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UK Lawmakers Slam ‘Lack of Clarity’ on Major Trade Deal Benefits
British lawmakers said the benefits of the UK’s accession to a major trans-Pacific trading bloc are unclear
UK walks away from trade talks with Canada
Sticking points include how much access UK producers should have to the Canadian cheese market and harmonisation of food standards.
Low-welfare eggs from caged hens imported to UK in ‘staggering’ numbers
Concerns grow that post-Brexit trade deals could lead to further decline in quality as battery farm eggs are reintroduced.
Canadian cattle groups say ’no’ to UK’s entry into CPTPP
The Canadian meat industry has launched a campaign demanding its government block the UK’s accession to a new trans-Pacific trade deal unless it accepts imports of Canadian hormone-fed beef.
India may find the going tough in FTA talks with UK on agri front
House of Commons panel wants pesticide residue norms undiluted, cut in dairy, alcohol tariffs.
EU-Mercosur: Banned pesticides found on Brazilian limes in EU
A Greenpeace Germany study of Brazilian limes sold in the EU has found residues of several pesticides, some of them banned for use in Europe.
Free trade deal with Mexico discussion and animal welfare
Claims that beef imported from Mexico has a lower carbon footprint than UK-reared beef are ‘B-word’, an environment minister has said.
Macron says the EU-Mercosur deal cannot fly without ‘mirror clauses’
There can be no EU-Mercosur deal without mirror clauses that would force producers from both sides of the world to respect the same environmental and health standards, French President Emmanuel Macron told farmers in Paris this weekend.
Canadian beef sector marks five years of CETA
The Canadian Cattle Association representatives visited Brussels to discuss solutions to address the regulatory obstacles.
CETA: An attack on health, the environment, consumer protection and democracy
The trade agreement disempowers the European Parliament and strengthens the influence of corporations.
CETA still not fully delivering
The Canadian agriculture sector wants the federal government to make progress on removing technical barriers, five years after the deal was signed.
Agricultural trade and standards within the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)
Within the trade pillar, it seems very likely that discussions on agriculture will focus on market access and the non-tariff issues, such as Technical Barriers to Trade and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures.
Activists warn about pesticide use on Indian farms as FTA deadline looms
The UK government should ensure any free trade agreement with agriculture giant India does not allow pesticide-tainted food to be exported to the UK, activists have said.
Beef emerging as sticking point in free trade talks between Canada and Britain
A potential clash over hormone-treated Canadian beef is emerging as a sticking point as free trade talks between Canada and Britain formally begin.
UK will be told to lift ban on hormone-treated beef to join key trade bloc, leaked memo suggests
Canada asked some probing questions and stated this will be an important issue for Canada in judging the UK’s compliance with CPTPP.
New US pork rules a boon to farmers
Lawmakers are concerned about the consequences for Taiwan’s bid to join the CPTPP if people vote to ban the import of pork products containing ractopamine residue in a referendum on Dec. 18.
What EU’s farm-to-fork strategy will mean for SA agriculture
The European Union’s (EU) Farm-to-Fork Strategy is set to be implemented in 2022 and will come with an additional layer of regulations.
SPS rules still hold back agri exports
The Cambodia-China Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA) has been signed, trading appreciably more agricultural wares will not be possible without first tackling some of the remaining non-tariff barriers, especially those concerning sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) rules.
Farm antibiotics use and new trade deals
Concerns about excessive use of antibiotics in the Australian poultry and livestock sectors has prompted an alliance of UK medical, environmental and animal welfare organisations.
US accuses Mexico of violating trade deal
Mexican president announced last year that the country plans to ban genetically modified corn and the use of glyphosate