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The USA’s removal of Uganda, Niger, Gabon and the Central Africa Republic from the AGOA has only a limited impact
The USA’s removal of Uganda, Niger, Gabon and the Central African Republic from the AGOA has only a limited impact.
US formally removes Uganda from AGOA
The United States has officially struck off Uganda and three other African countries as beneficiaries of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), effectively ending Kampala’s ability to export certain commodities to the US duty-free.
Biden administration to remove four African nations from AGOA
In a significant policy shift, the Biden administration has announced the removal of Niger, Gabon, the Central African Republic (CAR), and Uganda from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) effective January 2024.
Uganda denounces US plan to exclude it from duty-free trade programme
Uganda on Wednesday criticised a U.S. move to eject it and other African countries from accessing a tariff-free trade programme, saying the action was to punish African countries that are resisting the imposition of the West’s cultural values.
Gabon ’greedy’ for investments from India: Minister Madiya
Gabon is fast emerging as an investment destination for industries in sectors such as fisheries, wood, health, mining, infrastructure projects and tourism and they are using this greed to attract more Indian companies.
India, Gabon discuss bilateral trade, investment
Gabon has shown interest in entering into a Bilateral Investment Treaty with India. Gabon has the 6th largest reserves of Manganese in the world. Gabon is also making efforts to attract investment from India in construction of railway lines in key mining clusters.
Europe: ’Double standards on trade’
Double standards are being applied in the way that the European Union awards trade preferences to poor countries, an African exporters grouping has alleged.
Morocco, Gabon examine relaunch of FTA negotiations
Morocco and Gabon might relaunch negotiations to establish a free trade zone with view to reinforcing trade exchanges and promoting economic integration with countries of central Africa.