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Genetically modified organisms

Mexico must stand up to agribusiness oligopolies on GM corn ban
US and Canadian civil society groups are denouncing their own governments’ efforts, driven by the agribusiness industry, to repeal Mexico’s proposed ban on genetically modified corn.
The US push for GMO corn is out to lunch
So-called “Free trade” promises lower prices and more supply, but it derails food security. Mexico has been fighting this since the United States began a dispute over genetically modified corn.
The new colonialist food economy
This past summer, the global trade regime finalized details for a revolution in African agriculture. Under a pending draft protocol on IPR, the trade bodies sponsoring the AFCFTA seek to lock all 54 African nations into a proprietary and punitive model of food cultivation.
Canada says will join as third party in US-Mexico dispute over GM corn imports
Canada will participate as a third party in the dispute settlement proceedings between the US and Mexico regarding genetically modified corn in imported tortillas and dough, citing concerns about Mexico’s stance on the matter.
US escalates trade dispute over GM corn, challenges Mexico’s food sovereignty
US Trade Representative office’s move to form dispute resolution panel lacks justification according to experts.
US to escalate claim that Mexico corn policy violates trade pact
The United States is preparing to escalate its complaint that Mexico’s ban on genetically modified corn violates the neighbours’ free-trade deal, Bloomberg News said.
US begins USMCA dispute against Mexico’s GM corn restrictions
US Trade Representative Katherine Tai announced that she is calling for dispute consultations with Mexico over the country’s efforts to ban genetically modified corn and its recent history of rejecting biotech seed traits.
Position paper on pure food and genetic modification
Ngā Toki Whakarururanga believes IPEF provisions would cut across the rights, interests, duties and responsibilities of Indigenous Peoples throughout the region.
Canada requests formal talks with Mexico on GMO restrictions
Canada has asked for formal consultations with Mexico over its restrictions on genetically modified agricultural imports under the North American free-trade agreement, Bloomberg News reported.
US demands formal talks with Mexico over GMO corn dispute
The consultations are the first formal step toward a US request for a dispute settlement panel under the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade (USMCA) that could ultimately lead to retaliatory US tariffs if no resolution is reached.
Cautious China approves GMO alfalfa import after decade-long wait
Beijing promised to speed up access to its market under the Phase 1 trade deal concluded with the United States in 2020.
US ’disappointed’ in Mexico’s new GMO corn decree -ag secretary
The United States is "disappointed" in the Mexican government’s announcement which walked back a deadline to ban genetically modified corn for animal feed and industrial use in the country, but retained its plans to ban the corn for human consumption.
US raises ’grave concerns’ over Mexico’s anti-GMO farm policies
US farm and trade officials raised "grave concerns" over Mexico’s agricultural biotechnology policies in meetings with their Mexican counterparts, as lingering disagreements threaten decades of booming corn trade between the neighbors.
Taylor: US tells Mexico biotech corn restrictions won’t stand
Taylor said the USDA appreciates Mexico’s willingness to negotiate on its looming decree to ban imports of genetically modified corn, but U.S. officials are far from satisfied with the latest compromise offered by Mexican officials.
Three amigos or fair-weather friends?
This week’s North American Leaders’ summit is soured by dubious challenges to Mexican food and energy sovereignty.
No compromise with Mexico on biotech corn ban, Vilsack says
There aren’t any compromises that the Biden administration is willing to make when it comes to Mexico’s effort to curtail its imports of genetically modified corn from the US, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said.
US lawmakers call for action over Mexico’s GM corn ban
A group of bipartisan US lawmakers called on Trade Representative to start consultations under the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement over Mexico’s ban on genetically modified corn and the herbicide glyphosate.
Mexico’s planned GM corn ban ’deep concern’ for US
A row between the US and Mexico over a plan by the latter to ban imports of genetically modified corn by 2024 deepened.
USTR must intervene in Mexico’s planned corn ban, Senators say
Two US Senators, both members of the Agriculture Committee, wrote to ask USTR Tai to intervene in Mexico’s proposal to ban the import of genetically modified corn, saying they had conferred on the issue with Iowa farmers.
US firms to jet into Kenya in hunt for GMO trade deals
Representatives from 32 US agribusiness firms are set to jet into Kenya on Sunday as part of an American government delegation scouting for trade opportunities.