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Who knew Queensland’s richest man is a foreign investor?
Clive Palmer’s controversial legal strategies challenge Australia’s trade agreements and environmental laws, and have profound implications for global climate action.
Investor-state dispute settlements: a hidden handbrake on climate action
To achieve the Paris Agreement’s climate goals, states must move away from fossil fuels. But investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS) — a system that enables companies to take states to international arbitration — can increase the cost of this transition.
Abuja agrees to settlement with ENI over OPL 245
The battle over block OPL 245 between Nigeria and Italian major ENI was suspended on 16 November.
Energy Charter Treaty plans for expansion revealed in recently posted notes
Notes from the Energy Charter Treaty Conference reveal plans for the controversial Energy Charter Treaty to expand to more oil-producing countries.
EU, Germany and Denmark sued by oil firm over windfall tax
Officials fear secret courts will block climate action and divert billions into coffers of fossil fuel investors.
South Korea govt eyes EPA with Thailand
Talks are underway for South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy to enter an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Thailand.
US commerce secretary says closed three ’pillars’ of Indo-Pacific talks
IPEF member countries have agreed on terms of the clean energy pillar and on the anti-corruption chapter.
Exclusive: US, Indonesia to discuss potential for deal on EV minerals
Indonesia, which has the world’s biggest nickel ore reserves, in September asked the United States to begin discussions for a trade deal for critical minerals so that exports from the Southeast Asian country can be covered under the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).
Zenith adds another arbitration case over Tunisia problems
Zenith Energy has launched international arbitration in Paris against state-owned Entreprise Tunisienne d’Activités Pétrolières (ETAP).
It’s time to exit ISDS: 200+ labor, environment, and other civil society groups urge Biden to eliminate extreme corporate powers from existing trade pacts
The groups argue that removing ISDS — which has prioritized corporate rights over those of governments, people, and the planet — is needed to protect policies necessary for a clean energy transition.
DTEK energy company claims $ 267 million victory in The Hague against Russia over Crimea assets
DTEK Group prevails in The Hague case, securing a $267 million award from Russia for the confiscation of assets in occupied Crimea.
Ireland must not be subject to anti-democratic ‘corporate courts’ exploitation
There is a coordinated move for EU members to withdraw from the dangerous Energy Charter Treaty but Ireland is refusing to act.
As China seeks to supercharge energy deals in Middle East, Qatar eyes benefits of a free-trade agreement
Six Middle Eastern countries, comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council, have been seeking a free-trade deal with China for nearly 20 years.
Energy transition mythbusters: Myth #6
Investment protection is necessary to encourage energy transition investment.
Mexico must address US’ ’serious concerns’ over energy measures, USTR says
A US trade official stressed Mexico’s need to address "serious concerns" from the United States of its energy measures, which were raised during consultations under a regional trade pact, the US Trade Representative’s office said.
Fossil fuel companies have a secret weapon. Here’s how Britain can help take it away from them
Eleven countries have already pledged to exit the disastrous international charter treaty. We must join them.
Energy transition calls for faster investment treaty reforms
UNCTAD presents a new toolbox to make international investment agreements actively support the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.
Intra-EU investor-State ICSID arbitration: the German Federal Court of Justice’s new inadmissibility ruling
On 27 July 2023, the German Federal Court of Justice (German FCJ) declared three intra-EU investor-State ICSID arbitrations inadmissible under German arbitration law given their incompatibility with EU law.
RWE’s arbitration case against Dutch state over coal ban inadmissible under EU law
Dutch taxpayers have already incurred € 5.4 million in arbitration costs in RWE and Uniper cases.
Portugal announces withdrawal from Energy Charter Treaty
Portugal’s Environment Minister Duarte Cordeiro annouced that the country has started withdrawing from the Energy Charter Treaty, in line with a proposal tabled by the European Commission two weeks ago.