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Germany wants upcoming Commission to pursue ‘EU only’ free trade agenda
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said the next European Commission should clinch more free trade agreements with third countries even without requiring unanimous consensus among EU member states.
Germany eyes stronger relations, trade and investment with Laos
Dr Lindner added that he hoped Laos’ chairmanship of Asean this year will also be a platform to strengthen ties with European Union countries, and to review the progress of EU members on finalising trade agreements with Asean.
Klesch Group’s legal paradox
Oil Refiner Klesch sues EU, Germany and Denmark over windfall profit tax while making record profits due to Ukraine invasion.
Cars v cows: German automakers call to split EU-Mercosur deal to bypass French ‘non’
The EU-Mercosur trade agreement should be split into two distinctive parts to circumvent French resistance based on agricultural issues, the German car industry has proposed, in a bid to boost export markets other than China.
Scholz, Milei in favour of a swift conclusion to EU-Mercosur deal
President Javier Milei spoke with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, with the two calling for a swift conclusion to the European Union-Mercosur trade deal.
Germany and Brazil hope for swift finalization of a trade agreement between EU and Mercosur
The chancellor of Germany and president of Brazil expressed hope that decades-long negotiations might soon yield a finalized free trade agreement between the 27-member European Union and a bloc of four South American nations.
EU, Germany and Denmark sued by oil firm over windfall tax
Officials fear secret courts will block climate action and divert billions into coffers of fossil fuel investors.
Intra-EU investor-State ICSID arbitration: the German Federal Court of Justice’s new inadmissibility ruling
On 27 July 2023, the German Federal Court of Justice (German FCJ) declared three intra-EU investor-State ICSID arbitrations inadmissible under German arbitration law given their incompatibility with EU law.
German FM calls Brazil to align more with the West
The still not yet ratified EU-Mercosur trade deal could be among the main keys to the rapprochement of like-minded democratic states as it would “make it clear that democracies when they work together, can solve global challenges,” said German Foreign Minister.
Investors sue Costa Rica over hydroelectric plant’s expropriation
Three German investors have filed an investment arbitration claim against Costa Rica for the expropriation of their land for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant.
Europe’s disunity over China deepens
France, Germany and EU institutions are at odds over whether to revive the stalled Comprehensive Agreement on Investment with China.
Germany to support critical minerals-rich countries build processing capacity
Germany wants to help countries that are rich in critical minerals such as Chile, Indonesia and Namibia to build their own processing infrastructure to cut dependency on China.
Germany’s Scholz committed for Free Trade deal between India, EU
The EU and India revived negotiations to forge a free trade agreement last year with the aim of completing talks by the end of 2023.
Auto industry calls for new trade agreement with USA
In view of billions in subsidies in the United States, the German auto industry is pressing for rapid negotiations on a free trade agreement with the United States.
Argentina, Germany agree to close EU-Mercosur free trade pact ‘soon’
Argentina and Germany have reaffirmed their commitment to “soon” close a free trade deal between the European Union and the Mercosur South American trade grouping.
German parliament ratifies CETA, urges other countries to follow suit
The Bundestag has officially ratified the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which has been under provisional application since 2017.
Activists rejoice as Berlin announces exit from controversial energy treaty
The German government has announced its intention to withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty, following similar decisions in other large EU countries, which left activists jubilant.
German parties agree to ratify CETA, quit energy charter
Germany’s ruling coalition parties have agreed a raft of new trade policy measures, including quitting the Energy Charter Treaty and ratifying the CETA agreement.
Brussels tells Scholz not to revive ghost of TTIP
Officials in Washington and Brussels pour cold water on German plan to restart transatlantic trade talks.
Germany wants new trade talks with US after midterm elections
Strong support for such talks coming from Germany is significant as the country was the heartland of public protest against previous negotiations for a deal with the US.