its international arbitration proceedings against the Dutch state at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.
A shadowy corner of international law is threatening climate action, UN expert warns
An obscure but far-reaching system allowing corporations to sue governments is being “weaponized” by the fossil fuel and mining industries, according to a new UN report, jeopardizing progress in developing nations.
Ireland must not be subject to anti-democratic ‘corporate courts’ exploitation
There is a coordinated move for EU members to withdraw from the dangerous Energy Charter Treaty but Ireland is refusing to act.
A system of secret arbitration tribunals is undercutting climate action worldwide
A UN expert calls for ending confidential arbitration agreements in development and trade treaties, which are forcing nations to roll back climate, enviro, human rights protections while owing fossil fuel companies billions in damages.
Energy transition mythbusters: Myth #6
Investment protection is necessary to encourage energy transition investment.
Fossil fuel companies have a secret weapon. Here’s how Britain can help take it away from them
Eleven countries have already pledged to exit the disastrous international charter treaty. We must join them.
RWE’s arbitration case against Dutch state over coal ban inadmissible under EU law
Dutch taxpayers have already incurred € 5.4 million in arbitration costs in RWE and Uniper cases.
Portugal announces withdrawal from Energy Charter Treaty
Portugal’s Environment Minister Duarte Cordeiro annouced that the country has started withdrawing from the Energy Charter Treaty, in line with a proposal tabled by the European Commission two weeks ago.
Joint letter: Energy Ministers must support a coordinated withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty
We call on you to support the Commission’s proposal for a coordinated withdrawal of the EU and all its member states from the Energy Charter Treaty and welcome a discussion of the ECT among energy ministers.
UK should quit ‘climate-wrecking’ energy treaty, say official advisers
Climate Change Committee recommends leaving energy charter treaty, which critics say is ‘weaponised’ by fossil fuel firms.
EU tables Energy Charter Treaty exit, citing climate concerns
The European Commission proposed that EU countries jointly quit an international treaty that has been criticised for blocking efforts to fight climate change because its protection of energy investments extends to fossil fuels.
EU to propose exit from Energy Charter Treaty over climate concerns
The European Commission is readying a proposal for EU countries to jointly quit an international energy treaty, after some governments already pledged to leave over climate concerns.
Zenith Energy Ltd launches legal proceedings against Tunisia, seeking compensation of $48 Million
Zenith Energy Ltd, an international energy firm, filed a lawsuit against Tunisia on Wednesday, claiming financial damages of at least $48 million.
EU mulls partial exit from energy treaty over climate concerns
The European Union is considering a proposal to quit an international energy treaty that has become mired in climate change concerns, but leave an option for individual countries to stay in an updated version of the accord, a document showed.
The ‘climate killing’ clauses helping companies sue governments for climate action
If you’ve never heard of ISDS (investor-state dispute settlement) that’s not surprising. ISDS operates in the shadows. It’s a mechanism for solving disputes between parties in cases of foreign direct investment while offering legal protections for the investor. The investment is typically provided by a private company to a foreign ‘host state’.
A US fund declares Spain in “technical default” and claims almost 1,000 million government bonds
The US fund Blasket Renewable Investments has activated the “default” clause that declares Spain at “technical impact” after the Government has not yet paid the pending awards for the cuts in the premiums for renewables.
Spain tells World Bank it will not pay €2-billion ICSID awards for renewable energy debts
The World Bank has sent a de­vas­ta­ting letter to the Spanish go­vern­ment to de­mand pay­ment of the awards that con­demn our country to com­pen­sate the in­ves­tors af­fected by the re­tro­ac­tive with­drawal of the pre­miums granted to re­ne­wable ener­gies.